6 Modern Bronze Statues You Must Include to Spruce up Your Garden

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6 Modern Bronze Statues You Must Include to Spruce up Your Garden

Bronze statues are a brilliant way to spruce up the layout of your outdoor space. With an exquisite and delicate quality, they add a touch of sophistication and beauty while creating a carefully curated atmosphere for you to enjoy. Bronze metal is an amazing material for sculptures and statues and has been in use for a long time in human history.

It is being used as a preferred material to make cast metal statues for years. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Europeans, and many Asian and South American civilizations used bronze to make aesthetic and decorative sculptures for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The reason for choosing bronze as it is a durable building material and sturdy in nature. When maintained properly, bronze statues can last for decades and become a valuable investment over the years. There is a wide variety of bronze statues for garden available in the market, which can be overwhelming while picking a piece or two suiting your needs. To help you guide through it, here are a handful of the best modern bronze sculpture artists have created to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Bronze Angel Garden Statue

Bronze Angel Garden Statue

Given that folklore and fairytales have influenced humankind for a long time, numerous sculptors show their creativity by conjuring up figures of divine beings, such as angels and winged fairies. This large bronze angel statue is one of a kind but follows suit for the fascination with fairies. Sculpted from bronze, this fierce yet gentle-looking warrior fairy has long wings sprawling behind her. Her hair tied in a sleek bun behind head. The figure holds flowers in one hand, while its dress is flowing in the invisible wind. The bronze statue has been carved with intricate details and will look amazing in a garden. You can have it customized to your personal taste.

Horse Head Bronze Statue

Horse Head Bronze Statue

Your garden may not have enough space to install a life-size horse statue, but would you like this stunning horse head bronze garden statue? It is a beautiful work of art that allows you to install an isolated head of a grazing head to create a woodland scene in your backyard. The angle, the position to the ground and the life-like expression on the creature’s face with make people mistake it for a live horse. The detail to attention on this bronze sculpture is perfect to be included in a garden that already has a couple of animal statues. It can be made to order in any size and shape to better accommodate your needs for a bronze garden statue.

Modern bronze statue of painter

Modern bronze statue of painter

Introducing the Modern Bronze Statue of a Painter—an embodiment of artistic brilliance seamlessly woven into contemporary sophistication. This exquisite bronze statue redefines elegance, adding a touch of timeless allure to your living space. With its captivating form and meticulous craftsmanship, the statue stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of art and modern design. The Garden Bronze Statue's sleek and modern aesthetic, accentuated by a striking yellow finish, infuses vibrancy into any environment. This captivating piece serves as a captivating focal point, captivating attention with its artistically portrayed subject and captivating color palette. Every intricate detail of this statue showcases the artist's mastery, while the premium bronze material exudes opulence and refinement. Elevate your surroundings with the quintessential blend of artistry and modernity, as this sculpture redefines elegance and leaves an indelible mark on your decor. Immerse yourself in the beauty of contemporary design and high-quality craftsmanship with this exceptional bronze masterpiece.

Heron Pair Bronze Statues

Heron are beautiful birds and will make a wonderful addition to your garden as these two exquisite, bronze carved heron statues. Wings outstretched, as if ready to take flight or in middle of a mating dance, the pair of heron has been handcrafted from thick metal and finished with premium quality, metallic paint. These life-size bronze statues for sale will add to your garden’s existing beauty. You can install them anywhere you like, separate or together in a setting. They can be customized in different sizes, and shapes to fit your space.

Female Bronze Statue

Female Bronze Statue

Female beauty and body has always inspired great works of art. Take a look at this beautiful bronze statue of a woman. With a faraway look of longing on her face, the figure is draped in a sheer robe to highlight feminine features, gentle curves as a calm breeze flows through the cloth. This bronze sculpture has been meticulously made to adorn any space it is placed in. This particular piece will look great out in the garden while facing the front gate as if in waiting for someone to arrive. With a little care, this statue will you last you ages as it will grace your garden with its beauty.

Naked Woman Bronze Sculpture

Naked Woman Bronze Sculpture

From an era long gone to the modern times, female form has been a preferred art subject. This beautiful female figure has been carved from bronze metal to give it a delicate yet refined look. This naked female bronze statue has been made with a rock that gives it life-like appearance of a female testing the waters with her feet before going for a swim in a calm lake. The statue has peaceful facial expressions that will make you stand for a long time and admire the beauty. It will go great with an outdoor fountain or small pool.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Q: What is a high quality bronze statue?

A: The quality of casting, or the thickness of the bronze used for sculpting are clear indicators of a high quality bronze statue.

Q: How to tell if a bronze sculpture is of good quality?

A: High-quality bronze statues will have a rich, shiny and brown patina with a uniform consistency throughout. The thickness and outside patina is also an indicator.

Q: How we make bronze statues?

A: Bronze sculptures are made through a process called casting. It includes pouring molten metal into a mould and leaving it to solidify. Once the mould is set, sculptors chip away at any imperfections to offer the best quality bronze statues.

Q: What is customized bronze statue?

A: We customize bronze statue according to client’s needs. They may show us a drawing or a picture of what they need and in what size and shape and we will create a statue as per those specifics.

Q: How to choose a bronze statue?

A: Ensure to pick the best quality bronze statue. You can look for patina. Flat or gray patinas are traits of low-quality statue. A high-quality statue will have a rich and brown patina in uniformity.

Q: How do we pack the bronze sculpture and ship to your place?

A: We pack your bronze sculpture inside a wooden box that is reinforced with steel plate and with thick benzene board inside to ensure it reaches you safety.

Q: How to maintain a bronze statue?

A: To maintain a bronze statue, you must dust it frequently and have it cleaned thoroughly once a year to avoid any damage to the precious metal.

Q: How much does a life size bronze statue cost?

A: A bronze statue can cost anywhere between $10,000 to over $100,000, depending on the size and shape of the artwork.

Q: Are bronze sculptures hollow?

A: Large-sized bronze sculptures are usually hollow as the physical properties of bronze do not allow large solid casting.

Q: Do bronze sculptures turn green?

A: Yes, bronze sculptures can turn green if they are not maintained properly. The reaction, called corrosion, creates a green powder on the surface of bronze metal that is much like rust on iron.

Q: How to clean a bronze statue?

A: Dust it at least once a week. You can dip a soft cloth in a mixture of 2 cups of distilled water and one spoon of mild dish soap to clean the surface.

Q: How heavy is a large size bronze statue?

A: A large size bronze statue can weigh around 600 pounds.

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