Calacatta white stone pedestal sink

by Marblebee

Enhance the ambiance of your bathroom with the timeless design of this Calacatta white stone pedestal sink with minimalist design, unique marble patterns, and distinctive diamond cuts at its base. Turn your bathroom into a stylish and tranquil haven.


This washbasin combines durability and elegance, as it is carefully hand-carved out of the best quality marble stone.


This Calacatta white stone pedestal washbasin oozes style and sophistication. Its straightforward and refined design, accentuated by precise cuts, seamlessly blends with a transitional aesthetic. With sleek lines and delicate curves, it exudes a distinctive style that elevates the excellence of your bathroom.


Discover the captivating beauty of this Calacatta white stone washbasin ddesign, where natural appeal effortlessly blends with modern style. The rich and calming deep tone exudes an air of grandeur, while the distinctive marble patterns on its surface elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, adding a unique and charming touch.

Where to install

Crafted from Calacatta white stone, this pedestal washbasin is ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Its versatile design enhances the elegance of any bathroom, be it in a hotel, resort, or domestic space, ensuring a stunning aesthetic upgrade.


The washbasin offers plenty of space to let individuals wash up comfortably, thanks to its generous size, and thoughtful length, width, and depth considerations that offer maximum comfort and pleasure while cleaning up.

Shipping and installation

To ensure that your Pedestal Sink reaches your home safely, we provide affordable shipping alternatives. Our professional crew is available to offer advice and assistance at every stage of the procedure to ensure a speedy and simple installation


With proper maintenance, your Calacatta white stone pedestal sink will stay refined. It needs to be cleaned regularly with care with gentle cleaners. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents.

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