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  • veiled lady statueveiled lady statue

    veiled lady statue

    White marble polished surface veiled lady marble statue Hand-carved Hand-Polished Veiled lady marble bust Dimension: ...
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  • Marble bust Customized size natural stone bust

    Marble bust Customized size natural stone bust

    Experience the allure of Italian finesse, the magnificence of marble craftsmanship, and the embodiment of a timeless ...
  • Marble bust-white marble life-size bust

    Marble bust-white marble life-size bust

    Elevate your surroundings with the timeless elegance of the Female Marble Bust Sculpture. Immerse yourself in the ar...
  • Stone bust

    Stone bust

    Transform your surroundings with the enduring splendor of the Marble Bust of the Old Bearded Man. Immerse yourself in...
  • Stone busts

    Stone busts

    Invite the captivating spirit of the past into your surroundings with the Black African Tribal Woman Stone Bust. Imme...
  • White Marble Bust-Customized size bustWhite Marble Bust-Customized size bust

    White Marble Bust-Customized size bust

    Evoke the essence of a bygone era with the Marble Stone Bust of a Regal Ancient Man. Immerse yourself in the artistr...
  • Garden Stone Bust with Roman Column

    Garden Stone Bust with Roman Column

    Elevate your outdoor environment with the Garden Stone Bust of a Tribal Man with a Roman Column. Immerse yourself in ...
  • Marble bust life-size stone bust

    Marble bust life-size stone bust

    Evoke the essence of courage and history with the Marble Bust Life-Size Stone Bust of a Soldier. Immerse yourself in...
  • Natural Granite Bust

    Natural Granite Bust

    Rekindle the spirit of the Renaissance with the Marble Bust of David. Immerse yourself in its artistry, history, and ...
  • Custom Natural Stone BustNatural Stone Bust combine two marble color

    Natural Stone Bust combine two marble color

    Immerse yourself in the legacy of ancient Rome with the Marble Bust of a Roman Emperor. Experience its artistry, auth...
  • Natural Stone Bust

    Natural Stone Bust

    Immerse yourself in the legacy of ancient wisdom with the Greek Style Marble Bust of an Old Bearded Man. Experience i...

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Collection: Stone Bust

Welcome to our diverse collection of exquisite stone busts! Here, you'll discover a captivating array of handcrafted sculptures that celebrate the beauty and artistry of the human form. Our curated selection showcases a variety of popular stone busts, each meticulously carved to capture the essence and personality of its subject.

Explore our assortment to find an array of stone busts created from a range of high-quality materials, including marble, granite, and limestone. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of classical figures or the contemporary allure of modern interpretations, our collection offers a blend of styles that cater to every taste.

Each stone bust tells a unique story, revealing the skill and dedication of the artisans who brought them to life. From historical icons to mythical beings, our assortment reflects the rich tapestry of human culture and creativity.

We invite you to browse through our collection and discover the perfect stone bust to adorn your space, whether as a centerpiece, a thoughtful gift, or a testament to the mastery of stone sculpting. Immerse yourself in the intricate details, the fine craftsmanship, and the timeless allure of our stone busts that have captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide.


Popular types of stone busts we offer

Classical Greek and Roman Busts: These depict legendary figures from ancient history, mythology, and philosophy, capturing the elegance and grace of classical art.

Portrait Busts: Realistic representations of individuals, often renowned leaders, artists, or thinkers, crafted to capture their unique features and character.

Mythological Busts: Busts of mythical creatures, gods, and goddesses, bringing ancient stories and beliefs to life in stone.

Cultural and Historical Icons: Representations of influential figures from various cultures and historical periods, preserving their legacy through intricate stone carving.

Literary and Artistic Busts: Busts of famous writers, poets, painters, and musicians, celebrating their contributions to the world of arts and culture.

Contemporary and Abstract Busts: Modern interpretations that experiment with shapes, textures, and forms, pushing the boundaries of traditional stone sculpting.

Religious Busts: Busts of revered religious figures, saints, or spiritual leaders, often serving as objects of devotion and inspiration.

Nature-Inspired Busts: Busts that draw inspiration from nature, featuring botanical motifs, animals, or elements of the natural world.

Custom and Personalized Busts: Tailored stone busts crafted to resemble specific individuals, allowing for a deeply personal and meaningful artistic representation.

Historical Reproductions: Accurate reproductions of famous historical busts, providing an opportunity to own a piece of renowned art history.


At Marblebee, we take great pride in our exceptional assortment of premium stone materials, each radiating its own distinctive allure and unwavering durability. Our dedicated team of skilled artisans specializes in working with natural marble, granite, limestone, and travertine, crafting bespoke stone pieces that effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Marblebee, we recognize and embrace the uniqueness of every home, as well as the individualistic style preferences of each homeowner. This is precisely why we present a captivating array of design possibilities for your stone busts. Our commitment lies in ensuring that your stone bust is meticulously tailored to reflect your specific tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, we offer the flexibility to customize the size of your stone bust to perfectly align with your requirements. Your satisfaction and vision are of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to delivering a personalized masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into your space.


What are the popular choice for stone busts?

Popular choices for stone busts encompass a rich tapestry of styles and subjects. Classical Greek and Roman figures exude timeless elegance, while portrait busts capture individuals' essence. Mythological sculptures bring ancient lore to life, and cultural icons celebrate diverse history. Literary and artistic renditions honor creativity, while contemporary and abstract designs offer modern allure. Religious and nature-inspired options evoke spirituality and natural beauty. Customized busts grant a personal touch, while historical reproductions provide a sense of legacy. These choices reflect a fascinating blend of tradition, innovation, and individuality, making stone busts a captivating artistic expression cherished across cultures and eras.

Where to buy a stone bust?

With a diverse range of styles, we offer customization to match your preferences. From classical to contemporary, mythological to modern, find the perfect stone bust to grace your space with timeless beauty and artistry.

How much does a stone bust cost?

The cost of a stone bust varies based on the chosen material and size. For precise pricing, kindly select your preferred stone type and size, and our team will provide you with accurate details to ensure your desired piece perfectly aligns with your budget and vision.

How to take care of your stone bust?

To maintain your stone bust's splendor, gently dust it with a soft cloth regularly. Avoid abrasive cleaners, opting for mild soap and water for cleaning. Shield from direct sunlight and extreme weather. Applying a stone-safe sealer occasionally helps preserve its allure.

Stone Bust