How to clean marble fireplace

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Marble fireplace mantel brings timeless elegance to your home. A find polished marble fireplace shelf ' glow that reflects light in a room. It makes a room appear larger and brighter. There is a wide array of natural stone colors including white, black, green, gray, beige, and rose.


For contemporary house style, a light color marble fireplace is popular. Before we choose a light color marble fireplace, we may think ahead about how to clean a marble fireplace? In Contemporary design ideal, we need the marble to be bright and shining, in order to bring a sense of space and time.


If the stain is oil-based, like grease, tar, makeup, cooking oil:

  • Soak a microfiber cloth with warm water and household detergent.
  • Use the cloth to remove the oil-based stain. If you clean it on time, the stain will be removed easily.
  • If the stain stayed a long time and you can't get rid of it by the time you find out. Use sandpaper polish the surface gently. Right after that, use marble wax to bring the marble's shine out.
  • The Factory will seal the marble fireplace surface with professional-grade sealer before they ship it out. This will last for at least three years. Don't use baking soda or bleach to clean the surface, It will destroy a fine marble surface.

Marble is a natural stone that is incredibly strong. People use marble as building materials for centuries, like Parthenon. Think about marble sculpture David of Michelangelo, 460 years has passed, art walks through the time by marble.


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