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Marblebee Ltd's design team has introduced a new collection of modern marble decor. This collection includes unique items such as marble-carved bags, marble-carved cars, hand-made marble toilets, and marble basketball shoes inspired by the Jordan brand. The concept behind these designs is to create marble carvings of objects that are significant or beloved to the clients, drawing inspiration from their favorite things in life. The idea is that similar to the significance of marble statues in ancient Greek culture, these contemporary marble creations can convey a sense of spiritual energy and bring joy and vitality to people's everyday lives.

Today Marblebee brings you a decade of excellence in marble and bronze design, showcasing over 100 unique small art projects.  With a focus on contemporary style, our extensive portfolio offers you the perfect blend of artistry and functionality to elevate your home's aesthetic. Discover the epitome of elegance with Marblebee's ready-to-implement designs and in-stock masterpieces. Make your home a testament to refined taste. Contact us today to customize your favorite object in Marble or Bronze!

There are many stylish ways to include marble decor in your home with style and flamboyance. They add organic texture with a certain grace that only marble can offer. Simple, elegant, and ageless stone material, marble is flexible, beautiful, strong, durable, and unique with its own veining and coloring. To help you decorate your home with marble, we have some unique marble bag decor pieces for you that will rival your stylish designer bags.

Realistic-Looking Marble Handbags For Decor
Are you a fashionista or love to collect new designer handbags? How about adding marble bags to your collection? At Marblebee, we create realistic-looking marble bags that are gorgeous works of art that are likely to impress your guests. These bags are made using natural stones, like empress green marble, Calacutta white marble, honey onyx, Nero Marquina marble, and more. Each bag features elegant hues and a unique veining pattern to add depth and some character to the decor piece.
If you are seeking a truly unique and luxurious marble bag, Marblebee is your go-to destination. Our marble bags are hand-carved using traditional carving techniques and tools. We have a team of expert sculptors who pay close attention to every minute detail. The shape, texture, and even the way light reflects off the bag’s surface are all meticulously crafted to curate a bag that feels and appears like real leather. However, each breathtaking piece is an authentic work of art that separates itself from mimicry due to expert craftsmanship. Every corner is expertly cut, and the bag's minute bulges on the sides and subtle weight distributions offer it a lifelike quality. The texture and realism of the bag are so impeccable that the bag's contents seem to be manifested within it.
Our natural stone marble bags are suitable for anyone who wants to make a statement with their unique taste in fashion and a keen eye for decor. These bags are so stylish looking that one would be reminded of the original designer bags, making them a great addition to a walk-in collection or any display where you’d like to show off your luxurious collection.
Hence, these are likely to be great conversation starters while being a prized possession for any handbag collector. However, you need to note that due to solid marble construction, these bags may be a little heavy. So, you need to place them carefully. Customized Marble Bags for Decor
The best thing about these customized marble bags is that they can be designed and tailored to match your decor perfectly. You may work closely with our team of sculptors to create a natural stone bag to meet your specific preferences and needs, whether it’s a particular shape, size, or color
These marble bags can be used as decor accents in any interior, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the given space. They can also be positioned on a shelf or table as a statement piece, or hung on a hook like a beautiful marble wall decoration. With their one-of-a-kind custom design and size options, our marble bags are truly exquisite and personalized. It means that one can create a bag that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring the decor piece suits a specific interior design effortlessly. Contact us today!
We understand the distinct needs of each customer for one-of-a-kind decor items. Hence, our team of sculptors first understands the individual needs of each client and then works carefully to offer the best possible services to them. Are you interested in a custom design or size for your marble bag, contact the customer service team to discuss the options. The best way to contact us is through our website.
Frequently Asked Questions
    • What types of marbles are used for making home decor bags?

We use different types of marble, like Calacutta marble, Travertine marble, honey onyx, Nero Marquina marble, etc. to create these extraordinary handbags. Each natural stone marble bag has unique characteristics and properties and is selected for its aesthetics and durability. The natural variation in each stone also makes them truly stand out and unique.

    • Do marble handbags need special maintenance?

Yes, marble bags do need a specific type of maintenance to ensure they last many years to come. One needs to handle them with care, as knocking or dropping the bag against hard surfaces may lead to chips or cracks in the natural stone. It is also crucial to prevent exposure to any harsh temperature conditions or excessive moisture, as it may damage marble.

For cleaning the marble bag, it is best to use a soft cloth and warm soap water. Don’t use any harsh cleaners or scrubbers, as they may scratch/damage the natural stone’s surface.

    • Are marble bags heavy?

Yes, marble bags are heavy because they are made using natural stone. However, these are comfortable enough to carry and relocate from one place to another. But surely would be heavier than standard handbags. So, you need to keep this in mind when keeping them in a specific area or relocating them to any new space. One may use its sturdy stone handles or straps to carry the bag or pick it up from the bottom.

    • How to clean a marble bag?

As mentioned above, take a sponge or soft cloth along with warm soapy water for cleaning. Dip the sponge in the soapy water and gently wipe down the bag’s surface, ensuring it gets even into the textured areas and cervices. Rinse with clean water and further dry using a soft cloth.

    • Is it possible to customize the design and size of the marble bags?

Yes, one can customize the design and size of marble bags. The clients can work with our team of sculptors to create a bag that is perfectly tailored to their specific preferences and requirements. It is a great option to look for such personalized products.

    • How to choose the right marble bag for your collection?

For choosing the right marble bag for a decor collection, it’s best to consider your individual needs and preferences. You need to think about where you would keep or display the natural stone bag, what style and color you desire, and the interior design where you want to display it. Keeping that in mind, you can decide what type of custom piece would suit the given space. Since we provide a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from, it’s convenient to find a bag to meet the needs of anyone. For any query or discussion, contact our customer service team for assistance in choosing the right bag for your collection.

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