Stunning Animal Marble Statues for Your Garden You Can Invest in

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Stunning Animal Marble Statues for Your Garden You Can Invest in

The space outside of your house is as necessary as the inside. You must curate your backyard or the garden in the most spectacular way so that it would be an incredibly inviting space for you and your guests along with flora and fauna. Outdoor statuary is a piece of art that would enhance your garden with brilliance.

While the garden has all the greenery and floral, it still can seem a bit dull; but outdoor marble statues can provide an incredible extent of beauty. Most garden statuary is made of marble to lend your landscape a sense of grandeur.

Carved out of natural stone material, marble animal statues for the garden can elevate the design quotient of your outdoor space. Here are the best marble animal statues you can invest in to beautify your landscape design.

Brown marble life-sized grizzly bear sculpture

Marble Grizzly Bear Sculpture

This brown marble grizzly bear statue is hand-carved and makes a powerful presence in your garden décor. It is a great pick for people who love bears. It comes in a polished marble surface or honed surface, depending on your choice. It can be customized to fit your available space impeccably. The statue is also available in white polar bear and black bear options.

Light pink marble roaring lion head carving

Wall Mounted Marble Lion Head Statue

Lion is a majestic animal and installing a wall-mounted marble lion head statue can evoke the vibe of courage and strength. This statue can be used as a wall-mounted faucet in your backyard. Aside from serving as a brilliant marble lion sculpture for your outdoor landscape, it can also glorify your living room wall. Carved out of pink marble, the roaring lion head could lend a sense of nature and the spirit of lions to your space.

Life-sized marble horse garden statue

White Horse Sculpture

The life-sized horse sculpture is a majestic addition to your garden landscape. Hand-carved from a white marble natural stone, the animal statue captures the horse’s running posture. It would be a worthy investment in your garden and add value to your house. Symbolizing passion, power and beauty, this white marble horse statue comes with a matched marble pedestal and can be displayed indoors and outdoors.

Garden lion statue

Roaring Marble Lion Statue

The roaring marble lion statue oozes the vibes of courage and pride. Egyptians and Middle Eastern people used to make stone lion sculptures as a symbol of courage and royalty. You can place this marvelous sculpture out in your backyard to make a valuable addition to your home. Chiseled meticulously, this white lion statue on a pedestal will be perfect for nature lovers.

Outdoor lion statue for garden ornaments

Marble Lion Sculpture

Made in rare red marble, this marble lion statue is a majestic addition to your garden landscape with a height of 1.5 meters and a length of 1.8 meters. It is completely hand-carved from the natural stone blocks by a talented sculptor. The roaring statue looks so much life-like that you could feel the wind blowing through its fur and brilliant mane. It can be customized to fit into your space.

White marble lion sculpture

White Marble Lion Statues

This stunning pair of life-sized white marble lion statues is a perfect addition to your garden space, evoking strength and courage vibes. Featuring chiseled surfaces, these statues have been carved by a skilled sculptor who captures the roaring moment of two lions impeccably. Each comes with a matching pedestal and can be customized as per your requirements.

Large soaring American Bald eagle statue for garden

American Bald Eagle Statue

A symbol of independence, powerful strength and survivor, this soaring statue of an American bald eagle represents the American spirit. The eagle stone statue is not only American’s favorite coat of arms but has been a spiritual symbol for the Roman, French and German people as well. Hand-carved from a natural stone, this dark gray marble statue of an eagle is a powerful visual.

Pink marble fish sculpture: Japanese garden marble ornaments

Goldfish Marble Statue

This beautiful pink marble large goldfish sculpture resembles the spirit of Samurai warriors in Japanese culture. You can display this stunning goldfish marble statue in your garden as a symbol of happiness, abundance, fortune and freedom. You can display it in a small pond or a fountain. This 60 cm long and 60 cm high large stone goldfish will create a visually aesthetic appeal in your backyard or garden pond.

Lion sculpture-Beige marble life-size lion

Beige Marble Lion Statue

A beige marble lion statue roaring in your garden will evoke a sense of strength and bravery. Installing a natural stone garden animal statue can change the whole design layout of your garden landscape. Meticulously hand-carved from natural stone, this chiseled lion statue can be customized to fit into your available space and design. It is a perfect match for a contemporary home and garden space.

Life-Size Marble Lion Statue

Installing the best quality marble statue in your garden can uplift the natural vibe in there and can add value to your house as well. The life-sized marble lion sculpture is carved out of natural stone to give it a life-like appearance. This hand-carved statue can be customized for size and shape to impeccably fit into your space and beautify your home.

White Marble Sculpture

Hand-carved from natural stone, this white lion marble statue is a perfect addition to your garden landscape. With a chiseled surface, this statue will add more beauty and statement to your garden. It can be customized in any size and shape to elegantly fit into your space. Standing on the hind legs, this lion is roaring while its front legs are on a pedestal. It makes elegant incorporation for a contemporary home and garden.

Red Marble Lion Sculpture

Large garden marble statues can enhance the design layout of your outdoor space, especially animal marble sculptures. Install this stunning red marble lion statue and make it a focal point. Meticulously hand-carved from natural red marble, this roaring lion statue can be customized in any shape and size to suit your space and design requirements.

Gray Stone Lion Statue

Sitting on a pedestal, this majestic lion statue is hand-carved from natural stone. The gray stone lion statue will blend perfectly in the natural surroundings and elevate the design layout. This life-sized animal sculpture can be made to order in any size and shape to fit into your landscape design. It is an elegant pick for a contemporary home and garden.

Garden Elephant Statue

How cute are baby elephants, right? How about installing a cute, little, adorable baby elephant statue in your garden? Large marble hand-carved custom-made elephant sculpture is an amazing addition to your landscape. It can be customized in any size and shape to impeccably blend into your landscape design. It will be an elegant inclusion for a contemporary home and garden.

Garden Marble Elephant Sculptures

Elephants are majestic and they evoke a sense of control, beauty and elegance. It has been hand-carved from natural white marble and these statues of two elephants will glorify your garden space. The life-sized sculptures can be custom-made in any shape and size to blend into your garden landscape. It will create an elegant environment in your outdoor space.

Pair of Dog Sculptures

The dog is an adorable animal and almost everyone’s favorite. Two sitting pooches on your front porch or your garden can make your landscape a little bit more inviting and welcoming. Add these two hand-carved life-size dogs are created from natural marble blocks. Made from the best quality material, these dog statues can be customized to fit your landscape design and available space. They can create an elegant design for a contemporary home and garden.

Life-Size Dog Statue

Just look at this poodle. It is absolutely adorable and worth displaying proudly in your garden landscape. It has been hand-carved from natural marble stone blocks. This white marble dog sculpture can be custom-made to suit your available space and landscape design. It will elegantly fit in a contemporary home and garden and raise the style quotient of your house.

Life-Size Black Horse Sculpture

Hand-carved from the best quality natural stone, this life-size black horse sculpture is an impeccable addition to your garden or indoor design layout. It has been meticulously chiseled from natural marble to capture the essence of a running horse. It can be customized in any shape and size to fit into your available space and elevate the design bar. This black marble horse will add an elegant design to the contemporary home and garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do lion statues symbolize?

A: Lion statues symbolize various things in different countries and cultures. In Buddhism, lion sculptures are said to bring peace and opulence. In Italy, the lion statues symbolize power and prestige, whereas, in China, the lion statues are considered to be guardians, defending homes against misfortune and theft.

People usually install marble lion sculptures in front of their house, company or at the entry of the passageways. They represent peace, energy, happiness strength, bravery and pride.

Q: How is a marble statue of a lion made?

A: Marble lion statues are attractive and durable which are realistic in design. They can be customized to fit into your indoor and outdoor spaces. Usually, the marble lion statues are carved out of natural marble blocks. Sculptors skillfully chisel beautifully realistic statues. Marble is the most durable and weather-resistant material for making statues.

Q: Where to buy a marble lion head fountain?

A: Marble lion head wall fountains have gained immense popularity for homes and gardens. Carved out of stunning marble materials, the marble lion head fountain is mostly made from granite and marble to deliver a stunning appearance to your garden or parks. They can either be made using 3D models and marvelous artwork on the natural stones, making them absolutely stunning.

Q: Is lion statue good for home?

A: When you place lion statues facing outside can guard your entrance from evil eyes, spirits, and misfortune and preserve your prosperity. They evoke a warrior spirit in your environment with senses of bravery and courage. They are a symbol of wealth, riches and high class among other things.

Q: What does the lion statue mean spiritually?

A: The lion statues are a spiritual symbol of courage and personal strength and power. As a spirit animal, the lion is mostly associated with courage and representation of strength and power.

They are a symbol of royalty and many Christians believe that God is the highest of all royalty. Much like Christians, lions take pride in family, love and loyalty.

Q: What are the drawbacks of marble lion statues?

A: Marble is a wonderful material to make lion statues as the material is weather-resistant. However, there are drawbacks to marble statues as well. Marble is rare and can be quite expensive than other types of rock used in stone sculptures. Besides, marble statues are extremely heavy, which makes transportation a bit tricky.

Q: How do you maintain a marble statue?

A: As you will be displaying marble statues out in your garden or backyard, it is easy for them to accumulate some dust and other degrading substances over time. But it is also easy to maintain and preserve an outdoor marble statue.

After cleaning the statue, treat the exterior marble with a lime shelter coat or limewash, which will adhere well to weathered surfaces and provide certain protection to friable material.

Q: How do you clean a marble statue?

A: Marble statues are easy to clean with a soft cotton cloth and clean rag mop when combined with neutral cleaners, mild liquids dishwashing detergent mixed with water or stone cleaners. If you do not want to do that, you can always get a commercially available stone cleaner for ease of the process.

Q: Can you waterproof outdoor marble statues?

A: While marble is pretty much weather-resistant, it is smart to waterproof your outdoor marble statues. You can brush a waterproof concrete sealer over the surface of a cleaned and dried statue. Then allow it to dry for at least 24 hours or per the directions on the sealant box.

Thereafter, apply another coat of the sealant if required to fully cover the area. But remember to leave the base of the statue unsealed in order to allow it to breathe.

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