About us

It’s not a bathtub, it’s a lifestyle.

Life is a journey about inspiration and freedom. You want to find a way to connect your home to nature through a stone bathtub, marble fireplace mantel, or decorate your garden with marble sculpture, stone bench, or marble fountain. We are the right team for you.

You want to bring your vision of a masterpiece to life, to let your imagination run wild, to design the unique stone bathtub or stone fountain in your mind.

Your bathroom and backyard will become a hot topic among your friends. your house will gain more value because of the natural material, and the craftsmanship of natural stone sculpture.

Because we customize the stone bathtub’s shape, size, color, and weight. so that you could have more time on your creativity.

Because we pay attention to details such as stone quality and drain size, so that you will have a pain-free experience of decorating a bathroom.

You will have no trust issue because our service team will reply to you as soon as possible. you will have reliable communication with our stone expert anytime. You will receive the pictures of the tub in the crafting process.

We customize your bathtub and other stone products to solve any difficult situation during an installation.

We promise a 100% instant money-back guarantee if there is shipping damage. We know you don’t want to wait more days, so we use a higher standard shipping package to prevent any damage happen during the shipping process.

The final questions: price. You will receive a reasonable price of a beautiful piece of artwork because we have the best-experienced craftsman team. Contact us today to get a quote for your new lifestyle!