The Weight of A Full Stone Tub

What is the full weight of a stone bathtub? How to install stone bathtub? Stone expert from Marblebee Ltd will help you !

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The Weight of A Full Stone Tub

Not only luxury bathrooms need a freestanding natural stone bathtub, but also petite bathrooms need small freestanding stone tubs. A stone bathtub, however, besides being a piece of increasing value furniture to your bathroom, it's also very heavy.

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So If you plan on installing a large stone bathtub on first floor or a small natural stone tub on your second floor, you need to know:

  • what's the weight of a full stone bathtub?
  • what's the weight can your floor support?
  • How to calculate a full stone bathtub?
  • Examples of some standard size stone bathtub.
  • Tips about measure weight of bathtub.

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 What's the weight of a full stone bathtub?

A full stone bathtub needs to consider three elements: a) Stone tubs' weight. b) water's weight. c) people in the stone tub. Let's say a natural stone bathtub weighs between 350KG to 800KG which is 771lbs to 1764lbs. There are many bathtub size standards, so let's assume the bathtub can contain between 53 gals to 60 gals of water. An adult or two adults in a bathtub at the same time weigh from 130lbs to 300lbs.

 What's the weight can your floor support?

If a bathroom floor was built using the general 16-inch spacing, you can expect a bathroom floor to safely hold 40 psf. It means a bathroom which 5 feet wide and 10 feet long can support up to 2000 lbs.

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How to calculate the a full stone bathtub?

All stone bathtubs should be customized according to your requirement of size, color, shape and materials. Here we will talk about a range as a reference for you to make decisions.

Examples of freestanding stone tub weight:

Tub size/inch Empty tub Water People Total Weight:
68*32*20 350kg 53gals 60lbs 608kg
68*32*20 771lbs 440lbs 130lbs 1341lbs
72*32*24 800kg 60gal 300lbs 1158kg
72*32*24 1764lbs 490lbs 2 Adults 2554lbs


Tips about measure weight of bathtub.

Before you decide which type of stone bathtub are you going to take home, you should know exactly your bathroom support weight. This could be done by confirming with the contractor or builder of the house.

sandstone tub

If you want to install a stone bathtub on the second floor, a reinforcement of the floor is necessary. Even If you want to put a large natural stone tub on the first floor, reinforcement of the floor is still important. Any contractor or builder could do it for you.

rectangular stone tub

If you are lazy to make the reinforcement of the floor, but still love natural stone bathtub, It's ok, as you can see from the chart. There is always a small stone bathtub for you.

Cararra stone tub

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