The marble fireplace is a forever elegant center of home decoration. From a modern house to a vintage cabin. If you are into vintage victorian style marble fireplace surround, Rococo style marble hearth, or neo-class white marble fireplace, Here is the right place to pick your ideal antique marble fireplace surround.  The best part of our marble mantels is that we customize the size and shape according to your project. With the right size of the marble hearth stone, you could save more time on installation. Especially for some projects have a high ceiling and need a marble overmantel, double layer stone fireplace. Our professional service team could help you.  In addition, If you want a certain color, such as  black marble fireplace hearth,white marble fireplace, stone marble fireplace with polished surface or marble fireplace mantel with matt surface, we are here to provide!

Stone Fireplace
We are introducing MarbleBee’s stunning assortment of marble fireplaces with flair to add luxury and sophistication to your home. Marble fireplaces are an elegant feature that works amazingly in both modern houses and vintage cabins. Our selection of handcrafted marble fireplaces will elevate any room and create a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere in those cold months. They will serve as a decorative feature before and after the winter is over.
Natural stone fireplaces are more elegant than their counterparts and lend an ageless aesthetic appeal to the entire room. Marblebee has a team of exceptionally skilled artisans who are well-versed in the art of creating breathtaking marble fireplaces including vintage Victorian style marble fireplaces, antique marble fireplaces, marble fireplace mantel, and marble fireplace mantels and surrounds. Each one of these marble fireplace mantels and surrounds is hand crafted by our craftsmen from handpicked blocks of natural marble. We have a wide variety of designs and material options for you to choose the right style for your household. Regardless of whether you like a vintage Victorian style marble fireplace surround, Rococo style marble fireplace or a neo-classic white marble fireplace, we are here to fulfill your dream of cozying up next to a stylish fireplace, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying a book Different Marble Materials We Provide
We offer a variety of marble materials to choose from, each with its unique compositional nuances and aesthetic beauty. Our expert artisans hand carve each marble fireplace to ensure that it matches our high standards of quality and durability to provide you with a gorgeous piece of interior design
Our wide array of marble materials include Carrara marble, which is a classic and sophisticated stone and has been used in buildings for centuries. The marble’s subtle white and gray veining has an elegant appearance that can immediately transform your room into a luxurious space.
Another material that is quite popular with our customers for marble fireplaces is Calacatta marble. This marble type is a rare material with dramatic veining patterns and beautiful white backdrop. We also have Emperador dark marble, which is an alluring stone from Spain and has a range of dark, rich browns and grays.
One of our most coveted antique marble fireplaces is made from white statuario marble. It is a rich, luxurious and highly sought-after material, with subtle gray veins. This marble material offers an understated elegance and timeless beauty in a minimalist way. We have Egyptian beige marble fireplaces as well, which is a neutral colored stone with subtle, nuanced veining, making it a desired material. If you do not want a light, neutral colored stone, we also have bold and striking black Nero Marquina marble to add a dramatic flair with its gorgeous veining. Plethora of Design Choices
At Marblebee, we believe in the ability to choose. Therefore, we offer a wide range of design options to help you create the perfect marble fireplace for your home and trust us; our designs are top-notch and timeless. From traditional to modern and everything in between, our skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to life through most intricate detailing and powerful imagery.
First and foremost, we can customize the size and shape of our marble fireplace according to your requirements. We have high-ceiling fireplaces, marble over mantels, double layer marble fireplaces and so on, which cater to every style and interior. We can create impeccable and most desirable fireplaces. Among our top preferred designs are marble fireplaces including vintage Victorian style marble fireplaces, antique marble fireplaces, marble fireplace mantel, and marble fireplace mantels and surrounds. We also have marble fireplaces in Baroque style with intricate carving, European style antique marble fireplace mantels, Victorian style stone fireplace with foliage carved into it, Neoclassical fireplace mantel, marble mantels designed after Pillars of Freedom in French Neoclassical Style, Renaissance style marble fireplace, two story fireplaces with statuary and so many more. At MarbleBee, we are dedicated to provide our customers with the top-notch designs carved from highest quality natural stones to bring warmth, style, and sophistication to their homes. Our variety of marble materials and design options allow you to pick a style that speaks to your personality or complements your existing interior design. If you like one of our marble fireplace designs or have one in mind, you can email us the details. Our expert craftsmen will work closely with you in creating a customized fireplace that is both beautiful and functional. Once the product is ready, it is shipped right to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I choose a marble fireplace?
  • Marble is one of the best choices when it comes to fireplace materials. It is beautiful, strong, heat resistant, which makes it the perfect stone for your fireplace surround.

  • Are marble fireplaces heat resistant?
  • Marble is a heat resistant stone, which makes it ideal for a marble fireplace mantel or entire marble fireplace

  • What are the advantages of marble fireplaces?
  • There are numerous advantages of marble fireplaces. Marble doesn’t not change its color or warp due to heat unlike other natural stone materials. Regardless of the heat, the marble fireplace remains cool to the touch. Another benefit is that marble fireplaces are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, marble materials have striking characteristics with nuanced patterns and colors that look great around fireplaces.

  • Does a marble fireplace stain?
  • While a great addition to your home, marble fireplace do tend to stain. However, if dirt, smoke or rust from fireplace accessories leave a stain on your marble fireplace, it is easy to get rid of them.

  • How do I clean a marble fireplace?
  • Cleaning a marble fireplace is not very difficult. For light stains, you can use a solution of mild soap and water and rub the affected area with a soft fabric. You can also use small amounts of bleach or hydrogen peroxide to scrub the light colored marble fireplaces, but avoid using much of it as too much of it can strip the color of the stone. If you have a dark colored marble fireplace, you can use acetone or lacquer thinner.

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