Life-Size Black Horse Stone Sculpture

by Marblebee

Enrich your surroundings with the regal presence of the Life-Size Black Horse Stone Sculpture. Let its timeless beauty and powerful symbolism inspire awe and admiration, creating an oasis of elegance and tranquility within your outdoor space.


Meticulously crafted from premium Black marble Stone, renowned for its durability and ability to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, this sculpture is a testament to both artistry and resilience.


This masterpiece showcases an awe-inspiring lifelike design, of a horse standing on two legs atop a pedestal. Meticulously hand-carved by our team of expert artisans, each detail, from the flowing mane to the powerful stance, reflects a commitment to capturing the essence of the equine spirit.

Where to Install

This sculpture finds its place in any corner of your garden, harmonizing effortlessly with both modern and traditional homes. Whether nestled amidst vibrant foliage or commanding attention as a focal point, it transforms your outdoor haven into a realm of captivating beauty.


The beauty lies on its intricate carving details that breathe life into the sculpture. The deep, lustrous black hue exudes luxury and sophistication, radiating an aura of positivity while defining strength and harmony. Set against the backdrop of your garden, it becomes a striking embodiment of nature's grandeur.


The life-size Animal Garden Sculpture can be customized according to your garden space preferences on pre-order.

Shipping and Installation

We offer convenient shipping options to ensure that your marble garden statue arrives safely at your doorstep. Our expert team is available to provide guidance and assistance during the installation process, ensuring a seamless and effortless installation.


Protect your Marble Animal Sculpture in the garden by regularly cleaning it with a soft cloth and mild soap. Apply a stone sealer to prevent stains and weathering. Avoid harsh chemicals and direct sunlight.












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