Decorative Door Surrounds to Enhance Entrance of Your Home

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Decorative Door Surrounds to Enhance Entrance of Your Home
Decorative Door Surrounds to Enhance Entrance of Your Home

The entrance to your house is like a mirror into the interior space; therefore, enhancing the beauty of your front door is a must. To help you achieve that goal, an ornamental border encircling the sides and top of a door frame comes to your aid. Known as a door surround, these ornamental door frames can bring out a prominent feature to the entrance of any home.

Decorative stone trim and molding can be used to create decorative and styling on your front door, which will add a unique and engaging feature to your home. Moreover, the exquisitely warm and versatility of stone, paired with your creative mind can give your home a distinct character and personality that you desire.

There are many options when it comes to choose a front door stone surround or a decorative marble door surround for your home. Door surrounds can be made from natural stone or cast stone. But before you invest in one or another, you must consider which option is better for your home and we will help you make an informed decision.

Natural Stone Door Surround

Natural Stone Door Surround

Natural stone door surrounds are a brilliant way to add character to any doorway. Whether simple or intricate, these ornamental pieces can lend a historic element to your entrance. For renovations or new builds, these stone accents work impeccably.

Natural stone is a beautiful material that is durable and elegant. It is a low-key luxury for 21st century where decorative marble door surrounds and stone door surrounds can become a timeless accent in your home. The architectural designs of these natural stone features are dedicated to resemble a classic mid-century style as well as become an integral part of a modern mansion.

Types of natural stone door surrounds

Types of natural stone door surrounds

There is a wide variety of natural stone materials that can stand the test of time to adorn your humble abode. Sure, it is expensive but its durability and grace can last for generations and become a value addition.

The most common types of natural stone are marble, granite and limestone – which are the most preferred ones. There are some others that are frequently used in residential applications, including quartzite, soapstone, travertine and onyx. All of these can be used to make front door stone surrounds. However, marble and limestone are the most preferred materials for manufacturing a natural stone door surround.

Cast Stone Door Surround

Cast stone surrounds are an absolutely classic incorporation to any entryway. It is a unique material that is often made by mixing natural elements such as quartz, granite, limestone or marble. It is then pushed through molds to give it a resemblance of the density and texture of natural stone.

It offers many benefits to manufacturers as it is cost-effective alternative to natural stone. Cast stone is chosen for its beauty, durability, versatility and strength. A cast stone door surround will enhance the entrance to any building and protect the door from the potential wear and tear from the elements.

Types of cast stone door surrounds

Cast stone door surround can be made in a variety of styles that can suit the need of any house design. It creates a vibe of strength and a visual appeal to your building with stunning design accents available in plethora of colors and surface finishes.

These beautiful door frames are suitable for both interior and exterior purposes and can include a number of architectural features such as half columns and pillars, door jambs and entablatures to further beautify the entrance. It is an inexpensive material when compared to natural stone material and is much affordable.

Which one is better for your entrance?

Which one is better for your entrance?
When it comes to choose between a natural stone door surround and cast stone door surround, natural stone material is the best option. The purchasing price for both is usually similar and so is the manufacturing cost.

Quality and Durability

However, when it comes to the quality and durability of these stone door surrounds, natural stone door surrounds win the contest. As it is widely established that natural stone is the most elegant, durable, strong and timeless material that can enhance the beauty of any space it is employed in.

Moreover, it can withstand the natural elements such as rain, wind, extreme heat and cold without sustaining any damage. The reason for its durability and strength is that it has spent millennia buried in the earth enduring immense pressure, which makes it an excellent pick for the stone front door surround.

If you’re looking for options to beautify your property with natural door surrounds, Marblebee is the best provider online that customize the design and size according to your need.

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