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  • Modern Marble Shoe for saleWhite marble sculpture of Jorden Basketball shoes

    White marble sculpture of Jorden Basketball shoes

     Crafted from pure white marble, this sculpture captures the iconic design of Jordan's game-worn shoes in stunning de...
  • Buy Marble Nike ShoesHand carved Marble Nike Shoes

    Hand carved Marble Nike Shoes

    Dimensions Height: 25 cm Length: 28 cm Width: 12 cm Height: 9.8 In Length: 11.02 In Width: 4.724 In Material: White m...
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Collection: Marble Shoe

Hand-Carved Marble Shoes
At Marblebee, we are proud of expanding our marble decor collection with the one-of-a-kind hand-carved marble shoes. Our natural shoes are made using authentic and sustainable stone materials. But these are not intended for actual use. Instead, these marble shoes are just for display purposes. These creative marble shoes are the epitome of our commitment to creating uniquely artistic home decor pieces using natural stones. While they are not ideal for wearing, these marble shoes will be a great conversation starter and an extraordinary addition to any collection of home decor or sculptural pieces.
Thanks to the pure marble stone and our expert sculpting skills, these decorative shoes are both impressive and aesthetic. For anyone seeking to add a touch of exquisiteness to their interior, these marble shoes are a must-have. Expert craftsmanship These marble shoes are an impressive artwork that has come to life thanks to the expertise of our experienced and talented craftsmen. Other than marble shoes, we have a variety of marble suitcases that you can use as a unique coffee table, side table, or decor piece in your home. Also, we have marble handbags and marble cars that can spruce up any boring corner of your house. 

From the initial designing process to forming the final product, each step of the procedure needs careful attention to detail along with expert craftsmanship. Firstly, we sketched out the design for creating a pair of marble shoes. After that, our sculptor carefully planned out every minute detail of each shoe. Once the design was finalized, the sculptor further began carving the marble. Marble carving is very difficult and time-consuming, as it needs a great deal of patience and skills for adding intricate details without causing any damage to the marble block. To start with, the sculptor used a hammer and chisel to roughly form the shape of a shoe. It took hours to complete this process. After achieving the basic shape of the shoes, the sculptor started to refine the further details. It involves the use of smaller chisels and other tools for making the straps, laces, and other tiny details. It is vital to work carefully and slowly during this entire stage to make sure there’s no damage to the marble After completion of the carving process, the craftsman polished them for attaining a glossy and smooth finish. It is generally done with the help of several sanding pads that are used for making a finer and desired finish.
During the whole process, the sculptor ensured to use of only the specific techniques and tools for carving to ensure the result is detailed and precise natural stone shoes.
A Perfect Conversation Starter
The resulting artwork is a stunning pair of marble shoes that are both visually appealing and a conversation starter. Each shoe appears like any normal pair of shoes from distance, until you take a closer look. These shoes even boast brand logo on the side, straps on the upper, and the padding and pull tab on top of the shoe are expertly carved by our expert sculptor. Hence, the final product appears ready to be worn. But sadly, it’s just a decorative piece.
We deliberately selected the natural marble for creating our decorative shoes to add a sense of tradition to these modern footwear sculptures. The natural marble boasts elegant gray striations that run throughout the surface. This creates a striking aesthetic that is most likely to draw the attention of the viewers. It’s vital to understand that while these are natural stone shoes, the delicate nature of the marble carving makes them susceptible to cracking or chipping if it falls down or due to any other type of surface damage. Therefore, it is best to handle it with care while preventing damage to the surface. These handcrafted marble shoes are a testament to the creativity and skill of our artisans. We believe that we have once again proven our ability to turn even the most unusual materials, into peculiar marble decor pieces for your home
In addition to these marble shoes, we also offer a wide range of natural stone sculptures and marble home decor pieces, like bowls, vases, life-size marble garden sculptures, and other decorative objects. Each piece is designed and crafted with utmost care and precision to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to any indoor or outdoor place. Explore our website to find the right natural sculpture for any residential or commercial property. Frequently Asked Questions
    • What are marble shoes?

Marble shoes are a pair of shoes that are handcrafted by expert craftsmen. The marble shoes are made completely of authentic natural stone and hand-carved with patience to boast every minute detail of real shoes.

    • Can marble shoes be worn?

No, these marble shoes are not to be worn. These are created only for showcasing the work of art that viewers can admire for its striking and unique aesthetics. However, handle it with care to prevent any damage to its intricately carved surface.

    • How are marble shoes made?

Marble shoes are made completely by a hand-carving process using Beijing white marble. The sculptor after designing the shoe uses traditional tools and techniques to give a realistic appearance to the natural stone shoes. The surface of these shoes is also polished to keep the surface smooth and shiny.

    • Are marble shoes durable?

Although marble is a durable and hard stone, these marble shoes boast delicate details that need proper care for preventing any damage to the surface. So, one needs to carefully place them on a display shelf or table to avoid any accidents or falls, as they may chip or crack the marble surface.

    • Are marble shoes available in various colors?

Currently, these marble shoes are available only in off-white, as it’s made using the original Beijing white marble. This natural marble has an off-white background and beautiful gray striations. However, you can request our team to customize these natural stone shoes in the desired color and stone type

    • How to display these marble shoes?

Once can display these marble shoes on a mantel, shelf, or pedestal for showcasing their uniqueness and beauty. It is best to avoid placing them near heat or moisture sources or directly in the sunlight, as these environmental factors may damage the marble surface.

    • Can marble shoes be customized?

Yes, you can customize marble shoes decor pieces from us as per your requirements. All one needs to do is contact our customer care team for discussing the customization options. After understanding your need and preferences for customization, we work on bringing your vision a reality.

Marble Shoe