Stunning Large Elephant Statues to Enhance Your Garden Layout

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Stunning Large Elephant Statues to Enhance Your Garden Layout

The garden is a magical place if maintained well and adorned with some of the best garden statues and sculptures. It can be a tropical paradise, a rolling prairie meadow or a Zen paradise. But as magical as it sounds, creating a soothing and welcoming outdoor oasis takes more than just imagination.

You must explore the potential of your available space and design layout. You can have some perennials with a little accent piece or you might just want to start from scratch; either way, garden sculptures can accentuate the subtle beauty of your landscape in a powerful manner while highlighting your personality traits as well. Sometimes positioning a single garden statue completes the look, while sometimes you can create an array of concrete statuary.

If you like the modern and contemporary style, you can choose big, stone elements to surround your plants and flowers. You can also boldly frame your garden statues for a more statement look.

But before you begin to renovate your outdoor space with statues, you must consider the size and scale of your yard. A very large space would require some large statues to make them visible and majestic. For instance, you can incorporate big, mighty, gorgeous elephant statues in your garden. Elephants, in many cultures, symbolize good luck, fortune, wisdom, power and fertility.

To help you out in picking some really remarkable large elephant garden statues, we have compiled a list of a few stunning sculptures that can elevate the design layout of your outdoor oasis instantly and introduce a natural vibe.

Large Garden Elephant Statue

Garden Elephant Statue
Let’s just agree that elephants are absolutely adorable creatures. They are gentle, calm and know how to relax. Installing a large elephant statue in your garden will give you a sense of being in a jungle safari. This best-quality natural stone garden statue features a baby elephant. This elephant statue has been hand-carved from natural marble blocks and can be custom-made according to any design modifications you may have to better fit in your space. It is a perfect fit for any contemporary home and garden layout. This sculpture will bring a Zen vibe to your outdoor oasis and a sense of calm to you.

Pair of Large Garden Elephant Statues 

Large Garden sculpture of a pair elephant
Have you ever seen a herd of elephants grazing or walking majestically or two young ones playing in the mud? If you have, you know that there is nothing beautiful than being witness to these experiences. This pair of large garden elephant statues will remind you of such scenes. They have been hand-carved from premium natural stone to give them an elegant yet raw look. An ideal fit for a modern garden design, these life-sized animal sculptures can be placed by the entrance of your outdoor space or exhibited royally along the pathway – either way, they are sure to up your landscape game. 

Lord Ganesha Statue

Marble statue of Lord Ganesha
As the legend goes that Hindu deity Ganesha was beheaded by his father Lord Shiva in a fit of rage, leading to his head being replaced by that of an elephant, this Lord Ganesha statue can bring a sense of calm to your space. Hand-carved from stunning white marble, this statue has been handcrafted with intricate details. The statue features a detailed crown on the head, with meticulous work done on the ears and trunk. The statue has four hands in different positions, but the most intriguing part of it is the jewelry and folds of cloths. You can place this statue on a pedestal in your garden to channel the good energy. 

Life-Size Elephant Statue

Life-Size Elephant Statue
A wonderful addition to your garden design, this life-size elephant statue has a distinct appearance that can enhance your entire space. This beautiful statue can be made from a variety of natural stone materials and is hand-carved, hammered, sawn and honed to give it a classic look. You can also send your drawing of the design with specific requirements you may want to install in your garden. The statue features the creature with its trunk folded over its head as if saluting someone. Placing this particular accent in your garden will give you a royal vibe with this majestic animal saluting you every time you enter. 

Stone Elephant Statue

Stone elephant statue
This good-quality large elephant statue has been completely handmade from marble or granite. An elegant piece to proudly display in your outdoor space, this sculpture can become a timeless addition as natural stone does not weather down with time. Standing on a rectangular base, the creature gently looks ahead with its trunk lowered down. You can place it marvelously anywhere in your garden. It can be customized in any size and shape to better fit your available space and existing design layout.

Life-Size Marble Elephant Statue

Life-sized marble elephant statue
Hand-chiseled from natural beige marble, this life-size marble elephant statue features a mother elephant alongside its calf. The calf is raising its trunk up in the air while the mother is looking ahead with its trunk down. This pair of statues will be a reminder of the purest bond any two living beings can share – a mother and an offspring. It will create a vibe of being in a jungle safari in your garden layout. The marble material has subtle gray vines running across the sculptures. The stone gives it a timeless and durable appeal. 

Large Marble Elephant Statue

Large Marble Elephant Statue
Just like an elephant dressed for a festive procession, this large elephant garden statue stands tall with fancy attire. The gray marble statue features a drape over its back and head that is delicately and meticulously carved from natural stone material to give it an amazing and very life-like look. It will grace your garden landscape for years to come with a timeless and regal appeal. It comes with a rectangular base on which the animal is positioned majestically. It can be customized as per any modifications you may require to better fit this accent in your available space and existing design.

Elephant Garden Statue

Elephant garden statue
These behemoth creatures look as majestic while sitting as they appear to be while walking in a savannah. Take a look at this sitting elephant garden statue. With a decorative drape over its head and back, it seems to be resting after parading around in a royal procession. Carved from a white natural stone, the accent will add an element of grace and elegance to your outdoor oasis where you can relax and bask in the goodness of natural charm all around you. You can have it custom-made to suit your space and design elements.

Elephant and Calf Statue

Elephant and calf statue
Another  stone elephant garden statue paying homage to the eternal and pure bond of mother and child, this marvelous piece of art features a cow elephant and a calf in a loving embrace. Standing on a rectangular concrete slab, the statues have been carved from gray natural stone to give them a natural appearance. The calf is hugging the mother’s leg, while the mother embraces the offspring by wrapping its trunk around the young one. Install this beautiful accent in your garden as a symbol of everlasting love between you and your mother. It will become an ageless piece in your garden statuary. 

Large Elephant Garden Statue

Large elephant garden statue
 This large white elephant garden statue is a distinct art piece to add to your garden space. Standing on a chiseled rectangular slab, the creature is raising its trunk up in the air as if saluting someone. Installing this beautiful white sculpture will give you a royal vibe every time you enter your outdoor oasis. You can place it by the entrance or along the pathway to make it a focal point among the flora. It can be customized according to your design and size preferences so you will not have to compromise on your style of the existing layout. 

White Marble Elephant Garden Statue

White Marble Elephant Garden Statue
Meticulously made from natural white marble material, this stunning white marble elephant garden statue is a classic piece with a regal vibe about it. As if saluting in a royal parade, this elephant statue has its trunk raised up in the air, while its body is covered in luxurious drapes and jewels. It has been carefully handcrafted and polished for a naturally pretty and sleek look. It can grace your garden entry or the pathways while making a valuable addition to your entire property. You can have it customized in any shape or size to better fit into your space and design. 

Life-Size Elephant Statue Fountain

Life-Size Elephant Statue Fountain
Elephants are very playful creatures especially when they are in or around the water. Place this breathtaking stone accent in your garden that features elephant statues on a water fountain. Carved from natural yellow marble blocks, this elephant statue fountain is raised on a stone pedestal, where four elephant heads in each direction grace your space. Above the elephant heads, there is the fountain space in the shape of a bloomed lotus, the one like Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ painting. You can have it customized according to your design needs and existing space and proudly display the beauty of elephants and water. 

Stone Garden Elephant Statue

Stone Garden Elephant Statue
This large statue of a baby elephant can be a playful addition to your home. Hand-carved from natural stone blocks, this cute little elephant statue is positioned above a rectangular slab and can be placed at the garden entrance or on the grass along the pathway, giving a feel of grazing in the wild. This adorable statue can be custom-made as per the requirements of the customer to better fit their landscape and budget. It has a subtle beauty that will only elevate the value and aesthetics of your outdoor oasis and create a welcoming space for everyone to relax in.

Stone Elephant Garden Statue With Water Feature 

Stone Elephant Garden Statue With Water Feature
Standing tall at 5 feet, this elephant garden statue has been carved from natural stone and has a polished surface finish. It is placed on a decorative slab and is clad in embellishments. It can be installed as a fountain center as well, with its trunk raised in the air. The decorative elements of the statue have been meticulously carved to give it a classic aesthetic. Your garden will look completely different once you incorporate this elegant stone accent to it. Besides, you can have it modified as per your requirements, if any, to make it suitable for your current space and design.

Stone Elephant Garden Statue 

Stone Elephant Garden Statue
As said earlier that elephants are a symbol of prosperity, power and good luck, they are one of the most preferred animal statues to be installed in gardens throughout the world. This elephant garden statue is one such accent that people love to add to their outdoor statuary. Made delicately from natural stone blocks, this elephant statue is stationed on a decorated pedestal and has an embellished drape over its back. It can be custom-made as per the requirements of the customer to provide a better fit to their available space and design. This timeless piece will grace your backyard for years to come. 

Saluting Stone Elephant Statue

Saluting Stone Elephant Statue
Meticulously made from natural stone, this beautiful gray stone elephant garden statue is a wonderful piece to add to your outdoors. Featuring a large creature, the sculpture has its trunk over its head as if saluting someone, dazzling white tusks and is standing on a rectangular pedestal for ease of transportation and placement. It can be placed on the entrance to your outdoor haven or around the fountain or along the pathway – regardless of its placement; it will certainly enhance your garden allure and offer a more naturalistic vibe. You can contact the manufacturer for any modifications you may want in this design to better suit your space. 

Volcanic Stone Elephant Statue

This gorgeous large elephant statue has been made from volcanic stone, giving it a robust yet elegant look. This beauty can be a wonderful way to elevate a dull garden landscape. It features an elephant clad in ornamental stone jewels and drapes, indicating it might have just returned from a royal procession. This pretty stone feature can stand guard at your entrance or along the walkways to give you a regal feel in your outdoor space, surrounded by the entire beautiful flora. You can have this gray sculpture customized in any shape or size so it can better fit your landscape design and available space, without disrupting the original vibe. 

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