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Our most popular stone artwork among customers in past 29 years

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    A meticulously hand-carved marble replica at a 1:1 ratio of one of the world's most renowned marble fountains

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    Marble fireplace overmantel

  3. 3
    Oval black marble tub

    Luxuriously high-polished, glossy black marble Nero Marquina stone bathtub.

February Project

Pink Onyx Bathtub

With matched onyx sinks
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Marblebee is a team of sculptors who bring stone art to your home

Select your preferred natural stone color, and we will source it from renowned quarries worldwide, including Egypt, Greece, Iran, Brazil, and China. Our skilled artisans will then meticulously hand-carve the stone according to your custom design.

Our website serves as a direct sales platform for our studio, offering reasonable prices by eliminating middlemen and advertising fees. You purchase artwork directly from the studio's sculptor, ensuring both quality and value.
Marblebee Sculptors

The bathtub, marble slab and basins are beautiful, true works of art. We enjoyed liaising with Jack Gao and requested a lot of information back and forth via e-mail and he was very patient and provided great service!

Drika Van Schoor, Position buyers

We order a rose quart bathtub from Marblebee Ltd and they delivered an amazing product. We really love our new bathtub.

Stephanie, Home owner

This Review is written by a customer who is building a lake home in Tennessee. I made a substantial order from Jack Gao Hope you enjoy the pictures, and let me give another 5 STAR shout out to Marblebee!

David Alfery, Builder

"As someone constructing a vacation cabin in the Rockies, I found Marblebee's selection unparalleled. I placed a significant order with them, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Check out the attached photos to see for yourself! A definite 5 STAR rating from me!"

Allen, Vandpont

"Building our dream home by the lakeside in Minnesota required the perfect stone features, and Marblebee delivered just that. Our substantial order was handled seamlessly by their team. Here are a few pictures to show off their fantastic work. "


"We're currently renovating our family retreat in Maine, and I decided to go with Marblebee for all our stonework. The order was quite large, but they managed everything flawlessly. One of the most amazing work is the rose quart bathtub!!! I’ve attached some photos to give you a glimpse of their craftsmanship. "

Marc Y, Position buyers

"I am in the process of constructing a new house in Florida and made a significant purchase from Marblebee. The quality and service exceeded my expectations.I am so happy I found Marblebee as my marble work supplier!"

Samuel, Position buyers

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