Grace Your Church with These Stunning David Statue Replicas

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Grace Your Church with These Stunning David Statue Replicas

Almost every art lover is familiar with the Italian artist Michelangelo and his famous marble statue of the Biblical figure David. The story of the young David slaying the Philistine giant Goliath served as inspiration for many Renaissance artists, but what many people do not know is that two other famous artists had created statues of David before Michelangelo. 

There are three absolutely bespoke David statues, separated by sixty years, that highlight the popularity of David as a subject for many artworks. These three statues include Donatello’s bronze original, Bernini’s marble version and Michelangelo’s marble incarnation. 

Although all three of these are brilliant artworks and depicted a different portrayed of David, Michelangelo’s David has made a distinct name and fame for itself ever since it was revealed. 

Michelangelo — Statue of David in Marble

Michelangelo— Statue of David in Marble
Michelangelo’s David is a magnum opus of Renaissance sculpture. It was created between 1501 and 1504 in Carrara marble and stands tall at 5.17 meters. Although created as a work of art, it became a symbol of political liberties in the Republic of Florence.

This marble statue of David was originally commissioned as one of a series of statues to be placed in Florence Cathedral but was instead positioned outside the Palazzo Vecchio. It was later replaced by a statue of David replica and the original was moved to the Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence. 

The statue of David in marble does not feature the head of the biblical giant, as the other two iterations. It is one of the two most famous and best-known sculptures that Michelangelo made. Michelangelo’s David is the most famous make nude of all time and is an astounding piece to be placed in any space. 

Unlike earlier Renaissance depictions of David, Michelangelo’s David is not posing with the head of Goliath. Most scholars have speculated that this sculpture depicts moments before the battle, which is why he looks tense and ready for battle. Apparently, the nudity reflects the story of David as narrated in the Bible. 

The marble statue of David in the above-shown photo is the original aka Michelangelo’s David. However, we could make a great replica of the statue of David in custom size. Here are some of the best statues from our collection. You can contact us for any customization options to accommodate your space and design requirements.

Donatello - Bronze Statue of David

Donatello – Bronze Statue of David
Donatello was one of the greatest Renaissance artists from Italy, known for his astounding sculptures in various materials. His 1.58-meter bronze statue of David was unveiled in the 1440s, which became an instant hit. It was the first unsupported standing work of that era to be cast in bronze.

Donatello’s freestanding David is nude except for a laurel-topped hat and boots. The statue depicts David with a smile, sword of Goliath in hand and giant’s severed head at his foot. The bronze statue of David is kept in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence. 

The nude statue created some controversy at the time and implied homosexuality. A few historians have also debated whether the statue really depicts the biblical figure of David or is more reminiscent of the Greek or Roman messenger gods, Hermes or Mercury as the helmet suggests. 

The above-pictured bronze statue of David was the original creation by Donatello. If you want this marvelous piece of art inside your living space or your garden oasis, you can contact us and we will make an exact replica of Donatello’s David. This custom-made sculpture will be according to your design and size specifications to better fit in your space. Check out some of our other sculptures. 

Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Marble Statue of David

Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Marble Statue of David
This life-sized marble statue of David was made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It was one of many commissions to decorate the villa of Bernini’s patron Cardinal Scipione Borghese, where this sculpture still resides as part of the Galleria Borghese. The elegant statue took seven months to reach its completion between 1623 and 1624. 

The biblical figure of David had been a favorite artistic subject in the Renaissance era. The sculpture features David, about to throw the stone that will bring down Goliath, allowing David to behead him. When compared to earlier works, this sculpture stood apart on the ground of its implied movement and psychological intensity of the work. 

In 1623, Bernini was merely 24 years old. It was during the same time that he received tremendous commission work from one of his patrons. He began working on David’s marble statue during the same time and finished it in a semester, making it an amazing addition to the era’s artistic history.

This image is of Bernini’s David. It can be custom-made as the statue of David replica in marble to bestow a graceful artistic quality to your home. We can create an exact replica of this work according to your customization requirements in any size to fit your space. You can also check out our other sculptures on the following links. 

Here are some other amazing sculptures of historic figures from us that you may like for your home or your community church.

Marble Bust of Michelangelo's David

Marble Bust of Michelangelo’s David
Hand-crafted from natural white marble blocks, this stunning marble bust of Michelangelo’s David stands at 60 cm high. It will become a perfect addition to your living room or the study. This natural stone bust of David is a brilliant replica of the classic Renaissance sculpture. Capturing the beauty of the original, this statue replicates the handsome face and curly hair of the young giant-killer and musician David. All the intricate details have been delicately carved on the white marble bust. It can be customized in any size, color and material to fit your space and design requirements.

Marble Bust of William Shakespeare

Marble Bust of William Shakespeare

Hand-crafted from solid marble blocks, this white marble statue bust of William Shakespeare features a polished and waxed surface. Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist. Standing at a height of 78 cm, this white marble statue captures the facial expressions and mustache brilliantly, with delicate details exhibiting absolute beauty. The bust can be custom-made to better fit your existing space and current design layout. It will be a perfect addition to your office or home interior.

Marble Bust of Julius Caesar

Marble Bust of Julius Caesar
Hand-carved from Red Bixa marble, this marble bust of Julius Caesar is inspired by the 1st century BC Arles Bust that was discovered in September 2007. Many sculptors have been trying to carve their own iterations of this statue. Here we have a version of a young Julius Caesar. It is made of white marble combined with red marble called Bixa red. It stands at 78 cm tall and has a polished surface and comes with a customized pedestal. This marble statue bust of the Roman statesman can be customized in any color and size to perfectly blend into your home interior. 

If you want to get a marble garden statue for your home, Marblebee has a great collection that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a variety of astonishing  marble garden statues that can grace up any type of interior and garden décor. You can’t acquire such kind of magnificent intricately designed and clean marble stone statutes from any other online shop. The quality of work and we deliver is matchless. We only use premium quality marble to shape our products. Our each product is hand-carved carefully by our expert artists, who are passionate to work with any kind of stone. 

If you have your custom requirements, or you just have come across a photo of a statue that you think you should custom-made to suit your garden, just drop us an email with the photo. Our expert craftsmen can craft any design in any size. They even can make the replica of the famous statues you love from the history. Send us a query. Our expert will connect with you to know your requirements, and will deliver you your product at your doorsteps.
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