12 Best Wall Water Features For Making a Grand Statement in Your Garden

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12 Best Wall Water Features For Making a Grand Statement in Your Garden
Your garden can be a perfect getaway to soothe your mind and soul from everyday stress. Make sure you use it as a display canvas to show the world your creativity. Just as a canvas looks great when it is sprayed with different colours likewise you can use different stone garden ornaments to make your garden look more artistic. Stone planters, stone plinths, stone porticos, stone columns, stone piers and stone fountains are some of the popular options we have today.

Potentially adding a water feature to your landscape could be the perfect way to enable the sense of excitement and add a missing visual aspect to your out-of-doors. Adding a stone wall water feature with pleasing hand-carving details to your garden is one of the easiest ways to bestow a new appeal with fascinating motion and visual interest.

Stone wall water features or wall fountains can be customized to fit even in the smallest outdoor spaces. Moreover, they assure to make any garden space relaxing and inviting. Not to mention the sound of running water fountains that elicit a response similar to viewing sea waves or sitting beside a mountain stream. The movement of water over stone brings nature alive, creating a calming, meditative atmosphere. Here we have got you the 15 best stone wall water features that will add a tinge of style and class to the entire design of both your home and the scenery that surrounds it. You can even buy them online and modify them according to your design preference and space’s size requirement.

1. Dragon head marble wall fountain

Dragon head marble wall fountain
This grand dragon head wall fountain is sculpted to make your property exceptionally majestic. The illustration has Greek mythology characters carved from top to bottom. All the figures on the fountain are carved from hands by talented carving sculptors, who inherited carving skill from their ancestors. The marble wall fountain has a circular marble base that holds statues stunningly, creating a celestial scene with angels at top and mermaids at bottom, an amazing representation of life of divine beings in heaven and underwater. The source of water here is a  stunning dragon head. When turned on, the water flows through the dragon's mouth, creating an amazing waterfall scene, and soothing sound. Made from high-quality marble material, this stone wall fountain could last for generations in your landscape.

2. Rustic European style outdoor stone wall fountain

Rustic European style outdoor stone wall fountain

This travertine wall water feature could be a great monument to increase the appeal of your landscape. It is designed keeping European architectural form in mind with neutral pastel hues to match royal outdoor furnishings astonishingly. The entire structure is handmade by the expert stone artists, who have years of experience of this art from. If we talk about how the fountain works, the  water flows through the hole given in the middle of the structure. Below that, there are two medium and large sized concave vessels that make it a stunning two-tiered fountain. When turned on, the wellspring produces a soothing natural cascade sound with which you will fall in love instantly. The vintage-style fountain could be a great centrepiece for your lush gardens that are already decorated with some stunning marble garden benches, stone planters and marble Gazebos.

3. Lion Head water wall fountain

Lion head water wall fountain on Marbleism.com
This classy Lion Head Fountain is a perfect choice to add value and artfulness to your house. Entirely hand-carved with a solid block of travertine stone, this wall water feature is truly an art piece to bring a sense of fearlessness and peacefulness in your yard. The carving details on it make it look archaeological and a part of ancient history. Every detail shows the adroitness of professional sculptors who carved it. On the top of the structure there are three artful sea shells, adorned with  and two delicate scrolls, adding to the beauty of this royal fountain. Every inch of this lion head fountain is designed carefully to make your outdoor space look awe-inspiring.

4. Outdoor wall water features - Rustic French style fountain

Outdoor wall water features - Rustic French style fountain
If you are a fan of colours and textures from olden era’s décor style, this Rustic French Style Garden Fountain is something you should not miss considering. This Beige outdoor wall water feature with rugged surface is wholly hand constructed using a big block of Travertine stone, and later received polished and sealed treatment to achieve longevity and everlastingly appearance. The classy wall fountain features canthus leaf bas-relief on the top, and a foliage wreath on the upper wall . The water streams from the upper spout of this fountain, and catches in the centre shell-shaped basin down to the second layer basin, then run to the bottom fountain pool surround. This delicate designed water flow will create desired soothing sounds to your backyard!

5. Apollo's bath statues large stone wall fountain

Apollo's bath statues large stone wall fountain
This large wall fountain statue is entirely customized on the request of a customer by Marbleism. It is designed for a grand garden with the famous Apollo's bath statue’s replica as a centrepiece. On the wall of this sculpture there are two tier sea shell shaped bowls which create a waterfall to the square pool surround. There are so many beautiful elements sculpted on the fountain, including  the brilliantly carved cherubs and maidens at the top. On the back wall there is a lion head water spout, with intricately-carved motifs and famous statues from history. The two pedestals at the corners of the fountain feature two mythic ladies wearing stunning attires, making the water feature more inviting and attractive for the guests.

6. Lion water fountain with large pool

Lion water fountain with large pool
Make your landscape simple and majestic with this classic rustic French style lion head fountain. Sculpted wholly using a big block of limestone, this chromatic wall fountain is designed inspired by French architecture with a huge pool surround. Every bit of this fountain is hand-carved in an antique style to match most vintage properties by skilful sculptors of Marbleism. The water falls gently from the lion’s head sculpted on the backplate of this stunning water fountain, creating a soothing ambiance that attracts colourful birds to the property. You will certainly fall in love with the natural water sound that it produces.

7. Lion head stone wall fountain

Lion head stone wall fountain
This lion head stone water fountain is delicately designed by skilful craftsmen with ages of experience in stone carving. It is crafted using a big Travertine stone block, which had two beautiful natural shades of beige. The colour shades and the texture on the surface of this wall water feature are just perfect to add the naturalistic charm and grand statement to your garden landscape. The perimeter of the backplate of this fountain is beautifully adorned with floral bas-relief, and at the centre, it features a lion head spout. The water flows from the lion’s mouth into a big semi-circular basin to create a relaxing sound. The bespoke fountain can be made on pre-order by Marbleism.

8. Two tier lion fountain

Two tier lion fountain
Elegant and refined, this Marble Two tier lion fountain with a huge pool surround is a distinctive element to add character to your home. Made with premium quality icy green marble block, the statuary stone fountain features two different-sized bowls that are intricately carved on the underside with four Grecian women carrying pitchers in the middle surround the central column. At the second level, there are four lions sitting in a circle at equal distance with a spout on their mouths. All the astonishingly designed figures with hand-carved details of this fountain make it ideal for an outdoor patio or the wall of your home foyer. Although the piece is shown in the picture is not a wall fountain but Marbleism can custom-made its wall version for you on request.

9. Winged horse fountain

Garden water fountain with Pegasus-Winged horse fountain
This nice and simple winged horse statuary cum marble stone garden water fountain is a perfect choice for large landscapes. It is a 3-tiered fountain designed beautifully using premium quality white Masha marble with four horses on either side of the structure, sitting on equal distance. All the intricate hand-worked details on it are done by skilful stone artists, who have amazing carving skills in their blood. The structure comes with a matching white marble round pool surround that looks premium with cornucopia shell designs on it. Its surface is deeply carved with egg-and-dart bas relief and Palmette motifs. You can get its wall fountain version according to your space requirement on request.

10. Red marble 3-tier fountain

Red marble 3-tier fountain
If you want to add an exquisite and bold pop of colour to your space, get this red marble 3-tier fountain,  which is also available in the wall-water fountain edition from Marbleism. It comes with octagon pool surround adorned with bas relief, rondeaus motif and anthemion leaves. Also, there is a honeysuckle motif amazingly carved right above the pedestal of this fountain. The hand-worked details of these bas-reliefs make this red three-tier pink fountain an attractive centrepiece of any property. Each of the three tiers of this Italian marble fountain has double layers of wave-shaped water spill that creates a magical water curtain. The royal hand-carved fountain is good to go great with all types of garden decors.

11. Two tier pink marble fountain with statuary

Two Tiers Pink Marble Fountain with Statuary on Marbleism.com
You can’t get a better décor piece for your garden than this Natural Stone Garden Marble Fountain With Meticulous Hand-Carved Sculptures. This two-tiered fountain is made using a beautiful pink natural stone block by skilled craftsmen of Marbleism. Although this one is not a wall fountain, you can get this customized to be your wall-fountain according to your space needs. The key focal elements of this fountain are a cute chubby boy holding a pot as a water spout and the beautifully sculpted Pegasus figures sitting on the base of the structure. Both the elements are making this fountain a not-to-miss deal for grand landscapes. The other water spout at the base level of this fountain is a lion head spout, adding a tasteful charm to the water feature. You’ll fall in love with the elegant egg and dart carving on the underside of the bowls of this two-tiered water fountain.

12. Contemporary black stone wall fountain

Contemporary black stone wall fountain
Modern wall fountains give the best outdoor experience and instantly turn any patio area into a relaxing oasis. This contemporary black wall water feature with cool square design is a great pick to add a stylish and soothing touch to your porch, backyard, or garden. Constructed with Nero Marquina Marble, this fountain with a natural look and ribbed realistic stone textures is weatherproof, rust-resistant, and durable enough to beautify your property for years. This relic lava-finished modern fountain comes with LED lights installed inside the rectangular pool which creates a more awe-inspiring scene at night. Sit back and relax to the sound of flowing water as it trickles down, creating a peaceful escape.

Get any of the above wall water fountains at the best price range from us. We at Marbleism have a variety of garden fountains to match and beautify any type of garden décor. No matter if your garden is small or large-sized, we can customize stone water features to fit your garden space, and the design and stone will be of your choice. We are dedicated to fulfilling your custom garden dreams by providing the best quality of Fountains along with their pool surrounds. We have a qualified team of stone workers, who own amazing carving skills, inherited from their ancestors. We don’t compromise with the quality, and that is why we only use the best quality stones to shape our products. Our prices are very competitive therefore, you’ll find an ideal fountain for your garden space that will fit your budget too. Drop us a message for any query. For custom requests, feel free to drop your requirements on a message, with your contact details. One of our team members will soon get in touch with you and assist you to find the best fountain for your dream garden.
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