This catalogue consists of marble wall art, wall fountain faucet, marble relief, stone lion head wall decoration, stone roundels, stone plaque, stone finials, stone pier caps, stone pilasters and portico, etc. From vivid white marble elephant head to custom-size stone lion head wall fountain faucet, our skilled craftsman produce a unique carving to suit your unique project. No matter indoor stone relief wall decoration such as stone roundel, marble relief or outdoor stone wall decoration like large natural stone lion head, coping stones for use in architectural projects, we are your one-stop-shop and our expert will interpret your drawing and customize all stone art for you!

Natural Stone Decor Pieces
At Marblebee, we offer a variety of exclusive and unique natural stone decor pieces for decking up your residential or commercial spaces. Our catalog includes a wide range of wall fountains, marble wall art, stone lion head wall decorations, marble reliefs, stone roundels, stone pilasters, stone plaques, porticos, stone finials, stone pier caps, and more. We pride ourselves on curating breathtaking carvings for any indoor or outdoor project.
Expertly Handcrafted Natural Stone Decor Pieces
Marblebee provides a stunning selection of expertly handcrafted decor pieces using natural stone. Each decor item is surely going to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any indoor or outdoor space. Our skilled craftsmen use conventional carving methods with careful attention to detail to ensure every product is of the finest quality.
We use sustainably sourced natural materials, like marble, sandstone, and granite, to create natural decor pieces for both commercial and residential spaces. Since each product consists of natural stones, the final products are indeed beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. These natural materials have been part of several worldwide monuments, architecture, and sculptures for centuries. Even today, these natural stones are highly valued for natural variation in pattern and color. Our natural stone decor items are not only visually aesthetic but highly functional as well. These are perfect for creating a focal point in any room or outdoor setting. You can choose any of our wall art, sculptures, wall fountains, reliefs, and other decor items to get them customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you want a stunning custom-sized marble sculpture, unique wall art, or a natural stone wall fountain, our talented team of craftsmen can even interpret a client’s imagination to bring your vision to life. Add Value to Residential/Commercial Property
Looking for a want to add some style and character to any property - be it public or private? Look no further than our precisely handcrafted natural stone decor items. Our exquisitely crafted decor pieces are many any space that appears and feels extraordinary. Whether one desires a statement piece for their living room or an accent piece for their walkway, outdoor seating area, or any other space, we have a wide range of natural stone decor items to choose from. From stone lion head wall decor pieces and other marble wall decorations to marble reliefs, and stone roundels, we have an extensive collection that’s sure to impress visitors/passersby.
Our natural stone decor pieces won’t only add aesthetic value to any property, but they are likely to last for years as they are made using natural stone. Hence, these can even be a family heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. At Marblebee, we are dedicated to offering quality and the finest craftsmanship through our exclusive range of products. Explore our collection of handcrafted natural stone decor pieces and get them customized as per your preferences and space requirements. We are certain that you won’t be disappointed by our services Get in touch today! Frequently Asked Questions
    • What materials do you use make decor products?

At Marblebee, we handcraft high-quality decor products using all-natural stones. These products are made using various natural materials, like granite, marble, and sandstone. All these natural stones are popular for their unique textures, patterns, and colors for adding beauty and uniqueness to any given space.

    • Are natural stone decor products good for outdoor use?

Yes, natural stone decor products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We provide a wide range of outdoor decor items, like natural stone pier caps, coping stones, stone lion heads, pilasters, etc. Each of these items is suitable for outdoor settings. Thanks to their ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions, natural stones can withstand scorching sun, extreme cold, or heavy rain. Even after bearing harsh weather conditions, our decor products are built to last and stay in excellent condition for years or even a lifetime with regular care and maintenance.

    • How are natural stone decor products crafted?

The natural stone decor pieces are crafted by our talented artisans who are highly experienced in stone carving. They use age-old carving techniques to ensure each decor item boasts the finest details with maximum quality. The entire crafting process involves choosing the right natural stone, drawing the stunning design, and finally carving the stone to bring a specific design to life. Our artisans make use of several hand tools and machinery to curate intricately detailed decor pieces.

    • Is customization for stone decor products available?

Yes, custom-made natural stone decor pieces are available as per clients’ specific needs. Our skilled craftsmen can easily interpret the drawings and even customize all stone art to meet distinct project requirements. We work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and then offer them personalized services to ensure their vision is a reality.

    • What natural stone decor products are available on the website?

There is an extensive range of natural stone decor products, like wall fountain faucets, marble wall art, marble reliefs, stone roundels, stone lion head wall decorations, stone finials, stone plaques, porticos, and more. Each product is one-of-a-kind and exquisitely crafted, making them ideal for being a centerpiece of any indoor or outdoor setting.

    • How can natural stone decor products add value to a property?

Natural stone decor pieces can add significant value to any property in several ways. They can enhance the visual appeal of any given space while making it stand out. And, due to the use of natural stone, which is extremely strong and long-lasting, our decor pieces can withstand regular wear and tear while remaining in the best condition for several years to come. This not just saves on the maintenance costs but even adds value to the property.

    • How to maintain natural stone decor pieces?

Maintaining natural stone decor pieces is ideal to ensure that they remain in the best possible condition while retaining their beauty for many years to come. Firstly, you need to consider regular cleaning to remove any debris and dirt from the stone surface. Use a soft cloth or brush for dirt and dust removal. After than, wipe the surface using a damp cloth. You need to avoid the use of harsh chemicals or any abrasive cleaners to damage the stone surface. Also, avoid any contact with acidic substances to prevent staining.

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