Stone Fountain-A tale of three fountain

From Tiered stone fountain to Rectangular base modern fountain, Three typical stone fountain own's real projects

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Stone Fountain-A tale of three fountain

For different people looking for various kinds of stone fountains, there are plenty of styles and levels of complexity for different purposes and types of properties. What one customer sees as overly small or simplistic, another may see as perfectly quaint; likewise, your giant dream fountain may seem garish in another landscaper’s project. But sometimes, vastly different designs may be surprisingly compatible.

Stone fountain pond

Imagine three property owners, each with their own distinct goals. The first thing you may realize they have in common is that they’re all looking for a beautiful stone fountain! But suppose their similarities end there. If they’re all looking for different styles, how compatible will each of their selections be with each other’s projects?

The first owner is looking to furnish a nice suburban backyard. They could either choose an artificial pond, or include a small bowl in its centre. More garden fountain ideas read next blog: Top 10 best garden fountain ideas


The space they’re working with is limited, so a centerpiece that goes up too high may make the spot feel crowded. The garden fountain’s diminutive bowl stays low and doesn’t detract from the atmosphere of an artificial pond.

Garden fountain

However, a centerpiece as tall as this one may make the design feel claustrophobic:

Contemporary design fountainMeanwhile, the second owner actually has space to fill. The first fountain will seem too square in its shape in this larger area: will the second, taller fountain be a better fit? Square fountain base is the new hit for garden design. Not only it bring a contemporary design ideas to the backyard, but also match with a green square bush garden!

Modern Rectangular pool surround fountain

It would certainly have more room to breathe, and additionally, if a stone fountain as tall as that one has such a relatively small base, it will draw attention to itself like a beacon. Sometimes, that is absolutely the goal. But to keep their options open, the second owner has their eyes on another stone structure that has a broader base to more naturally fade into its surroundings.

Contemporary square surrounding pool fountain

While obviously very eye-catching, this contemporary square fountain’s advantage is that it possesses large amounts of negative space, making it appear as an unobtrusive backdrop from any angle. It mixes the proportions of the first fountain with the size of the second. The second property owner may have found the perfect design, but what if the base was round instead of square?


Small Garden statue FountainA fountain with a square base would do well in a spot with walls nearby, as the straight lines could run parallel in a geometrically pleasing formation. But if the area is, for example, outdoors, or surrounded by walls that don’t form such convenient angles, then they might consider a round base instead. Meanwhile, the first property owner may look at this relatively small garden fountain and think twice about whether it looks too big for their smaller project!

The second owner ultimately decides that the square base fountain would look very well in a courtyard or large chamber, while the round base fountain would do better in a more open garden or forested area. Despite the two being very similar in size, their shapes go a long way in creating harmony with the different spaces they occupy. Squares match with walls, and circles extend into open or unbarricaded areas.

Stone tiered fountain with statues

But what about the third property owner? They may prove to have the most challenging task of all, as they set out to find a fountain that is to be elevated above its surroundings like a pedestal.


3 tier Large stone fountainClearly, bigger will be better for this third and final property owner, as they struggle for their design to stand out even from a great height. These previous fountains may have been obscured to viewers looking up at it from a lower angle, so the grandiosity of this large three-tier stone fountain is perfect not just for scale, but for practical visibility.

This fountain is truly the epitome of natural stone displays. It could stand in the centre of an arrangement made out of a collection of all of the previous fountains. But of course it might not fit into the first or even the second owner’s space. All three projects had their ideal kind of natural stone fountain, and at times the answers felt somewhat interchangeable. But there is always a perfect match for every occasion!

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