8 Ways to Make Your Vintage Marble Fireplace a Romantic Rendezvous

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8 Ways to Make Your Vintage Marble Fireplace a Romantic Rendezvous

With the fall and Christmas just around the corner, everyone is waiting to add warmth and coziness to their interiors. There is a better way to do that; with a vintage marble fireplace mantel. Stone fireplace mantel, A.K.A. Marble fireplace mantels have successfully maintained their popularity over the past decades because of their beauty, grace, classic appearance, strength, elegance, timelessness, and luxurious quality.

Apart from adding to the ambiance of the home, marble fireplaces also have a soothing effect on people. Marble has been an epitome of love and romance. It is one stone that is revered in many religions all across the world. While setting up a fireplace or even getting a facelift for the fireplace, a white or cream marble fireplace is a perfect choice. One thing you need to keep in mind is the source from where you are getting your modern marble fireplace. 

Let’s not really digress from the topic and see how you can make the fireplace one of the most happening, coziest and most romantic places to meet your spouse, loved one or SO. A mug of coffee or a glass of wine and fire in the fireplace are more than enough to set the mood for the two of you to read about how to maintain a stone fireplace and how to keep marble fireplace surround clean.

Spruce it up with Baroque style marble fireplace

When in doubt regarding the style of a marble fireplace, just go with the Baroque style. This is one design of the marble fireplaces which is going to give your space a feeling of royalty with style. You can travel back in time and be the prince and princess of your lives. A Baroque style marble fireplace much like the architecture is never going to fall out of fashion and everytime you sit before it you are going to enjoy the company of your loved one.

Baroque fireplace

Make it cozy by removing all distractions

Make sure you do not have any digital distractions around the fireplace. Televisions, mobile phones, tabs, other high tech gadgets should be out of eyesight if you really want to feel the warmth of the fireplace with your loved one. Some people will advise you to have books around, however, when you are alone you can enjoy a book sitting at the fireplace that can easily be fetched from the library.  Renovate your stone fireplace mantel.

Vintage fireplace

Rocco Style Fireplace - Romance in style

If you have a refined taste that cannot be altered with time and you need everything to be in perfect order when you are with your soulmate, then you need to go in for a Rocco Style fireplace. This particular pattern in a fireplace depicts the style consciousness and style of the individual.

Everytime you and your mate lay their eyes on this kind of a fireplace a sense of fulfillment will fill up inside you. Tips of maintain marble fireplace mantel.

Bespoke marble fireplace

The elegance of a Victorian age fireplace is unmatched

Anything Victorian in its true senses is elegant. If you are one of those elegant couples who wants to remain discreet about their life and romance and want to enjoy it in the company of each other, then you surely need to have a Victorian age fireplace installed at home. It’s going to ensure the romance that’s inside always remains the same. Just like its vintage look and characteristics sitting around and enjoying your moments of bliss with your loved one is going to be etched in your psyche.

Victorian marble fireplace mantel

A vintage fireplace will pull you out even in the worst of your moods

A vintage marble fireplace mantel is the best bet for modern lifestyle and modern architecture. It gels too well with the surroundings. Having a fire in your vintage marble fireplace mantel and holding the hand of your significant other is surely a dream come true sitting in your modern home while staring into the future and enjoying the present moment.

French baroque Double Mantel

The marble fireplace surrounding needs to be chic

It’s not only the marble fireplace that’s going to ensure a romantic setting for you and your love. You need to make sure that the fireplace surround is chic and suits your personality, mood and lifestyle. If the fireplace surround is not appealing enough; the real motive of having a fireplace is defeated, since you as a couple are never ever going to sit around your fireplace and it will never be your romantic rendezvous. Professional fireplace installers will ensure to guide you on the type of fireplace surround you need to have.

Marble Overmantel

Use bright colors to keep your mood up around the marble fireplace

Bright colors give any den a romantic feel. Bright colored roses, tulips, petunias and bright colored walls, curtains, cushions, draperies they surely are going to pep up the environment around the marble fireplace and make it the perfect romantic rendezvous for you and your love.

Marble Mantel

Have a couch at a very short distance

You might want to take a nap, you might want to take a rest or you might just want to cuddle with your SO while watching the ambers fly and the flames rise. Red flames inside a while marble fireplace is less of a sight and more of an experience. Have this romantic experience every day.

customize fireplace mantel

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