12 extremely soothing natural stone bathtubs to elevate your bathroom décor

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Getting home from an exhausting day at work to a stone bathtub with warm water and you sipping on your choicest wine is the ideal way to unwind and relax for the day. Starting the day after a nice dip in the same stone bathtub will be a refreshing way to start a great day. Seems like a dream to many - not anymore. With a myriad of stone bathtubs available in various colors and designs they become an epitome of luxury, style and a key to that good life for which we work hard.

Spruce up your bathroom since this is where you start and end your day. We are sure you know how important it is to have a great start and a good ending for the day. Stone bathtubs will ensure you both a great start and a happy ending.

Brown Stone Tub

This one is the most soothing brown colour natural stone bathtub you can buy to add earthy feel to your bathroom. Soaking into it fills you with tranquility, and takes you a little closer to Mother Nature, as it looks like a big riverside rock. Its rough outer surface adds primitive flair to the space, while the smooth inside gives you a spa-like feeling.

Brown marble bathtub round

Chiseled Marble Tub

The Chiseled Marble tub is a thoughtful choice for people wanting serenity, exquisiteness and comfort in their bathrooms. It's uneven outer surface and oval shape create striking appeal that impresses guests in the first gaze. The tub with smooth inside is handcrafted from a single solid block of stone, so it anyway promises longevity and lavishness.

chiseled white marble tub

Golden Marble Bathtub

Designed to give your bathrooms a luxurious touch, Golden colour natural stone bathtub is the right choice for a person looking for elegance and relaxation. It is designed in a form to provide a composed laying position to a person during a bath, and help alleviate daily stress.  Its stone feel definitely is a stunning example of exquisiteness and comfort.

Rainforest Stone bathtub -Golden marble tub

Granite Bathtub

The carved patterns and designs on the surface of this bathtub make it different from the rest in the list. It is a mesmerizing piece of art, symbolizes the excellence of craftsmanship. Made with granite stone, the granite bathtub offers an elegant and sophisticated look. It can be a great choice for luxury and traditional bathrooms with a light colour theme. 

Mermaid stone bathtub

Matt Black Stone Bathtub

The Matt Black Stone Bathtub is a graceful addition for any bathroom. This freestanding bathtub is a unique mix of modernity and natural elements with gorgeous curves. Its smooth surface ensures serenity, and feels luxury. Soaking into it will be a stress-relieving experience.

Black stone tub matt surface marble tub

Matt Surface Black Stone

This earthly solid black colour natural stone bathtub looks mesmerizing in contemporary spaces. It is a great deal for people who want to infuse a new life into a boring bathroom. It not only provides comfort but also makes your space look lavish with its wonderful build.

Matt Black Marble tub

Rectangle Large Stone Bathtub

This Modern Rectangle Large Stone Bathtub is designed to be the center of attraction in your bathroom. Its clean lines and sturdy build make it look classy, magnificent and fashionable.  And with this pick you don’t even have to compromise with the beauty, as it looks exceptional in any kind of bathroom decor. Rectangular bathtub is only exist in contemporary design, represent a sharp and tranquil attitude.  Specially design for Zen style bathroom and decoration theme.

Modern rectangular black stone tub

Round Shape Stone Bathtub

This bathtub can be a great option for people who want comfort and charisma in their bath space. Its glossy surface with elegant white patterns adds supreme touch to any bathroom. You will love its relaxing shape and spectacular charm. This round shape stone bathtub in photo is a project for clients from California, who has a relatively small bathroom and needs a small round stone tub which take small space!

Modern Round stone tub-Japanese Soaking stone tub

Small Black Marble Tub

This Small Black Marble Tub with wonderful low round shape is a mesmerizing creation. The white undefined patterns on all over its surface make it look more chic and attractive. It is absolutely an ideal opt for bathrooms with limited space.

Oval Stone tub 

Spider Net Pattern White Stone Bathtub

This freestanding white stone bathtub is an ultimate piece of art. The spider net pattern white stone bathtub on all over its body makes it look so appealing and one-of-a-kind. Its long oval shape is just enough to describe the level of comfort it provides. It certainly makes any bathroom space look striking in no time.

White Marble with spider net vein modern bath tub

Vintage White Marble Bathtub

If you like keeping your bathroom look traditional, then there is no better pick than this Vintage White Marble Bathtub for you. It is crafted with elegance and simplicity to match the antique bathroom décor themes. Its fine shape is enough to provide you a comfortable bathing position and leisure.

Vintage white stone pedestal tub

White Marble Rectangle Tub

Clean lines and beautiful curves define this cool rectangle bathtub. Its fine high shape and smooth surface instantly elevate the appeal of any bathroom space. It is a thoughtful choice for those wanting utmost comfort and class at the same time.

Modern rectangular stone tub





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Amazing article. I look forward to seeing more from marblebee

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