Garden fountain Four Lions

by Marblebee

Elevate your outdoor space with the mesmerizing beauty of the Stone Fountain with Intricate Details and four lions. The exceptional craftsmanship, unique design, and durable stone construction make it a focal point that commands attention. Be enchanted by the intricate details, from the graceful sculptures of the ladies to the majestic presence of the lions. Create a regal and captivating outdoor sanctuary that exudes elegance and timeless beauty.


Crafted from high-quality stone, this Stone Fountain with Intricate Details is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and durability. The choice of stone ensures that the fountain can withstand outdoor elements while maintaining its beauty over time. The material adds a natural and timeless appeal, allowing the fountain to seamlessly blend with various outdoor settings.


The fountain boasts a unique design that showcases intricate details throughout. At the top, magnificent sculptures of ladies gracefully holding water pots add an element of elegance and artistry. The four lions positioned at the bottom of the fountain symbolize strength and power, creating a captivating and regal aesthetic. The combination of these intricate details makes this fountain a true masterpiece.

Where to Install

This Stone Fountain with Intricate Details is a perfect addition to any garden, courtyard, or outdoor space that desires a touch of grandeur. Its design and size allow for versatile installation options, whether as a standalone centerpiece or integrated into a larger water feature.


The beauty of this marble outdoor fountain lies in its intricate details and artistic craftsmanship. Each sculptural element, from the delicate portrayal of the ladies to the majestic presence of the lions, exudes beauty and grace. The combination of these elements creates a captivating visual display that is sure to impress both you and your guests.


Get this garden stone fountain customized by us in any dimensions to fit your outdoor space.

Shipping and Installation

Your Stone Water Fountain with Intricate Details will be carefully packaged and shipped to your designated location. The package will arrive safely, ensuring that your fountain is in excellent condition. We assist our customers with installation. Also, we offer 100% refund in case of any shipping damage.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended to keep it looking its best.

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