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Introducing our stunning collection of stone lamp posts, handcrafted using the finest natural stone materials and designed with intricate sculptural details. Each of our granite light posts, stone light posts, and stone lamp posts have been hand crafted to light up the beauty of your outdoor space. We at Marblebee provide a variety of gorgeous outdoor lamp posts that are uniquely designed to suit your specific requirements. We have a team of skilled sculptors and craftsmen who breathe life into unassuming blocks of natural stone through chisel and hammer. Marblebee has an assortment of Japanese lamp post, granite light post, stone light post, and stone lamp post that are designed to illuminate your outdoors in style while adding value and charm to your overall property.
Offering a wide range of natural stone material options and breathtaking designs for stone lamp posts, Marblebee can customize any design in any size or shape to make it a better fit for your available space and budget. Natural Stone Material Options
Our stone lamp posts are available in a range of natural stone materials, each with its own unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. We have an option of granite, limestone, white marble, beige marble, sandstone and so on for you to pick from. Known for its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, granite is a popular choice for outdoor lighting fixtures. Our granite lamp posts come in a variety of colors and finishes, from sleek black granite to warm, earthy tones. Our marble lamp posts come in a range of colors and finishes, from classic white marble to rich, dark Nero Marquina marble. Known for their luxurious appearance and timeless elegance, these stone lamp posts are a great choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their outdoor space and illuminate it in style.
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Limestone and sandstone are two other popular options that offer an understated style to your outdoor lighting. Both can provide natural stone light posts that are strong, elegant and have a distinct textural appeal. Moreover, they are available in a range of soft, warm colors, from sandy beige to reddish-brown shades.
Each material has its own distinct characteristics with unique texture, color and veining, giving you the opportunity to choose a stone lamp post that complements your existing style
Sculptural Designs
With an array of natural stone materials comes the possibilities to carve out amazing designs from geometric to sculptural when it comes to creating outdoor stone lamp posts. Marblebee has a stunning assortment of sculptural designs that vary from classic lamp posts with female statues and traditional Japanese lamp posts to more modern and abstract designs. Created with meticulous carving from white and colored marble blocks, most of our stone lamp posts include female statues carrying lamps over their heads. These statues have been crafted beautifully with intricate details and will create a regal look in your garden or backyard. One design includes baby angels hanging around the pole of the post.
While our statue lamp posts are highly in demand, one other design is often preferred over them. The simple Japanese lamp post is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture of pagodas, featuring multiple tiers and intricate details that add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Hand carved to last, our stone light posts are built to withstand the natural elements and adorn your outdoor space for decades to come. If you want to add such a lasting beauty from our collection to your outdoors, email us with any queries or requirements you may have to place the order. Our team of stone experts will work closely with you to confirm the design, material and size of your stone lamp post. Once your customized order is confirmed, we get to work and hand finish a stunning piece, which we will deliver to your door. Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of material is used to make stone lamp posts?
  • stone lamp posts are made from natural stone materials, such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and so on. Each stone type has its own distinct qualities, color, strength and aesthetic appeal.

  • Are stone light posts durable for outdoor use?
  • Yes, stone light posts are known for their sturdiness and capability to withstand harsh weather conditions. As they are built from natural stones which have endured immense pressure under the surface of earth for millennia, these lamp posts are designed to last.

  • Can stone lamp posts be customized?
  • It is quite easy to custom make stone light posts as natural stone types are easy to carve and create different designs. stone lamp posts can be customized in any size or shape with a variety of designs, from traditional Japanese lanterns to sculptural designs with human statues.

  • Are stone lamp posts easy to install?
  • Being made from strong and heavy natural stones, stone lamp posts are usually weighty and require professional installation. Regardless of who is installing these fixtures, please ensure that the lamp post is installed securely to avert any safety hazards or damage to the property.

  • Are stone lamp posts difficult to maintain?
  • stone lamp posts need little to no maintenance. However, they should be cleaned frequently to avoid the buildup of dirt and debris. Make sure to use a mild cleaning solution and keep away from harsh chemicals that can damage the stone surface.

  • How tall are stone lamp posts?
  • stone light posts for your outdoor space can vary in height, but usually are 3 to 8 feet tall.

  • Are outdoor stone lamp posts weather-resistant?
  • Yes, outdoor stone light posts are designed to be weather-resistant and withstand natural elements such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This quality is due to the natural composition of the stone type.

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