A Guide On Selecting The Perfect Stone Washbasin Considering Your Space

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A Guide On Selecting The Perfect Stone Washbasin Considering Your Space

A stone washbasin is a perfect blend of style and practicality to transform your bathroom space into a luxury haven. However, choosing the right one in a vast sea of options is quite challenging. But don’t worry! Here’s our insightful guide to help you out.

In this blog, we share with you the key factors to choosing the perfect stone washbasin, from design and size to materials and maintenance. Thanks to our expert advice, you can make a well-informed decision while enhancing the appearance and function of your bathroom space. So, say goodbye to confusion and get started with a journey toward bathroom perfection.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Washbasin

Keep in mind the following factors when considering choosing a perfect stone washbasin for elevating your bathroom:

1. Design and Style of Stone Washbasin:

The design and style of a wash basin are important to improve the visual appeal of a bathroom. You have to keep in mind the decor and theme of your bathroom while choosing a basin. This ensures that you make the right design and style choices. You need to explore various designs and styles to provide a distinct character to your bathroom interior. Whether you desire a timeless charm or a contemporary ambiance, a perfect washbasin design can enhance the desired aesthetics effortlessly.

2. Size:

The size of a bathroom counter may vary as per the available space. So, it’s best to choose a basin as per the dimensions of the countertop. A washbasin will suit a counter best when you add a small buffer zone for support. This gives more free space for bathroom accessories, such as sponges, soap dispensers, and more.

3. Shape:

Washbasins are available in several shapes, like circular, square, or even triangular. Depending on your vision, you can look for a sink that would meet your design preferences. Bathroom counters often appear great when blended with stylish washbasins with similar length and width ratios.

4. Material:

Many homeowners like to pick washbasins with durable, aesthetic, and modern appeal. For such features, it’s vital to choose the right material, like white marble, white granite, black marble, or any other durable stone of your choice. When choosing a material, make sure that it goes well with the aesthetics and function of your bathroom.

5. Maintenance:

Often maintenance needs of a washbasin depend on its material and style. Consider the effort and time you want to invest in the maintenance of your basin’s appearance and cleanliness. It is best to choose a durable and long-lasting material, like marble. However, keep in mind that it may require a good amount of maintenance, depending on the quality of the marble.

Stone Washbasin Options by Marblebee

Given below are some fantastic stone washbasin options by Marblebee to consider for your bathroom space:

1. Triangle stone basin

triangle stone basin

If you crave exquisite elegance, consider choosing a handcrafted triangle stone washbasin. This modern washbasin is made from black stone, which is easy to customize as per your requirements. You can customize its drain home and size. Furthermore, its stunning glass finish provides a sense of luxury while reflecting light for an enchanting visual display. The specifications of this particular stone basin show the expert craftsmanship behind its design. The final design enables you to unwind in luxury while harmonizing the stunning design and innovation.

2. Stone Basin Square

Stone Basin Square

Blending beauty and practicality, this stunning square white marble stone basin is a great addition to a modern bathroom interior. It comes with clean edges along with graceful lines, which scream sophistication. The surface has professional polishing on both its interior and exterior to elevate its appearance with opulence.

3. Rectangle Black Stone Basin With Double Sink

modern double sink

For a large bathroom countertop, consider adding this rectangle black stone basin with a double sink. Crafted from natural marble that’s partially chiseled, this handcrafted basin has a perfectly polished surface with a rough stone edge. Hence, it boasts a contemporary double-stone washbasin design. Further, its beauty is accentuated by the polished matte surface with unique veining patterns. Its elegance will be a compelling centerpiece in any modern bathroom space, taking interior decor to another level of luxury.

4. Stone Basin With Chiseled Exterior

Stone basin chiseled outside

This stunning natural stone basin has been carefully hand-carved to form a unique design with subtle curves and bends. This further elevates the luxurious appeal, thanks to the basin’s unmatched craftsmanship and careful attention to detail at each angle. Washing your hands in this finely chiseled stone washbasin will let its charm take you to a world of calmness and relaxation. 

5. Cubic Marble Pedestal Sink

Cubic Marble Pedestal Sink

This cubic pedestal sink will take your modern bathroom to a height of elegance. This gorgeous washbasin forms a perfectly sumptuous bathroom environment due to its spotless, clean exterior and interior. This one-piece modern white marble basin in a cube shape will be a great embellishment for your bathroom. This is likely to give your unwinding oasis an earthy, natural appeal. As a result, it’s a captivating masterpiece due to its unique form, handmade craftsmanship, and elegant design. The cutting-edge design and precise dimensions result in a superior-quality basin for your tranquil haven.

6. Emperador Dark Modern Marble Basin

Emperador dark modern marble basin

A perfect blend of style and function is this another gorgeous Emperador dark modern marble washbasin. It’s the result of the best materials and hand-carving to form its stunning rectangular shape. Furthermore, the professional polishing enhances the appeal of both the interior and exterior of the basin. This gives it a dark, rich stone surface to boost its appearance while adding up to the luxe appeal of your sophisticated bathroom. Consider adding an Emperador dark modern marble basin to your stylish bathroom to take its luxurious appeal to the next level.


Choosing the right wash basin is a vital choice for your bathroom space. By considering key factors like design, shape, size, material, maintenance, etc., you can make a well-informed decision to improve your bathroom experience. Embark on a journey towards transforming your bathing space right away. Explore a wide range of stone washbasins at the Marblebee website to find the best one to meet your personal style and bathroom interior.

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