Deciding Between Black and White Bathtubs - Weighing The Pros and Cons

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Deciding Between Black and White Bathtubs - Weighing The Pros and Cons

Choosing a perfect bathtub design is one of the major decisions for homeowners during bathroom design. While there are several options on the market, black and white bathtubs are the timeless choices for creating distinct aesthetics. However, one thing you need to know is that both these hues have their unique set of pros and cons.

In this blog, we share with you the advantages and disadvantages of black and white bathtubs. Hence, you can make a well-informed decision as per your preferences and lifestyle.

Bold & Dramatic Black Bathtubs:

Black Marble bathtub

Lately, black bathtubs have become quite popular due to their sophisticated and sleek appearance. Due to their distinctive appearance, black tubs make a dramatic and bold statement in any bathroom. Therefore, these tubs are likely to add a luxurious touch with a contemporary twist to your bathing space.


Strong Visual Impact: Due to the dramatic visual appeal, black bathtubs can be a focal point in any bathroom. They form a sense of sophistication and drama even with their minimalist design.

Exquisiteness: When you choose a black tub, you welcome exquisiteness in your bathroom. For those who would like their bathroom to stand out, a black tub is a perfect choice.

Stain Resistance: Another good thing about a black bathtub is that it is resistant to stains compared to white tubs. Due to its dark surface, it can easily hide stains, as well as scratches. So, it requires less maintenance compared to the white ones.


        Perceived Size: Due to the perceived size, a black bathtub can form an illusion of smaller space when installed in a small bathroom. So, don’t consider installing it if you already have a small bathroom area.

         Limited Versatility: Compared to white bathtubs, black tubs may not be very versatile - as they cannot match with almost all color or design schemes. Therefore, they are more challenging to integrate into a variety of styles.

            Black Bathtubs to Consider For Your Bathroom:

            Have a look at the following black bathtubs to incorporate in your bathing area:

            1. Papillon Black Stone Bathtub


              Elevate the allure of your bathroom with the installation of a Papillon Black Stone Bathtub. This particular tub is the epitome of perfection. Due to its freestanding layout, this masterpiece can easily fit in any desired indoor or outdoor bathroom space. Curated with careful precision, its shape exudes sophistication and elegance. Influenced by the butterfly wings, the distinct shape of the Papillon Black Stone Bathtub will add a captivating visual appeal to your Zen-style bathroom.

              2. Large Black Bathtub

              Large Black bathtub

              If you have a massive bathroom space, you can consider adding this large black bathtub for an outstanding appeal. Crafted from Nero Marquina marble, this bathtub features a top-quality polished surface. This makes it an ideal choice for a contemporary home. the white veining effect on its surface adds up to its beauty. Hence, it’s likely to take a simple bathroom decor to another level.

              3. Rectangle Black Bathtub

              Rectanguler bath

              This particular matte black stone bathtub is another graceful addition to a contemporary bathroom. It boasts a freestanding design with a mix of natural elements and modernity, complementing its stunning curves. The smooth surface of the tub further makes it more serene and luxurious to look at. Soaking into it will indeed be a great experience for you.

              Aesthetics of White Bathtubs

              Grey Sandstone bath tub

              White bathtubs are the symbol of timeless aesthetics, purity, and cleanliness. They are quite versatile to work with due to their neutral tone, as they can easily complement a wide range of bathroom decor. No matter whether your bathroom has got modern, eclectic, or traditional design, it’s easy to effortlessly integrate a white bathtub in any style of bathroom.


              Classic Appeal - White bathtubs can stand the test of time because they exude classic appeal, transcending various design trends. Hence, these are likely to remain in style like forever.

              Perceived Cleanliness- A bathtub in white is usually associated with cleanliness. It is because it creates a perception of a well-maintained and neat bathroom space.

              Versatile - Due to its neutral tone, a white bathtub can meet several decor preferences. So, if you want to update your bathroom’s theme/color scheme, it gives you a neutral canvas for creating a new design.


                Commonality - Due to its popularity, it is quite a common choice. This makes your bathroom appear similar to your neighbors. So, if you are seeking a standout feature, this color may not be a distinctive choice for you.

                Visible Stains - A white surface is more likely to show discoloration and stains. It means that it’s quite easy to notice scratches or blemishes on a white surface. So, it would require more cleaning and maintenance than any other hued bathtub.

                  White Bathtub Options to Consider

                  Here are some amazing white bathtub designs to consider for your bathroom:

                  1. White Carrara Stone Tub

                    Stone bathtub Carrara

                    Enjoy the outstanding design appeal of this white Carrara marble bathtub, which is handcrafted from natural stone. Every contour and curve on this bathtub boasts the attention to detail by the craftsmen. The natural gray patterns are a symbol of nature’s variations, making it appear attractive yet earthy. While soaking in this luxe bath, you will certainly feel connected to the rawness of nature as you unwind.

                    2. White Stone Tub

                      White stone tub

                      Here’s another stunning epitome of luxury in white. This natural white stone tub boasts a curvy and unique shape. Each detail of this stunning bathtub boasts unparalleled craftsmanship. The carefully formed shape of this tub ensures maximum relaxation and comfort. Hence, you get to enjoy an unbeatable bathing experience while exuding sophistication and style. The effortless blend of its sleek design makes it a stunning centerpiece to elevate your bathroom’s ambiance. Soak up in this marvelous tub and let its charm take over you, as you immerse in tranquility.

                      3. Round White Marble Bathtub

                      Stone bathtub white marble tub

                      Crafted from exquisite solid white marble, this tub is a masterpiece of detailed craftsmanship. If you don’t want to install the common rectangle tub in your bathtub, consider this round one. This round bathtub features a polished interior with a finely chiseled exterior. Its design will certainly transform any simple bathroom into a serene haven of calmness and relaxation. Crafted with utmost care, the dimensions of this stone bathtub will provide optimal relaxation and comfort to you - as you immerse to unwind in style.


                      The choice between a black and white bathtub comes down to personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. While black bathtubs make a statement with their striking aesthetics, white bathtubs offer classic elegance and adaptability. Take into account your preferred maintenance methods, style, and general bathroom atmosphere. Whatever color you decide on, make sure it complements your idea of a tranquil and aesthetically beautiful bathroom.



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