Creating a Grandeur with Marble Columns

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Creating a Grandeur with Marble Columns

Creating a living space for yourself that has all the comforts of life and the grandeur of living life in your style is no longer a dream. You have all the resources at hand and we are going to provide you the idea to create a home that you just dreamt of till now. Decorative, antique marble columns and pillars are going to create that awesomeness within the premises you looking to spend the best part of your life.

Creating a Grandeur with Marble Columns

Positioning of the marble columns

You might get the best marble columns from the market however, if you or your interior designer can’t position them at an ideal position it’s going to lose its utility and ruin the whole exquisiteness of your home. Here we have simplified a bit in which areas you could install marble columns in your house.

1. Doorway

Doorway marble column

Marble columns set the tone for the rest of your home and having them right at the entrance - at the doorway or entryway is the best idea. This is the place where you are welcoming most of your guests and this is where your guest are going to get the first impression of your home. This is one area that needs to be grand, and create an impression that needs to set the expectations for people of what they can expect once they enter your home.

Antique marble columns set the grace in an open doorway similar to the finest buildings in the Italian history. You could even add the same sense of appeal to your area between the kitchen and the dinning room, and living room.

Plus, you have vast options to choose the design that matches your taste best. For instance, if you have decided to get Roman Marble Columns, you can select among Dronic, Iconic, Corinthian, and Composite orders (a combination of Iconic and Corinthian orders). Besides, to give your columns personalized appeal you can pick between Egyptian, Italian, Greek, Persian, Roman, Islamic, Romanesque, and Early English Gothic capital designs. It all depends on your choice preferences. While scheming entryway décor, makes sure not to compromise with marble column pedestal quality. 

2. Porch

Porch marble column
In case you have a porch, you need to have porch supports in the form of marble columns. White marble column in the outdoors and that too as porch supports look awesome and add to the beauty of a porch and rest of the house. We have been witnessing so many porches that have had decorative marble columns add to their elegance. Take an example of this simple and graceful porch in the picture below. However, if you want columns unlike usual plain or lined pillars, spiral marble pillars and marble caryatid column both will be a good choice.

Porch marble column

3. Fireplace

Fireplace column
You have perfect fireplace however, you haven't thought about what you are going to get around it. Short marble pillars or marble columns with extended orders to ceiling and traditionally engraved capitals on both sides of a fireplace will make your fireplace stand out. A fireplace has two functions - to keep the room warm and become the central focus of the room. With Antique or Roman marble columns at both sides of a fireplace you don't need to add much art on the wall. Two white marble columns alone can make your fireplace a central focus within the room.

4. Garden

Garden gazebo marble columns
Want to make your outdoors appear regal? Placing marble pillars around your garden is the easiest way to achieve the look and balance the beauty of the landscape with a man-made arcs and lines. Let's draw inspiration from ancient Italian gardens, they were equipped with highly emphasized marble pillars that showcase symmetry and make the entire property look phenomenal. The practice is still in trend inspiring many people to develop paradise in their homes in the form of their gardens, equipped with complicatedly designed marble columns and lush greenery. You can even upgrade your garden just by adding a stylish marble gazebo with the marble pillars of your choice. This will add unique and fun space to your yard.

5. Staircase

Staircase marble column
Nothing is more attractive than a grand staircase surrounded by stunningly carved marble columns infusing elegance and royalty to a whole home décor. You can also add a unique kind of statement with marble columns going up with the staircase fitted with attractively designed marble railings at the both sides of the staircase.

Buying Marble Columns

You have the right image of the marble columns you need for your entry, doorway, porch and fireplace now you need them to be at your home however you have scouted everywhere in the local market you have checked with the local mason and he is of no help as usual! Now What!

Its high time forget about the traditional shops you used to go. At Marbleism, we have variety of marble column designs to suit each property type. The most amazing thing is, you choose the design and style we can get you exactly what you want with the help of our world class sculptors. Don’t worry if you need marble columns in different dimensions. We customize the size and design both according to our clients’ requirement. Pre-order now!


Q: Where to place marble columns?

A: To make most of your home décor with marble columns, you must know where you can place them around your house appropriately to avoid making home décor blunders. You could place marble columns in Entryways, Doorways, Around Hallways, Staircase, Garden, Fireplace and as Porch support in your home. You could also place them between the kitchen and dining room, entrance and living room, or in any other entranceway that you want to highlight in your home.

Q: Where to buy marble columns?

A: You can buy the best quality marble columns from top sellers and makers of the world online. Marbleism is one popular provider of hand-carved marble columns. They are known for providing custom sized marble columns crafted by skillful craftsmen of the world. Be it any design style or size, Marbleism and its expert sculptors are capable of engraving the most intricate designs. They provide hand carved columns made from real natural stone such as marble, granite, sandstone.

Q: Why is marble used for columns?

A: Marble is a popular material for the construction of the most prestigious buildings in history and in the present day as well. The not too rigid stone is easier to carve intricate designs on than granite and other stones, and can be polished smooth to make attractive monumental architecture and sculptures. Moreover, it is resistant to heat and durable enough to last for decades. Its smooth glittery white surface and translucent texture can be an aesthetic addition to a building.  All these characteristics of marble make it an ideal material for columns.

Q: How are stone columns made?

A: Stone columns are generally constructed by experienced craftsmen using special equipment and stone cutting machines that could cut and shape big blocks of stones. To bestow stone columns artistic intricate appeal, they are being hand-carved by skilled sculptors carefully. The process takes a lot of time and talent of many proficient sculptors. After the shaping and carving process, the structure is being cautiously hand-polished using premium quality polish. It provides marble columns a final neat sparkly appearance.

Q: How to make marble pillars?

A: The first step of making any marble pillar is a selection of marble stone. Once it’s decided that what type of marble stone you will use to achieve chosen design, you will need heavy cutting equipment to cut the stone in desired length and width to give the stone a pillar like appeal. You will also need stone carving tools to shape the pillar and hand polish machine to carve the details on it. For columns, you could choose among natural stone, limestone, granite, sandstone and marble as building material according to your personal preferences.


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