Beautiful Natural Stone Columns to Enhance Your Design Layout

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Beautiful Natural Stone Columns to Enhance Your Design Layout
Marble column

Columns are essential architectural elements that help support the extra weight without employing walls. Throughout the history of architecture architects and designers alike have had to juggle the issues of structure versus aesthetics. Columns, however, emerged as a design element that is essential for structural support and adds to the beauty of the interiors.

Marble column

Columns are used to carry the loads from the roofs, upper floors or other weight loads down to the ground and uphold the entire structure. Besides, you don’t necessarily have to hide these beautiful structures or cover them up in any manner. They enhance the amount of space within an edifice or can just be an aesthetic addition to it. 

Marble column

They can be employed in any space you want – including your entrance, porch, garden and foyer. Stone columns create a clean and elegant look and become an ideal fixture for modern and traditional homes. 

Marble column

With a vast variety of material options, the columns become an even more intriguing addition to your living space. You can easily find marble columns, stone columns, granite columns and Greek columns for sale and use them in a number of unique ways. These beautiful features can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes to enhance the aesthetic appeal. 

Marble column

Corinthian Marble Column

Marble Corinthian column
This stunning Corinthian garden column carved on ancient Greek marble is perfect for your outdoor layout. It embodies pure elegance and is sure to become a focal point of your backyard oasis. Its meticulously engraved Greek-style carving details make it a brilliant art piece that stands out from the rest of the décor features in your humble abode. This marble column is embellished with scroll leaf and has a hand-sculpted Corinthian-style pedestal and base. The shaft has straight vertical patterns on it, creating a beautiful look. 


Entrance Hall Marble Columns

Entrance hall marble pillars
A well-carved pair of entrance hall columns can add a new element to your entire design layout. These decorative marble columns can make your home stand out and reintroduce the lost charm and elegance of your entryway. The gateway to your living space is like a mirror to your personality and lifestyle. These authentic Italian-style pillars feature fine artwork, which has been accurately hand-carved. You can position them in your foyer or the hallway to bring an element of individuality. Moreover, you can have them customized to better fit your living space.


Marble Caryatid Column

Marble caryatid column
Marble can incorporate the element of elegance that has been missing from your home. Take these white marble Caryatid columns that are carefully hand-carved with intricate details. These columns are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring part architectural and part figurative female structures, these pillars can carry the weight of buildings for years, while gracefully adding an extravagant touch to your design. In a marriage of art and architecture, the figures are portraying two women with vessels over their heads. They are weather-resistant and durable.

Marble Carved Spiral Column

Marble carved spiral column
With the capability to turn an ordinary house into a regal space, this Corinthian column is a beautiful piece of art. It is purely inspired by the timeless column designs of Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. The full round white column balances its weight on an acanthus vase-like bottom. It features a colorful spiral rope tapered midsection and crowned with a Corinthian-styled capital. Its elaborate capitals, leaves, flowers and scrolls invite a style and elegance to any modern and traditional. You can have it customized in any shape or size to fit your home.

Cylindrical Marble Column

Cylindrical marble pillar with corinthian capital
Meticulously hand-carved from Egyptian beige marble, these huge columns include various intricate details on the top, bottom and along the shaft. Place them by your entrance and they are sure to make a great statement. The patterns on the columns are hand-carved by professional marble craftsmen. Each pillar features a beautiful groove design in the Egyptian style, making it great incorporation into any contemporary garden or home. Besides, if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can have it customized in any size and shape to fit your space better. 

Green Marble Column

Green marble pedestal and pilaster
A rather simple yet beautiful, this green outdoor pedestal and column combo is made from Empress Green marble and designed to make a valuable addition to your property. It is a timeless design that can grace your patio, entryway or any other outdoor area with distinct beauty. The column has a fluted central shaft, topped with a square top and square bottom. It features a subtle whitish veining effect on the dark green background. It is a great addition to your outdoor oasis and can beautifully add an aesthetic charm to your interior space as well. Its color palette will not overpower any existing design layout. 

Natural Stone Columns

Natural Stone Column
This set of natural stone columns is a luxury addition to any space, lending it a royal vibe and turning any ordinary living space into a lavish haven. Featuring white and beige granite with a honed surface, these pillars are hand-carved for a delicate yet stylish accent. They can be placed inside your home at the entrance or in the foyer or can be positioned in your outdoor space such as the garden, porch or front gate. These can be customized in any shape and size to fit your requirements. 

Greek Column

Greek column
This classic Greek column introduces a touch of beauty and timeless appeal to any occasion or design. It is a versatile feature that is beautiful and designed for both indoor and outdoor space. Made from high-quality polyethylene, this pillar is designed to last a lifetime. Its stem is decorated with grooves that form pretty lines, while the top and base are covered with a series of beautiful patterns and adorned scrolls and accents. It can add a brilliant aesthetic to any space and increase the style quotient of your home and gather a lot of compliments.

Giant Stone Column

Giant stone column
This huge stone column has been hand-cast using real crushed stone blended with high-quality designer resin, turning any space into an Egyptian temple. It features a distinctive, one-of-a-kind, architectural feature resembling those outside the tombs of Luxor. You can place it next to any wall and elevate the style. It is embellished with traditional hieroglyphics hand carved into the column and crowned. It can be a great indoor addition including in a home theater, a luxury spa bath or anywhere you want to introduce a touch of dramatic charm.

Greek Style White Marble Column

Greek Style White Marble Column
Elaborately scrolled Scamozzi column, this piece is a timeless and beautiful addition to any occasion or event. This beautiful white column is versatile and lovely and can be used in both outdoor and indoor spaces. It is a stunning décor addition for weddings, proms or any formal events. It creates a beautiful accent piece for pathways and photo shoots. It features a smooth square base designed to keep the pillar balanced. It is styled with dangling scrolls and charming horizontal segments that define elegance. As the top of the pillar is a square slab, you can place urns, vases and other decorative items on the top as well. 

Classical Greek Column

Classical Greek Column
This stunning Greek column is a perfect addition to any modern and traditional home space. The classic design can enhance the beauty of any existing layout and introduce a royal element to your living space. It features a square base to keep it balanced on the ground, with the luxury to place things on the flat top. Deriving inspiration from Greek and Roman architectural designs, this beautiful pillar can be placed in both indoor and outdoor space settings. It will remind you of those pillars you see in ancient civilizations.

Marble Column

Marble column
Expertly hand-crafted by skilled stonemasons, this gorgeous marble column is inspired by the ancient Greeks who used marble for sculptures and historic monuments. Known for its strength, durability and elegance, marble becomes the perfect material to add subtle yet deeply vibrant beauty that continues to make it one of the world’s most desirable materials. It is an impeccable accent to any décor without disrupting the existing design layout. As marble is highly weather-resistant and durable, this pillar can be placed either indoors and outdoors without worrying about it getting damaged.

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