Marble is a type of metamorphic rock derived from the recrystallization of sedimentary limestone exposed to intense heat and pressure. The characteristics of marble include being heat resistant yet cool to the touch, making it ideal for use as a fireplace and a kitchen countertop.

Marble is also effectively utilized both indoors and outdoors usage, although due to marble’s natural susceptibility to biological, chemical, and mechanical weathering, consistent maintenance and the application of a sealant 
will increase marble’s extensive longevity. That's the reason is highly in demand when it comes to choosing a material for marble bathtubs, marble pedestal sinks, marble sculpturesmarble fireplaces, etc. 

From us, you can get them in Nero-Marquina Marble, Eygptian Beige MarbleMoon White MarbleDreamlike Rainbow MarbleTan marble, Light Emperador MarbleAncient wood grain marble and dozens of other shades and patterns to match your interior decor. Hence, marble as a constriction material is in demand among homeowners and interior designers for various residential and commercial projects.

Sandstone is the second most commonly found sedimentary rock on Earth. As a design material, sandstone feels cool and hard to the touch yet provides a contrasting warm earth tone coloration plate and smooth patternings at a more cost-effective price than marble or granite making it a popular choice for many consumers. Marblebee's most famous product is Papillion Sandstone Bathtub. You would be amazed to see the beauty of its natural patterns. 

All-Natural Materials at Marblebee

Marblebee is a one-stop shop that offers all premium quality natural stone products. We believe that using the right material can create a difference in the entire look and feel of the property - be it residential or commercial. That’s why we provide a wide range of materials for creating our products. Some of the natural materials that we use in our products are marble, onyx, sandstone, and travertine.
Likewise, our travertine, onyx, and other natural stone materials are collected from sustainable sources, ensuring there’s a minimal carbon footprint on the environment. Since natural stone materials are susceptible to weathering over the years, you need to maintain them consistently and apply a sealant on the surface to increase their longevity while maintaining aesthetics.
With these natural stone materials, we create several products, like pedestal sinks, bathtubs, sculptures, and fireplaces, all handmade with precision and care.

Premium Quality Natural Materials
At Marblebee, we are dedicated to offering premium quality natural materials for our stone products. We carefully choose each piece of natural stone to make sure that it meets the highest standards of aesthetics and quality.
Each natural stone is a durable and timeless material, which can withstand heavy traffic and is ideal for forming sophisticated and elegant designs. Each piece has a unique character with color variations and distinctive patterns to add to its beauty. Furthermore, our expert craftsmen handcraft each product with utmost attention to detail to showcase each stone’s natural beauty while creating a lasting impression. We work directly with our suppliers to get our natural stone materials from world-renowned quarries across the world. Plus, all the stone materials are ethically and sustainably sourced without any adverse impact on the environment. It shows our commitment to responsible production for consistently seeking ways to improve our sustainability practices. Exquisite craftsmanship
We pride ourselves on exquisite craftsmanship. Our talented team of artisans ensures to proper handcraft of each product. Our artisans are passionate about their craft and are also dedicated to curating elegant and distinct pieces that reflect the natural aesthetics of the stone.

According to us, the art of handcrafting is a vital part of making premium quality products stand the test of time. Our artisans use their years of experience and expertise to carve and shape natural stones using conventional techniques and tools. As a result, each natural stone product boasts sophisticated and elegant designs.  Whether you need a stone pedestal sink, a marble bathtub, or an intricately carved fireplace, our every creation is a work of art. And, each piece has been designed to improve the beauty and functionality of the given space. Browse the entire collection of natural materials and find the right one for your next construction project.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What types of natural stone materials are available with you?

We provide a wide range of natural stone materials, like onyx, marble, travertine, and sandstone. Each material boasts its unique characteristics and beauty, making them ideal for distinct types of construction projects. From amazing marble bathtubs to sophisticated sandstone pedestal stinks, we have something to suit every style and taste.

    • What makes your natural stone materials stand out?

We carefully choose the best natural stone materials from different quarries worldwide. We work only with the top suppliers to make sure that each piece is of the best standard, quality, and aesthetics. Furthermore, our craftsmen handcraft each product with great care and precision to make it stand out while withstanding the test of time.

    • How sustainable our natural stone materials?

We source our natural stone materials from ethical and sustainable sources. We also work with reputed suppliers who are also committed to minimizing the impact on the environment. Hence, we use sustainable production techniques and methods to reduce waste in the production process to minimize the carbon footprint.

    • Are natural stone products long-lasting and durable?

Yes, natural stone products are highly long-lasting and durable to withstand heavy traffic and environmental conditions. Natural stone is even popular for its resistance to wear and tear, as well as durability. This makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas of residential and commercial spaces. Furthermore, our products are handmade with maximum precision and care to make sure the products are of the highest quality and long-lasting.

    • What products does are created using natural stone materials?

There are several types of products formed using natural stone materials. Some of the popular natural products include:

      • Marble bathtubs to add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.
      • Granite countertops that are durable, heat-resistance, and also available in various colors and patterns.
      • Sandstone benches to offer stylish and comfy seating option for outdoor spaces, like parks and gardens.
      • Marble sculptures to display indoors or outdoors.
      • Travertine pavers for outdoor walkways and patios.
      • Marble pedestal sinks to bring sophistication to any bathroom/kitchen space.

These are just a few examples of the natural stone products that we create using natural stone materials.

    • Are natural stone products good for outdoor use?

Yes, all our natural stone products are suitable for outdoor use, such as travertine pavers, sandstone benches, and marble sculptures. However, it is crucial to note that natural stone is susceptible to weathering and even requires constant maintenance while using them outdoors. We suggest you consult our team to determine the best product for outdoor requirements. It will ensure that you properly understand all the maintenance needs.

    • How to maintain natural stone products when placed outdoors?

If natural stone products are installed outdoors, they need regular cleaning and maintenance. We suggest using water and mild soap for cleaning the surface and don’t use harsh chemicals that can damage the stone surface. Also, avoid leaving standing water on any natural stone’s surface, as it may cause staining and discoloration. In case of any query or professional maintenance, consult our customer service for help.


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