Garden with Marble Fountain!

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Garden with Marble Fountain!

One of the challenges of decorating your garden with an outdoor marble fountain or stone fountain is knowing just which one to choose. The wide variety and rich detail of these fountains means the selections are endless, and finding the perfect one can seem a bit daunting.

As with many things, the answer lies within details and context, narrowing down the selection based on where the marble fountain will be placed, what its surroundings look like, what other architecture is nearby, and any number of other things. And rather than trying to keep track of such a catalogue of criteria, it’s best to let your subconscious do the hard work for you, and follow your gut.

Here is a small sample of our many marble fountain varieties and how they might fit into their environments.

small garden fountain



This small marble fountain would look best in a wider, open outdoor area, where a bit of breathing room can keep its diminutive stature from being swallowed up or even obscured by anything around it. Its cute and simple design makes it ideal for a veranda or patio, and its broadly appealing ridged pattern will look good next to both natural trees and flowers, as well as manmade structures.

Above all, this is a very quaint and low key stone fountain that is ideal for embellishing other structures more than standing on its own. It would even work great as a pair, flanking a pathway or entrance of some kind.


3 tier red stone fountain


The subtle warm coloring of this three-tier stone fountain makes it look as if it’s always awash in sunlight. It would look particularly striking if placed against the blue of an early morning sky, or against the green of a foliage backdrop. Because of this, the marble fountain would be ideal for placement outdoors of properties that are elevated, perhaps on hills or naturally high locations. The sensitive marble fountain patterns would blend in nicely with the natural striations of lacquered wood, and the patterns carved into the stone are understated enough to complement many other styles around the stone fountain.

 two tier marble statue fountain


The white marble of this garden fountain is a wholly different form. Contrary to the smaller marble fountain that would benefit from a wide, unfettered space, this stone design would actually look even more striking surrounded by foliage, obscured by the mists of nature, giving it a surreal, mysterious quality.

Just imagine exploring an outdoor property and seeing these exquisite marble sculptures emerge from the greenery. The silent dignity and confidence of the sculpted figures suggests a true oneness with nature and an understanding of our connection with it.

All of these marble fountains boast classical designs from antiquity, but if you place this one properly, it will look like it’s always been there.

 three tier fountain with statues


A grand two-tier marble fountain like this, however, clearly must be the centrepiece of wherever it is placed. It is a very versatile design: the untarnished white stone of this marble fountain would stand out vividly against greenery, and the smooth marble texture would give it a sense of strength and timelessness next to, for example, the bricks of a building or house. Furthermore, This marble fountain would glow bright white in the shade or gleam proudly in sunlight.

So, then, the question is not “where does this marble fountain belong?” but “where will this stone fountain have the highest visibility? Elevated on a hill or pedestal, or as the centerpiece of a larger layout?

The most important thing to remember is that the size or opulence of a marble fountain is not as important as its location. Even the simplest design can look splendid in the right place, and the largest, most sophisticated stone fountains must still be in the perfect spot for the effect to shine!

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I have always wanted a marble fountain in my garden, And this just put me through. I appreciate the good work thank you

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