Embellishing Home with Handmade Natural Stone Porticos – Explore Best Options

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Embellishing Home with Handmade Natural Stone Porticos – Explore Best Options

Whether you want to design your new home entirely from the scratch or want to remodel the one you are currently living in, the façade of the home is one integral element of the architectural design of your residence that should never be a foul-up. An amazingly designed home façade creates a statement on your behalf.

Obviously, your constriction company or house designing company will help you to finalize the design and appeal that will blend amazingly with your outdoor settings. However, it is also very important for you to be aware of the most popular and advantageous options you have on your plate so that you can preside over what is happening at the construction site.

Natural stone porticos and plinths are one of the popular choices that not only increase the aesthetic value of your property but also add to the financial value of your home. The way they beautify entryways for a grand statement is unmatched.

Here in this article, you’ll get all the information regarding the design choices for natural stone porticos. You’ll know more about how you can customize stone plinths to create a pleasing design with different hues and types of stones. Also, know what stone type is best for you, with the benefits of choosing each. But first, we are excited to take you to the best natural stoneporticos and plinthsthat no one, whether you are a construction company or a person looking for ways to beautify your entryway should miss looking at. 

1. Marble Portico with Balcony

Marble Portico with Balcony
This marble stone portico with a balcony overhead will instantly add style and sophistication to the façade of your property. Its alpha stone-carved plinthscome with a smooth clean surface that significantly enhances the curb appeal and the value of any house design. Since the design allows you to have a small balcony, you can use that for gardening to amplify your property a bit more. The carving details at the top of the plinths make the portico more visually striking and elegant. This design is sure to add value and flair to your property.

2. Marble/Granite Stone Portico Design

Marble/Granite Stone Portico Design

This stone portico with huge round plinths simply depicts luxury and elegance and can be incorporated into different architectural house design styles to upgrade the vibe of the exterior. The portico comes with two stone choices, marble, and granite. Since both the materials have a natural charm and represent the connection of nature and the earth, you can expect the portico to evince the exquisiteness of nature in your property.

3. Marble/Sandstone Porticos

Marble/Sandstone Porticos
Provide your property a palace-like appeal with this stone portico project. You can custom design this project in marble and sandstone for your property. The best thing is that both the materials complement any decor, so you don’t have to worry about if the stone choice will go well with your property type or not. Since both the materials are extracted from nature, you’ll not find the other piece of stone portico designed with the same texture on its surface. You can tweak the color and size of the portico according to your need. Get in touch with Marbleismif you love this design and want this custom made for you by the expert sculptors of the industry.

4.Intricately Designed Marble Portico

Intricately Designed Marble Portico
Don’t look around anywhere for a portico design if you have a lush garden around your property. Have a look at this intricately designed marble portico with floral art engraved at the top. It comes with four classically designed Corinthian columns placed in condescending orders. The structure without a doubt is the best pick to make any home façade look luxuriant and serene amid a lush lawn with some attractive marble fountains and statuesaround.

5.Large Marble Hand Carved Portico

Large Marble Hand Carved Portico
This marble stone portico design is primarily for property owners who want to make an indelible impression about their properties on others for a lifetime. This hand-carved stone portico will go best with grand contemporary and traditional style home architectures. If not as a portico, you can use this structure after a little bit of customization as agrand doorway or as well as an impressive entryway for your garden. You can get this bespoke portico installed by Marblebee.

6. Stone Portico, Beige Marble

Stone Portico, Beige Marble
This stunning beige marble stone portico comes with a large hand-carved door surround. Its impressive design and grand size are primarily suitable for contemporary homes and colossal gardens. It is made entirely from top-notch quality natural stone that can withstand for years. You can have this tailor-made according to the dimensions of your property from Marblebee.

7.Stone Marble Portico with Figurines

Stone Marble Portico with Figurines
This marble portico with magnificent figurines will give you a feel as if you are entering a palace. Hand-carved with artistic realism, the angelic women on the plinths are creating an enchanting scene of welcoming guests and making the portico look more luxuriant. You can order this from Marblebeein custom size and shape crafted by skilled craftsmen. Don’t worry about the quality, Marblebee uses 100% natural stone of the best quality for all of their projects.

8. Grey White Marble Stone Portico

 Grey White Marble Stone Portico
This classical Romanesque marble stone portico cum door surround with two hand-carved round Corinthian columns resting on huge square pedestals, and flanking two fluted Tuscan columns supporting an arched frieze with a hand-carved motif center and lifting two classical round pediment is designed to add value and class to a grand property. Suitable for all property types, you can also use this structure to make your home garden alluring. Get this bespoke stone portico from Marblebee.

9. Neo-classic Marble Portico

Neo-classic Marble Portico
The beauty of this Neo-classicmarble stone portico is incredibly exquisite designed for modern and timeless architectures. However, one can amplify almost all types of home architectures with this amazing piece of art hand carved with floral motif as a focal component. The marble artifact with Corinthian columns resting on two classical square pedestals has astonishing physical qualities which can impress anyone at first glance. You can get this one from Marbleism.

10. Vintage Marble Portico

Vintage marble portico 
This is where art and creativity meet. This pale marble stone portico can offer your luxury house a distinctive look. The artistic doorway offers a simple cum classical way of creating an inviting front entrance with amazing carvings on its surface inspired by the popular ancient sculptures from Italian history. It is composed of the highest quality marbles that show strength and durability. Order this bespoke marble portico from Marbleismwebsite.

What is the best stone material to use as porticos and plinths?

This depends on what you would like to achieve in your property. There is a multitude of portico designs, styles, and shapes that can be achieved using various kinds of natural stones. If you want your portico to last for long without losing its curb appeal, marble and granite both are the best choices. Marble is easy to work with and easy to engrave complex designs. However, granite is difficult to cut and work with, therefore cannot be an ideal material to engrave intricate details on. Both the materials are long-wearing and last for generations with proper maintenance and care. 

You can use sandstone and natural stone as well to design your portico to complement your property, as it can be easily carved to achieve the desired look and design, and as a building material, it goes well with all property types. Cast stone is also a popular and affordable material to be considered as a good building material for Porticos and plinths.

How much does it cost to build a portico?  

The cost of the portico depends on its size, and the level of skill a craftsman uses to craft it. Usually, a front door portico costs between $4,000 to $20,000 on average. 

Does a portico add value to a property?

Yes, Portico adds financial as well as visual value to a property. A portico works as a shield for the front door and porch, protecting them from harmful UV rays that wreak havoc on doors, hardwood, and many other items that are placed outdoors for decoration purposes. Having porticos will help you cut your maintenance cost in long run.

How long does it take to build a portico? 

Considering the size of your portico, a standard stone portico may take anywhere from 3 days day to 1 week. 

How can I get in touch with a professional portico builder? 

You can find many portico builders in your area by searching online. Drop a message to  Marblebeeor Marbleismabout adding a natural stone portico to your home. Their highly skilled team will happily offer a professional advice and help guide you through the process and options that will suit your property the best.

Ask them a question, including as much detail as possible and they will get back to you as earliest as they can with a proposal or a quotation.

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