Garden Stone Lamp Post

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Garden Stone Lamp Post

There’s something surreal about a garden at night. Walking through a forest after sundown may be frightening and unfamiliar, but that’s because forests are wild, untamed, and can extend indefinitely with nothing to guide you back to the safety of the indoors.

A large garden, property, or estate, however, may be cultivated with easily walkable paths, kept safe for pedestrians. It may also have fences or walls to prevent people from getting lost.

You can explore to your heart’s content under the light of the moon and feel that mysterious sensation of touching something deeper when you talk a late-night walk in such places.

However, you still need light, and when the sun rises, the source of that light will become clear as well. What better way to light your path than with something that is also designed to look beautiful in broad daylight?

In the fog of a quiet evening, a classically styled stone lamp post can look eerie, intriguing, otherworldly, and welcoming, often all at once. The most common practice for these kinds of stone sculptures is to create a stone statue that is holding the lamps aloft. This means that there are as many marble lamp and stone light post options as there are options of almost any other marble sculpture genre.

Marble statue of Contrapposto Lamp post

Here we have a traditional marble statue of a woman standing contrapposto, leaning on one foot to create a realistic human physicality (a staple of Greek and, later, European Renaissance sculpture), while supporting the stone lamps above her head.

If this piece were not a marble lamp post, perhaps she would be carrying a basket of fruit or some other common theme of stone sculpture instead. But the best thing about this natural stone statue is its color. The deep bronze hue of the woman’s dress and of the lamp’s stems not only contrasts well with her pale marble skin, it also provides a good surface for the interplay of light and shadow when the lamps are lit in the evening.

The orange-red coloration would blend in with the warm tone of the lamplight, creating a minor optical illusion where the entire marble sculpture lamp seems illuminated to a far greater extent than it is.

Natural Stone Lamp Post with two cherubs statues

This natural stone lamp post may lack the special colors that made the previous one pop, but remember: all of these stone carving products are customizable and made to order. So a pure, uncolored marble sculpture such as these two cherubs is more like a blank canvas or template than an uninspired filler piece.

If you prefer to keep the statue white marble or beige marble color, consider obtaining two matching marble posts to set up as sentinels on the threshold of your property, perhaps on a veranda or leading from one part of an estate to another.

The bright whiteness will act like a beacon to both attract and direct explorers of the property, both at night and during the day. Additionally, the design of the stone sculpture pole is layered: a standard lamp pole is visible underneath the embrace of the cherubs, who are added as if on top of an established piece, making them come alive as part of the existing environment, rather than as an ornamental decoration.

Large stone lamp-Granite lamp post

For a brighter large stone lamp burn and a wider cast of light, the more the merrier! Another romantic stone statue of a woman in a classic Renaissance pose, also hand-carved in the neutral white granite material, this extensive natural stone lamp post is endless in its versatility.

Its wider array of lamps make it perfect for a variety of larger sizes, and of course it can be changed to use marble( which has more color to choose from) to your heart’s content… however, with a granite sculpture /granite lamp post as big as this one has the potential to be.  We could customized the size and numbers of stone lights according to the size of your garden.

A whole white figure will have the majesty of something like an uncolored cliffside or similarly vast natural terrain: color may simply bring the artifice of the piece to home. But for smaller sculptures, that may actually be the goal, as in these simpler marble lamp post statues below.

Paris of Marble lamp posts

These are some more examples of the traditional theme seen above: a woman, usually depicted as a maternal or labor figure, holding the lamp above her head like a guardian or protector. Of course, the main difference in these pieces is that they are designed as twins, presented two at a time.

While the two pairs of marble lamp posts share an abundance of obvious similarities, it is in their differences that they each truly shine. The most arresting difference is the beauty of the red  marble statue’s gown: the natural marble patterns glow through with mesmerizing white patterns that come straight from the cradle of the earth when the natural stone is mined. The use of two marble material (white and red) on the marble lamp post makes it looks vivid and perfect presenting in your garden.

Of course, like all of our products, these colors can be customized to order and carved. But just like the color of the marble sculpture can determine its look, so can the material itself in turn determine the color.

To choose the right marble color and material, please contact our service team! They have the experience to help you to design your garden with a pair of stone lamp post!

Additionally, note the texture of the golden statue’s dress. It is thin, and clings to her form as if wet. Marblebee is very proud of our skillful sculptors. Consider this visual detail when placing your garden lamp post: maybe next to a fountain, or to illuminate a garden pond? The glowing effect of the golden light shimmering on the water at night will certainly turn any heads who happen to pass by!

Japanese Stone Lantern

Now for something substantially different! An alternate style from a different continent altogether, this Japanese stone lantern will provide an entirely new aesthetic to your garden. Not only does it look fantastic both as a lone source of light and as part of a larger set, but it also emphasizes the marriage of the natural and the manmade in an entirely new way, foregoing the typical human subject instead for a distinctly old-fashioned and functional approach.

What makes this Eastern style truly unique is how good it would look in isolation, surrounded by a wide empty plain or perhaps obscured by dense foliage. Something spectral about the design, a bit haunting but also comforting, makes it into a perfect beacon, guiding the onlooker through the night towards shelter.

This Japanese stone lantern's gently curving edges and its delicate stand legs give it a distinctly floral appearance that is still unlike many of the comparable patterns of the Western style: this feels a bit stronger, a bit more serious in its visual tone. Nature is something to be respected and cooperated with, it seems to say. It’s not all pretty flowers, but it is absolutely reassuring in its protective capabilities.

Marble sculptures often have an entrancing effect, drawing in the observer, controlling their focus, and dominating the room or location. For well-made pieces, this is a universal effect of stone sculpture as a medium. But adding a bright light atop the piece can only make it stand out more.

It is an art form in and of itself to balance this light (nowadays an electric or gas source, but previously, of course, flame) with the stone sculpture itself so that neither overwhelms the other.

Luckily, the human race has been perfecting such art forms for hundreds of years and more, and we of today get to reap the fruits of their labor in modern natural stone works that combine classical marble carving traditions with contemporary electric light technology. 

Tips: To choose a garden lamp, specially like Japanese stone lantern, please pay attention to the material, sometimes a concrete garden lamp looks like stone garden lamp and also has a beautiful features. but concrete lamp is easy to crack (Usually it can't survive in dry season), specially in winter season. To choose a beautiful garden lamp, maybe a natural stone lamp like marble lamp or granite lamp is your best choices. 

If you want a Stone door surround with roman columnsStone Light Pole for backyardMarble Light Pole, or Granite Light Post with Girl Statues for your garden décor, get in touch with us. Our expert craftsmen will custom design a piece according to your requirements and size specifications. Feel free to drop us a message

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