Animal sculpture

Any natural stone sculpture will make your garden stand out! Not to mention a real marble life-sized statue display in your garden or backyard. From a variety of animal sculptures, you could choose from black stone lifesize horse statue, large white marble elephant sculpture, greek myth creature with a dragon head, lion body and wings marble sculpture, or a pair of a stone lion for your front door, a vivid large yellow stone lions stands in your backyard, some people even love the cute white marble sheep statue or your favourite dog statue made of different colour of marble.  

For instance, Marblebee's popular animal sculpture is a large stone dog sculpture, almost every week people from worldwide will order their favourite dog statue and delivery to their home. so that leaves us ample experiences of design and carve all kinds of cute dog statues. As for Asian culture and middle-east culture, the idea of an extra-large white marble horse sculpture to decorate a garden is irresistible. For some other cultures, a life-sized stone sculpture of  Remy-Martin would be awesome to decorate a green garden!  What's more? All marble animal sculptures are customized size and colour according to your requirement! Can't wait to order a stone panther to home? Email us to ask about the details and delivery time!

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