From Classics To Contemporary: Exploring Various Fountain Types And Top Designs

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From Classics To Contemporary: Exploring Various Fountain Types And Top Designs

Throughout human history, fountains have been a beautiful addition to public areas, private gardens, and famous sites. These water features' forms and functions have changed over time, from the imposing fountains of ancient civilizations to the sleek, modern designs of today. This blog will take you on a tour of the various types of fountains – from classics to contemporary - and the stunning fountain designs to consider adding to your living space.


It is a classic fountain type and is considered an epitome of elegance. This fountain usually boasts multiple levels of tiers. Each tire is smaller than the one underneath it. It looks beautiful with water cascading from one level to another while forming a mesmerizing effect. These are available in different designs – from classic to contemporary. This makes them a versatile unit to complement any garden or outdoor setting.


This fountain style is perfect for limited garden space. As the name indicates, these are intended to be installed on walls to create a vertical water feature. This elegant feature can transform a small courtyard or garden while creating a striking focal point to match a garden’s theme.


Blending the charm of a classic birdbath with the qualities of a soothing fountain, birdbath fountains are ideal for attracting birds. Meanwhile, they add visual interest to one’s garden space. Plus, these fountains contain a shallow pool of water with a spraying or bubbling feature in its center for birds frolicking and bathing.


For modern garden spaces, a modern fountain is an ideal addition. These boast a sleek, geometric layout. The modern fountains are minimalist yet make a bold visual statement while offering serene water flow sounds. Hence, it creates a harmonious blend of tranquility and modernity.


If ore-designed fountains are not as per your vision, you may go for a custom fountain design. It is best to collaborate with a skilled craftsman or designer to let you create the fountain of your dreams. Hence, it can meet your personal tastes and characteristics. Aside from that, a custom fountain is a stand-out feature of your garden area that blends with your creative vision.

Top Fountain Designs to Consider for Your Property

Given below are some notable fountain designs to consider adding to your property:

1. Beige 3-Tiered Garden Fountain

Beige 3-tiered garden fountain

This particular fountain design is the epitome of Marblebee’s dedication to aesthetics and superior quality. Made from premium beige marble, every tier of this beautiful fountain is an artwork. After all, each part has been carefully carved to boast the craftsmanship and beauty of the natural stone. The final product creates a visually appealing display, converting any patio or garden area into a stunning oasis.

Due to its versatility, this particular fountain is easy to install in distinct outdoor settings. This makes it an ideal addition to courtyards, gardens, or massive outdoor spaces. Plus, the viewers will be left with a lasting impact.

2. Marble Pool Surround

Marble pool surround

Looking for a standout feature for your outdoor fountain and pool area? This pool surround is made using natural stone with intricate carvings, embodying sophistication and opulence. The spherical design of this pool surround carries exceptional attention to detail while integrating several design styles. Hence, it can create a visually appealing and cohesive appearance.

Since it’s made using durable material, it assures longevity for standing the test of time. This offers an enduring elegance to the surroundings. No matter whether you use it for pool or fountain framing, this creation is good to enhance the aesthetics with its timeless beauty.

3. Two Tier Fountain with Greek Goddess Statues

Two tier fountain

The Tier Fountain with elegant Greek Goddess Statues is an epitome of elegance and brilliance. It has been carefully crafted from superior-quality natural stone, boasting a grand wall structure with intricate details. Furthermore, the statues standing on pedestals create an enchanting centerpiece that’s ideal for courtyards, patios, or home gardens. Hence, it can transform the entire outdoor space into a haven of tranquility and elegance.

4. Small Garden Fountain

Small Garden fountain made from natural stone

Made from white marble stone, this small garden fountain is a good addition to a small garden area. It will bring the calming sound of flowing water to your sanctuary. Meanwhile, its clean lines and smooth curves add an opulence yet minimalist touch to any desired setting.

Due to its versatile design, you can easily install it in any outdoor area – bet it a courtyard, small garden, balcony, or patio. With the natural marble stone, you can bring timeless elegance into your home while blending it with traditional or modern garden and home design.

5. Simplistic White Stone Fountain

small garden fountain

Here’s another stunning white stone fountain to form a serene oasis in any outdoor setting. Carefully hand-carved, this one-tier fountain exudes timeless durability and elegance. Its clean lines and minimalist design make it a perfect centerpiece for any garden and home design.

Once placed in a desired outdoor environment, this pristine white stone forms a captivating visual appeal, as water cascades into a perfectly round pool surround. This further creates a calming and

Designed specifically for small gardens, courtyards, or intimate outdoor spaces, the Simplistic White Stone Fountain offers versatility in placement. The pristine white stone creates a captivating visual display, as water gracefully cascades into the round pool surround, establishing a serene and calming atmosphere.

What are the common types of natural stones used for crafting fountains?

Some of the commonly used natural stones for making fountains are granite, marble, sandstone, Travertine, and Sandstone. Due to the aesthetics and durability of these stones, they are preferred by many property owners. They also ensure that the fountain lasts longer while adding a captivating charm to outdoor spaces.

Custom Stone Fountains by Marblebee

Trust none other than Marblebee for buying a natural stone fountain. We provide a variety of stone fountains that are easy to customize as per your preferences and space requirements.

We also offer stone fountains in various color options. So, you can match them with any outdoor setting of your choice. Our team also ensures careful packaging and delivery of your fountain to your doorstep. Explore our website to discover our extensive range of stone fountains.

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