Selecting a perfect stone bathtub - Consider the best options

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Selecting a perfect stone bathtub - Consider the best options

Installing a new stone bathtub can be one of the best and thrifty ways to give a bathroom a overhaul. Moreover, having one at right spot in your bathroom with complementing lavatory fittings can turn any dull bathroom into luxurious spa heaven. A stone bathtub is one big investment, so it’s important to carefully weigh how you intend to use it considering your budget, and the available space. Here we have got you some most trendy bathtub designs that will fit and go well with almost all types of bathroom décor. Lets have a look.

1. Fluted hand-made black marble bathtub

Fluted hand-made black marble bathtub
When it comes to stone bathtubs, marble is just the type you need, with the ability to be trendy and elegant at the same time. This Fluted black marble bathtub will prove to be quite an acquisition of your minimalistic yet modern styled bathroom. 

It is hand-made and is subject to change according to your style and needs. With its sleek black finish and a distinctive exterior pattern of ridges, it is one of the most pleasing bathtubs out there. The marble used is known as the black Marquina; the intensity of its dark colour resembles a night sky with illuminations of veins and fossils.

It has a typically smooth interior of carefully polished marble for making your bath luxurious and soothing. This bathtub will complement any bathroom no matter what décor style it is. Its oval shape and smooth interior complement the sharp ridges on the exterior. It makes it a contemporary combination of rigid and relaxed self-expression. 

A dip in this bathtub after a long day of work is sure to relieve you of stress and make you feel refreshed.

2. Papillon matte surface marble tub

Papillon matte surface marble tub
Black marble is the new trend of the generation; with its classy and refined look, it is the new definition of luxury. The Papillon bathtub is a fine example of art with elegant proportions and matte black marble. It provides an increased depth and stronger sides, making it difficult to leave once you take a dip. The sleek curves and the uneven cut top give it a more natural and appealing look. It can go well with both modern and Zen style bathrooms.

"Papillon", means "butterfly" in French, correctly describes the unmistakable silhouette of their curved wings as the shape of the bathtub. The bathtubs is hand-crafted and therefore can be bespoken into any shape and size to match your bathroom interior settings. The matte finish on the exterior of it gives a more natural and raw appearance. The interior is polished to utmost perfection for a more relaxed and soothing experience every time.

Papillon provides not just a bathroom utility but an exquisite art piece you can display anywhere, be it your home or business. Bathing becomes more graceful and chic with bathtubs like this. 

3. Top Seller Designers Choice Oval Marble Tub

Top seller designers choice oval marble tub
Marble bathtubs are the most used amongst stone bathtubs because it is stunningly beautiful, very high quality and offer long-lasting durability. Especially black marble is the most captivating and frequently used in modern, minimalist or Zen style bathrooms.

This oval black marble bathtub is the perfect combination of bathroom utility and art sculpture, offering a luxurious and elegant design for a contemporary home. This bathtub uses Nero Marquina marble which is black and has white veins.

The bathtub is hand-crafted, from the smooth interior to the oval shape of its body. Its contour and size are customizable according to your needs. It provides a comforting and serene experience. Bathtubs like these make the bathroom look more spacious and are better than showers in terms of solace and stress alleviation. They are an excellent way to relax their body after a hard day at work.

Taking a warm bath is a ritual that allows you to loosen up as much as possible in the evening or, on the contrary, tune in to a productive day in the morning.

4. Jupiter series sandstone bathtub 

Jupiter series sandstone bathtub
Stone bathtubs give a natural spa-like look to the bathroom with their modern and natural elements. Their unique look and beautiful shape adds luxury, class and natural appeal to the bathroom. The pattern formed by impurities and the mild colour makes sandstone bathtubs extraordinary. 

The Jupiter series sandstone bathtub has a look that resembles a wooden art sculpture with captivating design and eye-catching shapes. The bathtub is hand-carved from natural stone making it one of the most suitable additions to your contemporary home. It can be custom-made according to you; the shape and size are adjustable to fit your bathroom in every aspect.

This bathtub is a luxury and class symbol while providing the most serene and relaxing experience. Its winged shape makes it a perfect art piece to adorn any home or business.

This bathtub is the main element for a luxurious and stylish contemporary home.

5. Outdoor stone bathtub with spa stone pedestal

Outdoor stone bathtub with spa stone pedestal
Backyard bathtubs complement the luxury and natural elegance of a contemporary home. Otherwise known as an outdoor bathtub, if someone loves to be outside in the open nature, this is what you need. The inclusion of a shower with the bathtub depends upon the space available.

When it comes to the design, you should always pick a bathtub that goes with the style of the house or the surrounding area.

This outdoor stone bathtub is the most suitable element you need for your lavish and trendy abode. It is hand-carved from sandstone and has a spa stone pedestal attached for hot and cold water, perfect for all seasons. The raw finish on the bathtub is intentional to blend it with the environment and give a more natural look. 

A bathtub that blends in with the outdoors is a great way to give you time to relax and keep the mood up after a day of activities. 

6. Japanese soaking tub - natural stone

Japanese soaking tub - natural stone
A soaking bathtub is a typical bathtub that provides increased depth to allow total submersion. It covers your entire body with water as opposed to traditional bathtubs. 

This Japanese round bathtub is going to be the main attraction in your bathroom. White forest marble adds class and elegance to any modern or traditional styled bathroom. This bathtub is hand-sculpted from natural stone to such a marvellous piece. Its freestanding nature and round shape make it more suitable for bathroom utility and an art sculpture. It is the most suitable central attention for your Zen styled bathroom too. 

This tub is a Japanese soaking tub which means it is taller than a regular soaking tub. Your body is fully covered with water while sitting in this soaking tub.

One of the most noticeable features of the bathtub is that it takes very little space and more relaxation. It is not just beautiful to look at but also provides a meditative space to relax at the end of the day.

7. Build-in seat stone soaking tub

Built-in seat stone soaking tub
Your bathtub should be your haven for unwinding and relaxing at the end of a hectic day. A Japanese soaking tub provides the ultimate bathing comfort by immersing all of your body in the water and letting go. It takes little bathroom space while having a distinct style and therapeutic abilities.

This Japanese soaking tub is hand-crafted from Masha white marble in a round shape for getting a pool-like experience at home. It is perfect for creating a serene environment in your bathroom as the central element. There is an internal seat, and the design delivers comfort and relaxation.

The freestanding nature of the tub makes it ideal for a modern contemporary home. You will instantly fall in love with its smooth design and stylish appearance.

Bathing in this soaking tub is sure to provide you with immense comfort and relaxation. Adorn your home with this Japanese soaking tub for levelling up in luxury, class and health. 

8. Saving space small stone tub

Saving space small stone tub
In Japanese, the phrases nyūyoku (bathing) or ofuro ni hairu (to take a bath) involve immersing the whole body in a tub of hot water. Japanese soaking tubs are great for any modern home because they provide an extremely relaxing, deep bathing experience while taking up little bathroom space. 

This brown Japanese soaking tub is the solution to your search for a luxurious and relaxing bathtub you deserve. The built-in seat helps in the relaxation and rejuvenates you. The smooth polished surface of the tub is effortless to clean and easy on the skin. 

The soaking tub uses premium quality tan marble; it will withstand the test of time. Due to its compact space, it is the best fit if you want more bathroom space.

This soaking tub is the most suitable for a modern and minimalist style in your bathroom. It will seamlessly add elegance to your contemporary home. Sit back and relax in your own Japanese style soaking tub.

How many types of marble bathtubs you could choose from?

A premium quality marble bathtub is a luxury investment that can help you unwind and relax after a long and tiring day at work. Marble is a brilliant material that is both visually marvellous and durable. A marble bathtub is a bathtub that is made from natural marble blocks. The veining that appears throughout the material helps the overall quality of the marble, making it more appealing.

There are many types of marble bathtubs and a history associated with each. Lets know a bit about their major types, featuring different compositions, colours and durability.

Freestanding Bathtub: A freestanding bathtub is placed and can stand on its own without any external support. This type of bathtub is perfect for modern and contemporary homes. It is ideal for big bathrooms, offering you the freedom to place them anywhere without being slaves to a wall.

Sunken and Corner Bathtubs: A bathtub that is dropped in a dug-out or carved space is called a sunken or in-built bathtub, whereas a tub is placed in a corner with three adjacent walls to support its plumbing and the structure is called a corner bathtub. Both of these types are suitable for smaller bathrooms as they save space. 

Custom-Built: If people don’t find any of the other types desirable, they can have their bathtub custom-made. Marble is a material that can be customized, with plenty of options to suit your space. 

Jupiter Marble Tub

Jupiter Marble Tub
There is a type of stone, which looks like natural wood. Hand-carved from natural Jupiter marble, this beautiful bathtub can elegantly elevate the design of your bathroom, while offering you a brilliantly relaxing space to unwind at the end of the day. This pictured marble bathtub is made from Jupiter marble, which mimics the warmth and beauty of wood, paired with the purity and durability of the stone.

This beautiful Jupiter marble bathtub can be customized in any size and shape to better fit your available area and the existing bathroom layout. It is a perfect addition to a contemporary home that lends a delicate quality to the space with its wood-like surface and beautiful texture. You can enjoy a sublime soak with the water amicably balanced by the gentle natural stone grain.
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