Life Size Stone Sculpture

by Marblebee

Embrace the spirit of heroism and unity with the Marble Statue of a Soldier Riding Horse. Its premium materials, masterful design, and captivating beauty make it a cherished addition, infusing your chosen space with the essence of courage and the timeless allure of marble artistry.


Sculpted from the finest white marble stone, the Marble Statue of a Soldier Riding Horse stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Its robust composition ensures resilience against the extreme weather, promising years of captivating allure and grace.


This design of statue depicts a skilled warrior astride a majestic horse, both masterfully carved by the hands of expert artisans. The warrior with exudes bravery and fearlessness, adorned in armor and holding a spear, ready to face any challenge. The horse, with its graceful stance and controlled energy, mirrors the determination of its rider.

Where to install

Whether gracing the gardens of a home, the interiors of an office, or the elegance of outdoor garden spaces, it imparts an air of strength and nobility that resonates profoundly.


The beauty of the Soldier Riding Horse Statue lies in its meticulously carved details, capturing a heroic moment frozen in time. The white marble stone hue adds a touch of classic beauty, infusing an air of elegance and allure into your chosen space. With an aura that transcends time, this sculpture becomes a captivating and emotionally resonant centerpiece.


The Life-Size Sculpture can be customized according to your garden or home space preferences on pre-order.

Shipping and Installation

We offer convenient shipping options to ensure that your ordered statue arrives safely at your doorstep. Our expert team is available to provide guidance and assistance during the installation process, ensuring a seamless and effortless installation.


Protect your marble sculpture by regularly cleaning it with a soft cloth and mild soap. Apply a stone sealer to prevent stains and weathering. Avoid harsh chemicals and direct sunlight.


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