Best Marble Pedestals to Add Graceful Accent to Your Home

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Best Marble Pedestals to Add Graceful Accent to Your Home

Well, there is no other material more graceful, elegant and durable than marble when it comes to creating new and attractive interior design elements in your home. Even A-list designers recommend incorporating marble accents wherever possible. Be it the kitchen, the bathroom or any other room – marble can become a powerful style Marble pedestals statement while providing brilliant functionality.

Marble pedestals, in particular, have an ancient glamour. The use of decorative marble pedestals goes back centuries to the ancient Greeks, who used these furnishing pieces to display statues of their gods.

However, despite their classy aesthetic and storied origin, pedestals are often ignored in the home interior. With varying shapes, materials, and heights, marble pedestals can perform a number of decorative and practical functions. Here are the best marble pedestals that can add a graceful accent to your home in the blink of an eye.

1. Marble Garden Pedestal

Custom marble garden pedestal
You can find plenty of marble pedestals out in the market. But you must browse thoroughly to choose the right pick for your space. This custom-made marble garden pedestal is a wonderful element to add to your outdoor space. It can serve as a pedestal for the garden statues, marble planters or wishing pond. Meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen, this pedestal has the best-quality marble and the design is in accordance with the latest trends. It can be customized to fit your preferences. It has a fascinating appeal and its bright style adds value to your space.

2. Green Marble Pedestal

Green marble pedestal and pilaster
This gorgeous green marble pedestal and column is made from Empress Green Marble and is specifically designed to enhance the appeal of your property. This timeless piece can be placed on your ratio, entryway or any other outdoor space. It is 120 cm high with a diameter of 25 cm. This pedestal has a fluted central shaft, topped with a square top and base. It looks like a vintage pillar. The huge piece has white veins etched over the dark green backdrop. It works really brilliantly in the outdoors where it can blend with natural impeccably.

3. Black Marble Pedestal Table

Black Marble Pedestal Table
This stunning black marble pedestal table is a tribute to modern architecture and industrial design. It's honed black marble pieces are cut to shape, joined together and finished by hand to form this durable side table. The versatile piece can hold books and drinks. Each piece has a unique veining and distinct aesthetic. It adds a chic element to your home and has dimensions of 15"Wx12"Dx20"H. Besides, it looks to pair nicely in a modern and mid-century interior. You can place it beside your bedroom or your living room sofa to introduce a stylish accent.

4. Gray Marble Pedestal Console Table

Gray Marble Pedestal Console Table
This marble pedestal console table features simple, refined, Italian-inspired details. It has a softly curved top and thick, tapered legs that are hand-buffed to conjure up a beautiful matte texture. With dimensions of 60”Wx14”Dx30”H, the table is made from Torrento marble and iron. It has veining and markings that are innate to marble and differ across each individual piece. This marble pedestal table will add a charming accent to your space. It is easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth to maintain the marble luster.

5. Ocean's Wave Square Marble Pedestal for Table

Ocean's wave square black marble surface
This marble pedestal for the table is made from Nero Marquina marble that can incorporate a beautiful element in your living room. The black marble tabletop with ocean waves design becomes the best quality furniture. It boasts an ocean-wave-like pattern that is created with the half-polished and half-carved design. It is a perfect addition to modern living rooms and will complement your nature-loving traits. This hand-carved pedestal tabletop is long-lasting, hard-wearing and reliable. It can be custom-made to fit any changes you might want in the design.

6. Ocean's Wave Rectangle Marble Pedestal for Table

Rectangular black marble table top Ocean's wave design
This ocean’s wave rectangular pedestal marble tabletop will add a stunning modern accent to your living room and will be an instant conversational piece. Made of Nero Marquina marble, this tabletop is inspired by ocean waves and features a half-polished and half-carved surface. This marble tabletop introduces a classic and timeless appeal to large rooms. It has been hand-carved to bring out the unique design and can be made to order with any changes you may require. It has a highly-polished surface and is easy to maintain.

7. Round Ocean's Wave Pedestal Marble Tabletop

Ocean's wave round black marble table top
Hand-carved out of Nero Marquina marble, this round black marble pedestal tabletop will function as a statement piece in your home. It is perfect incorporation to both residential and commercial interior space. Inspired by the beauty of ocean waves, this piece is a half-polished and half-carved design. It is a suitable addition to any nature lovers’ living space. It can enhance the visual aesthetics of your home decor with a striking high-gloss surface. What makes it more attractive is that it can be customized to fit your existing design.

8. Marble Pedestal for Statue Bust

Garden Stone Bust with Roman Column
Garden statues are a brilliant way to increase the appeal and aesthetics of your outdoor space. If you don’t have a place to display your garden statues, it will cramp the design layout. This marble pedestal for bust is inspired by Roman columns that can add a regal element to your garden landscape. It has been hand-carved meticulously to offer a stylish element. It can be customized in any size and shape to create an elegant design for a contemporary home and garden.

9. Black Granite Sink Pedestal

Black granite sink pedestal

This hand-crafted circular black marble pedestal sink has a narrow base that can be a perfect fit for any bath space, garden or kitchen. The durable accent can withstand frozen weather or extreme weather conditions without inflicting any damage to the design, making it a suitable addition in both interior and exterior spaces. It makes a nice contemporary, elegant and durable bathroom sink. It has a truly unique design that can make an attractive pedestal vanity to enhance your bathroom aesthetics.

10. Modern Marble Pedestal Sink

Modern design Stone Pedestal sink

This modern marble pedestal sink is hand-carved from natural stone blocks to give it a subtle yet magnificent design touch. It features a layered design that looks like a stone cliff. The unique design will make a sculptural addition to your space. The white marble creates an elegant aesthetic and works stunningly for any bath space. It can be custom-made to suitably fit into your available space without disturbing the existing design layout. It will be elegant incorporation in a contemporary and modern home.

11. Marble Sculpture Pedestal

Marble Sculpture Pedestal

Handmade from natural Volakas marble, this marble pedestal is a truly remarkable piece for you to add to your living space. It has been craved smartly at subtle yet sharp angles as it rises upwards. Each piece is unique as they are handmade and incorporate a brilliant touch to your space. It can be displayed anywhere in your home, filling an empty space or using it as a side table. The marble pedestal is available in different sizes, which makes it a suitable accent in any corner of your home or office.

12. Calcutta Marble Laminate Pedestal

Calcutta Marble Laminate Pedestal

The Calcutta marble laminate pedestal is a unique furnishing piece that will fill up an empty corner in your living space. It is a contemporary design and has been designed meticulously to offer a distinctly classic exterior. The sculptural stand is adept for placing a marble statue or any other collectibles. With an elegant, large-scale Italian marble design, the gray and taupe vein edifice has a signature feature that will grace your home. The marble pedestal is available for custom options for you to have any modifications you may want.

13. Tall Fluted Marble Pedestal

Tall Fluted Marble Pedestal

Imagine a beautiful pedestal sitting in your living room, gracefully enhancing the aesthetics. The fine marble column pedestal is one of the most stylish and elegant designs on this list. It features veined stone of cream, orange, gray and deep brown color. The square structure has a fluted midsection between the stepped base and top, creating an impressive addition to your space. This marble column pedestal can be custom-made to suitably fit into your space with any modifications you may require to accommodate it into your home.

14. Black Marble Pedestal Table

Black Marble Pedestal Table

This marble pedestal table is carved out of natural marble blocks and features a base in stainless steel in black powder coating. The gorgeous marble veining in white and brown colors looks absolutely stunning and the pedestal is perfectly polished. It is a beautiful piece of modernist architecture. This piece can be a suitable addition to any modern home or office space. It can be used as a sculptural art piece or a side table to put things upon. It can be custom-made to accommodate any modifications you may need.

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