FAQ / Help Center

Who manufactures this tub?

Marblebee Ltd design and produce natural stone bathtub, stone fountain, stone fireplace, garden bench,marble sculpture etc. We provide the best quality bespoke natural stone products.

Can you send me the formal bill/order sheet for my records?

We will sign a formal invoice proceeding your order. Due to all products are customized according to specific design, shape, and size. We don't accept refund after customization process begin.

Is it cheaper to order two?

Yes! If raw materials are from same block of the stone, you will definitely save more If you order two. What's more, you could also save more for shipping fee.

Can you make a curved granite bench top If I send you the dimensions?

Yes! Marblebee Ltd is a bespoke natural stone product provider. We could curve any natural stone product according to your dimension.