Antique Stone Planter

by Marblebee

Whether you appreciate ancient aesthetics or seek a unique statement piece, this planter is the perfect addition to infuse your garden with a touch of artistry and history.


The Antique Stone Planter is a testament to enduring quality, meticulously carved from the finest stone. Its material ensures not only beauty but also durability and longevity, promising to withstand the test of time.


This garden urn vase boasts a classical and timeless aesthetic, with exquisite hand carving details and human sculptural elements. It resembles a classical urn or amphora, featuring a base adorned with a bull head carving. This design is a tribute to the architectural styles of ancient Greece and Rome.

Where to Install

Make this Antique Stone Planter a focal point within your garden design. Strategically place it to create visually appealing arrangements, elevating the charm and sophistication of your outdoor space.


The beauty of this stone planter shines through its hand-carved precision, meticulous detailing, and graceful curves. The natural yellow hue of the stone adds an earthly and authentic appeal to its aesthetic.


Customization is available to tailor the Natural Stone Planter to your specific indoor or outdoor style requirements, ensuring it complements your garden's unique character.

Shipping and Installation

We offer reliable shipping options.


To preserve the Garden Stone Planter, clean it regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap, apply a stone sealer for stain protection, and avoid harsh chemicals.

Product No: Stoneplanter19 

    Customer Reviews

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    Morten Olsen

    This arrived very quickly and was well packaged. I was really pleased with the quality of the planter, it’s well - made and a good weight. It looks great and fits in very well in my Garden.

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