Bronze statue

Marblebee has a custom Bronze statue workshop and a Custom marble workshop. We provide modern bronze statues and antique bronze statues as well as marble statues.

All bronze statues from Marblebee are customized for you. We are proud to provide high-quality lacquer layer and paste wax on bronze sculptures to prevent rust and add beautiful colors!  Send us your design through email, we will ship you a life-size bronze statue!

Bronze Statue Collection
We offer an extensive collection of bronze statues, which are meticulously handcrafted by experienced artisans. Our skilled artisans use traditional techniques to create timeless art pieces to enhance the elegance of any space. They pay attention to every minute detail for sculpting each piece. This ensures that the end product is a true masterpiece. Our collection has a wide range of life-size bronze statues that are ideal to add a bold and contemporary touch to your home or office. Each of our bronze statues is well-crafted with premium quality material, ensuring they are not only aesthetic to look at but also durable and long-lasting.
Life-size Bronze Statues
Bronze is a durable and strong material that people have been using for centuries for sculpting. It has a smooth texture along with a warm, rich color that’s both appealing and timeless. However, our life-size statues are available in various colors, like blue, red, white, yellow, and more. With bright colors, these statues are likely to add a vibrant vibe to a given space. Our bronze statues are further coated with high-quality lacquer along with paste wax. This prevents rusting while maintaining their shine for a long duration. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance are needed for preventing the buildup of debris and dirt that may damage the surface of our statues. With regular and proper care, our custom bronze statues can be your treasured family heirloom or an outstanding centerpiece in any garden, courtyard, walkway, or interior.
Extraordinary art pieces for display
Our statues are extraordinary art pieces for display on a pedestal, or stand, or can be mounted on a wall for a dramatic effect. One can even gift these wonderful statues for special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Plus, these can be customized to suit your specific preferences and requirements.
At Marblebee, we are committed to offering our customers premium quality products and better customer service. We take pride in the craftsmanship and beauty of our bronze statues, and we are certain that the customers will love them as much as we do. Go through our collection today and find the right piece of art for enhancing the elegance of your home or office space. Frequently Asked Questions
    • How do you make a bronze statue at Marblebee?

At MarbleBee, we carefully handcraft each bronze statue using traditional techniques. To be precise, we use the lost-wax casting process to create bronze statues. It involves the formation of a mold of the original sculpture, the casting of bronze, and finishing the final piece with various techniques. We also coat our statues in ceramic casting and pour the bronze into the mold. After that, we break the ceramic casting to reveal the finished statue.

    • Are bronze statues good for outdoor use?

Yes, bronze statues are good for outdoor use because they are weather-resistant. Plus, they can easily withstand extreme weather conditions. Since bronze is a durable material that won’t corrode easily, it’s easier to maintain its appearance for a long time. Due to their ability to withstand harsh temperature and moisture conditions, these are considered ideal for use in gardens, public spaces, and other outdoor areas. And, due to their durability and strength, they can maintain their stunning appearance and better quality for a very long time. However, it is vital to note that your outdoor bronze statues need occasional cleaning and regular maintenance to prevent corrosion and preserve their appearance.

    • Are bronze statues easy to customize?

Bronze statues are very easy to customize due to their malleable nature. It means that this material is easier to shape and mold into various designs. Sculptors can work with bronze to make intricate design details, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, you can cast bronze statues in various shapes and sizes, enabling amazing customization options. Nonetheless, the customization of bronze statues needs an experienced and skilled sculptor to ensure the product meets desired specifications.

    • Is it easy to install a life-size bronze statue?

When installing a life-size bronze statue, it needs some level of expertise and the right equipment for the job due to its heavy weight and huge size. It is best to hire professionals to install the statue to ensure it’s fixed securely to its platform or base to prevent any damage or safety hazards. The professionals can even attach or bolt down to a concrete surface for better stability.

    • How to maintain a bronze statue?

Proper maintenance of a bronze statue requires regular cleaning with mild soap, soft cloth, and water to remove debris and dirt. Avoid using abrasive materials and harsh chemicals as they are harsh on the surface of the statue and can lead to unwanted lines or damage to the surface. At Marblebee, we add a layer of wax or lacquer coat of wax or lacquer can even protect the surface from corrosion, rust, and other types of damage. Make sure to use your product specifically created for bronze statues. If a bronze statue needs extensive restoration, you need to consult a professional restorer. They have better expertise, materials, and tools for restoring the statue to its original state without causing any damage.

    • How tall is your custom life-size bronze statue?

Our life-size bronze statues are made to be proportional to the actual size of a person and can range from 5 to 7 feet tall. Custom life-size bronze statues can be made to specific measurements and requirements provided by the client. Hence, it’s easier to display in a specific area, as per the available space. Furthermore, the custom life-size bronze statues are easy to create accurately for capturing the proportions and likeness of a specific animal, individual, or object. Hence, it becomes a striking addition to any space.

    • Are life-size bronze statues weather resistant?

Yes, life-size bronze statues are generally weather-resistant, as they can withstand different weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. Due to their durability and corrosion and rust resistance, they are ideal for outdoor use. However, you need to spend some time taking care of the statue to preserve its appearance and protect it from various environmental factors.

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