Emperador Dark Marble Fireplace

by Marblebee

Introduce a touch of timeless elegance into your home with the magnificent Emperador Dark Marble Fireplace, a masterpiece of heavily hand-carved rustic Emperador marble, with intricate details that are truly unique, as they are painstakingly crafted by hand.


Carved from the finest Emperador Dark Marble, this fireplace ensures not only its striking appearance but also its exceptional durability and longevity. The choice of premium materials guarantees that this piece will remain a cherished part of your home for generations to come.


The fireplace mantel design has Intricate carving details, including the classic egg and dart design and delicate floral patterns, adorn this exquisite piece. The fireplace's shape is both traditional and elegant, featuring clean lines and impactful columns that add a touch of sophistication. Its broad and clean design makes it a statement addition, exuding an air of luxury.

Where to Install

The Emperador Dark Marble Fireplace effortlessly complements both traditional and contemporary home décor.


The beauty of this marble fireplace mantel lies not only in its design but also in its exquisite shape, clean lines, and impactful columns. These features, combined with the use of premium materials, offer a sense of luxury and style that can redefine the atmosphere of any room. The deep, rich Emperador Dark tone enhances these intricate details, making them come to life and showcasing your discerning taste for craftsmanship and timeless beauty.


This fireplace can be tailored to your specific dimensions, guaranteeing that it complements the unique layout of your room, whether it's a cozy corner or a grand living area.

Shipping and Installation

We offer reliable shipping options. Our expert team is always available to guide and assist you during the installation process, ensuring that this stone fireplace  mantel seamlessly integrated into your home.


Preserve the marble fireplace mantel splendor with regular cleaning (soft cloth and mild soap), stone sealer for stain protection, and avoiding harsh chemicals. Periodic inspections and prompt issue resolution ensure lasting beauty.

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