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Recently we have carved out a pair of front door lion statue for a client in Vancouver, the lion she chosen looks powerful.

Right after we have shipped the lion, supported by our client, we decide to share the products and photos of products here.

lion statues

stone lion statue

Front door lion statue-Chinese guardian lions

This pair of stone lion sculpture is hand-carved out of natural stone. In order to match the door and wall of her yard, we choose this white-grey color stone and make the surface looks rough.

On the contrary to western culture, people like a rough surface stone sculpture in eastern culture, like rough surface buddha statues.

Stone lions stands for safety and luck

In eastern culture, especially in China, the Stone lion stands for safety and luck. In modern times, you will found stone lions symmetrically in front of buildings such as the imperial palace, temple, buddha pagoda, bridge or mausoleum, and so on. But in ancient times, the stone lion is more common standing in front of most of the mansion, gardens' front yard.

We are surprised that in Vancouver there are so many people combined traditional Chinese culture with modern house design, like statues of guardian lions, buddha pagoda in the backyard, wall fountains, etc. so we are very proud to help such design concept to come true!

lion statue with wings

Marblebee has a varieties of amazing marble lion statues for front door or backyard decoration. From Limestone lion statue to Granite lion sculpture, White marble lion statue, yellow marble lion statue, red color lion lion statue etc.

limestone lion sculpture

A professional lion statue can make all kind of vivid lion posture, life size stone lion sculpture, or even extra large lion statue. Like this one in the photo, we select colorful marble to make one lion statue with two natural stone color.

life-sized lion statue

About delivery a lion statue, all of our lion statue are made of natural stone, specially a life size marble lion sculpture, is extremely heavy, from 700kg to 2 ton. However, with Marblebee Ltd's 20 years of experience, we could make door to door delivery service worldwide! Due to the statue price is decided by the size and marble material, Please Email us for details of buying a  lion statue for your front door!

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My personal love for lions just deepened reading this article. I would love to get in of these

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