Best Stone Finials for Sale to Decorate Your Garden

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Best Stone Finials for Sale to Decorate Your Garden

There is nothing quite and as beautiful as a well-kept garden with flowers, vines and sculptural art pieces positioned on a pedestal to give it a regal vibe. More than just a decorative feature, stone finials serve many purposes in your garden. Think of them as a sort of punctuation mark or central point in the wildness of the natural setting.

You can place them at the end of a tree line or just dot the garden path. Stone garden finials create an emphasis and accent by becoming a focal point. They can lend an architectural sense, height and scale to the garden décor with an everlasting appeal.

The stone garden finials can be made from various materials and into various shapes and sizes. A finial is a decorative element that is employed to emphasize the top of a dome, spire or tower. It is typically carved in stone and the very top of a finial can be a floral or coated element called a bouquet.

Smaller finials can be made in materials such as metal or wood as an embellishment on the tops or ends of poles or rods. Stone garden finials add a distinct charm to your landscape setting. Here are some of the best stone garden finials for sale.

1. Stone Ball Finial

Black Marble Ball Finials 13 inch for Door Columns and Stairs

A premium quality natural stone ball finial, this black round piece is hand-carved from black marble and can be used to embellish garden stairs or door columns. It can be custom-made into any size and shape modification that you may require. This stone ball finial with base works brilliantly for a contemporary home and garden. It can be made from cast stone or marble as well.

2. Stone Lamp Finial

Stone lamp finial


This architectural stone lamp finial features a delicate sculptural lamp post that can lighten your garden space in the hours of dusk and twilight. This stunning lamppost is carved from natural stone and depicts a maiden, holding a spherical lamp over her head. This magnificent lighting fixture will beautify your space and become an inherent design element in contemporary gardens.

3. Stone Garden Finial

Stone Garden Finial

This round cap finial is a classic design for your garden. It is made from resin stone to bestow a natural accent to your garden or backyard. This versatile item is easy to transport and relocate. It looks like ancient European and Mediterranean designs in carved stone. The plane surface of the finial makes for a pretty feature. Such a design can be hand-carved or chiseled with machines.

4. Architecture Finial

Architectural finial

This is a beautifully sculpted Empire Topiary stone architectural finial that is a delightful addition to your outdoors. Its unique design makes it distinct as each piece is handcrafted out of either fiberglass or fiber stone with meticulous details. It features an elegant finish by a skilled artisan. This chiseled piece will be a stunning element in your garden décor with hand-carved designs.

5. Cardinal Garden Finial

Cardinal garden finial

Sitting on a beautiful orb, there is a cardinal bird on this stone finial. It has been made from fiber stone or can be made from sand and stone cast and fiberglass. It is brilliantly crafted by an expert artisan. Finished in white moss, this finial has a square base and creates an amazing aesthetic in your outdoor space. This can be hand-crafted or made by machines.

6. Garden Stone Obelisk

Garden stone obelisk

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, slender tapering pillar that ends on a pyramid-shaped top. This garden stone obelisk is cast from an early 20th-century iron original. It is a beautiful artwork that will make a style statement in your garden and increase the value of your entire property. It can be made from different stone materials and in different sizes.

7. Stone Pineapple Finial

Stone pineapple finial

Considered a traditional symbol of welcome, a sculptural pineapple is an aesthetically appealing feature. This stone pineapple finial becomes an integral part of your garden landscape. Meticulously crafted, this garden sculpture features a pineapple-like design with leaflets at the bottom. It can be carved out of a variety of materials by skilled craftsmen.

8. Stone Ball Finial with Base

Stone ball finial with base

A garden finial adds a touch of elegancy to any space it is placed in. It can be either hand-crafted out of scratch or made using a machine to chisel a perfect design. This stone ball finial features a stone sphere on the top that sits atop a square pedestal. You can carve it out of natural stone or make it in concrete – either way it will be stylish incorporation to your space.

9. Weathered Architectural Finial

Weathered architectural finial

Making an architectural finial is not a difficult task if one knows the tricks of the trade. Artisans worth their salt can carve such an elegant garden feature in an instant, given they have the right stone material. This weathered architectural stone finial is made from fiber stone, which is a mixture of sand and stones cast into a surface to give the stone a vintage vibe.

10. Stone Pineapple Finial

Stone pineapple finial

Finials are purely for decorative elements; however, they do bring a new level of charm and interest to your outdoor spaces. Take this stone pineapple finial for instance – it has an embellishing quality to add to your garden with its unique and vintage design. It comes with a square base to elegantly position itself and bestow a beautiful accent to the space.

11. Stone Ball Finial

Stone ball finial

The round, orb-shaped top of pillars or towers look uniquely powerful in space. Surrounded by natural greenery and florals, a stone ball finial is something that is entirely designed for decorative purposes. It can be made with a base to position it or can be manufactured separately. Hand-carved or stone cast, this piece is one-of-its-kind and creates a distinct charm.

12. Architectural Stone Finial

Architectural stone finial

There is something charming about an architectural feature that you install in your garden landscape. This architectural stone finial is one such accent. It can be either handcrafted or made through a machine. Perfect for pathway entrances and garden walls, this finial is cast from English garden limestone. It becomes one with your garden décor while adding a peculiar element of beauty.

13. Garden Stone Obelisk

Garden stone obelisk

Cast from a carved stone, this garden stone obelisk features a granite finish that helps distinguish garden pathways. This stone feature gives an ancient vibe to the space you will place it in. It can be carved out of natural stone for a textured finish or polished smoothly for a sleek finish. The sizes and shapes of a stone obelisk can vary from material to material and manufacturer to manufacturer. Anyway, this particular feature adds a distinct beauty to your space.

14. Stone Ball Finial

Stone ball finial

Stone ball finials are the best way to introduce style and elegance to an entrance or garden pathway. They are also designed to fit over a gate pier or pier cap and can be used without bases on grass margins. These beautiful stone accents can be made to order by skilled craftsmen and carpenters who will bring out a delicate elegance to enhance your garden layout. Such stone features can be customized in any size and shape.

15. Stone Lamp Finial

Stone lamp finial

This beautiful stone lamp finial is made from fiber stone which is a blend of sand, stonecast and fiberglass. It has a lamp space and is shaped as a finial on the top, which resembles a traditional Japanese building top. It will introduce a beautiful element into your outdoor space and will become the focal point. It can be made with modifications to suit your requirements.

16. Stone Leaf Finial

Stone leaf finial

A genuinely amazing stone feature for your garden, this stone leaf finial has an elegant quality that will enhance your garden design. It features a floral bud rising from a bouquet of leaves. It can be placed at the staircase or entrance of the garden or on the side of the pathway. Its majestic design can be hand-carved or crafted through machines to lend it a distinct aesthetic.

17. Chess Horse Architectural Stone Finial

Chess Horse Architectural Stone Finial

Made of fiber stone – a mixture of sand and stones cast, the surface of the stone finial has an appearance of aged stone. It is reinforced with a fiberglass backing to give it lightweight and less fragile than concrete. It has knight chess sculpted on the top and comes with a round base. Manufacturers can modify the sculpture on the top in any feature and any shape and size to fulfill any requirements of the customers.

18. Stone Basket Finial

Stone basket finial

A brilliant feature to be introduced into your outdoor oasis, this Astor basket stone finial features a basket of sorts on top of a square base, which can be placed anywhere in your garden. This accent will be a stunning addition that will blend impeccably in your layout without disrupting the existing décor. It can be made into different shapes and sizes to fit any requirements you may have.

If you’re looking to get hand carved natural stone finals to amplify your property get in touch with Marblebee. We have the experts who can custom design stone finals to suit best your property settings. Feel free to send your custom requests.

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