How to choose an outdoor stone bench for your garden?

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How to choose an outdoor stone bench for your garden?

Gardens can be many things. They can be a natural oasis in a place otherwise overrun by plastic and metal. They can be visually pleasing works of art. And they can be practical farms where you can grow your own herbs and plants.

But most of all, gardens are places of rejuvenation, mainly because they combine all of these other options, regardless of your intentions when you start planting.

Among all these garden decoration, a beautiful stone carved garden bench is always a must have!  Let's discuss about the art of display a marble bench or granite bench in your garden 

The element of rejuvenation of balance- stone garden bench

One of the most important elements of rejuvenation is balance. That is, it’s not enough to let your flora run wild in an attempt to connect with nature. The wildness must be cultivated, and balanced with human ingenuity.

Lucky for us, artists throughout history, all over the world, have studied the beauty of nature and how to bring it into an artificial human world to make things seem a bit more real.

Plus, what good is a peaceful place to relax and reconnect with nature if there’s nowhere to sit? Some of our hand-carved natural stone benches , marble benches, granite benches are the perfect place to take a break and let the breeze blow through the leaves around you; others are more ornamental, with craftsmanship so incredible that you’ll be too busy staring to ever try sitting down on them!

When it comes to ornamental marble benches, none are as recognizable as this most practical of outdoor natural stone designs benches. In theory, it is an essential concept: a flat seat supported by three beams.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that! But building on top of this general idea is an aesthetic identity that makes the piece the conduit to nature that we all know it can be.

A marble bench of lush vegetation feeling of your garden

Classic geometric spirals and repeating motifs of the personalized garden bench along the borders give the otherwise straightforward shape an inherent flair, while succulent imagery of fruit and leaves on the legs of the bench connect it to the lush vegetation of your garden, whatever the plants themselves may be.

It’s a very efficient communication of very big artistic ideals with very long and valued histories, but even with such a bench as this, it doesn’t end there. What about the bench as… a bench?


The benefit of a polished surface stone garden bench

You will find that, oftentimes, a choice between fashion and function must be made. In many cases, you can have plenty of both. For example, the flat surface of this white marble bench is as smooth as glass, and not only does this give it an appealing, shiny texture that contrasts nicely with the grain of the carvings underneath, but it also makes it exceedingly easy to clean. This is exactly one of the best features an outdoor stone bench must have!

Rainwater will glaze the sitting surface of the stone garden bench easily, and leaves and stray blades of grass may stick to the water, making it unsuitable as an actual place to sit and rest in your garden… but a quick wipe with a dry cloth or towel is all you need to scoop any moisture off the top of the perfectly flat, smooth surface!

The glass-smooth marble tops of these backless stone benches also give way to traditional engravings used by many to transform these types of pieces into memorials or signs to denote a significant part of the property, or to acknowledge the people who helped create or cultivate the park or garden. Always something to think about when it comes to choosing your garden fixtures!



Customized stone garden benches with backs

Far more elaborate marble benches can feature all of the stone sculptures and marble statues you’d come to expect from larger, more extravagant natural stone pieces.

This stone garden bench boasts two lounging musicians on either end, one with a trumpet, and one with a pan flute… and both of which would look spectacular enough just as statues standing alone.

The black and white coloration of the Italian Carrara marble gives the piece a mysterious, antiquated look, as if it was recently excavated from some long-forgotten catacomb, weathered by the passing of generations… but don’t let that fool you! Like all of our products, this outdoor natural stone garden bench is carved to order, and fully customizable.

As you can see from the two statues reclining on either end, this bench has one additional thing that the one above lacks: a back! Most of these benches may be designed largely for ornamental use, but nothing hand-wrought from a whole block of natural stone can’t be sat on.

Join our two mythic friends and relax back to enjoy your garden in the sunshine. Just beware of rainwater: one small drawback for this bench compared to its simpler counterpart above is that the back, convenient and pretty as it may be, also makes the surface somewhat harder to clean, as water may pool into the corners after an incident of inclement weather.


A sandstone bench with sculptures

Here is the other side of the spectrum: a mesmerizing beige-colored stone bench ( you could make a travertine bench or sandstone bench like the photo ) that would be, quite frankly, not fun to sit on… but why would you ever want to?

The appeal of these sculptures is not the comfort they provide for people actually using them as benches: indeed, the fact that they are made of stone in the first place reduces their practical capacity as chairs and seats.

However, I think we can all agree that these sculptures are often beautifully crafted enough that they cease to become seats and shine instead as marble sculptures just like any statue, fountain, or vase.


Curved granite bench with back

If not all benches have to be for people, then what else could rest on them? It is obvious that any bench made of stone, even a smooth-surfaced one with a careful polish, may not be the best for lounging around on regardless of the way it looks. Instead, some of these benches may function better as shelves for other items.

If you have anything to display in your garden that doesn’t necessarily need to be rooted into the ground, try showcasing it on a beautiful curved granite bench with back. If you set your granite bench among the lush greenery of your garden, then what better way to blend it in further with its surroundings than to create a carefully curated little gallery of potted plants that can be lined up along the bench like an exhibit?

Granite bench compares with marble bench could last perfect for longer. A marble bench could shine for years, by the same token, a granite bench could shine for dozens of years. Even after it shopped shining, a granite bench would still be looks like brand new. Anytime if you miss the polished surface, just buy a granite product from Home Depot, you will have a perfect new granite bench again!


Red stone garden bench for tall people

You might not want to sit on this one at all… you’d be akin to the tall person who sits in front of you at the theater and blocks your view!

This red stone garden bench boasts a wonderfully detailed mosaic in between its two featured sitting musicians: dancers and horseback riders flourish their bodies, and the moment is captured forever in time by the kinetic flow of waving cloth and the horse caught in mid-gallop.

The slippery marble surface of the seat and the downwards curve of the bench’s edge also suggest that this stone sculpture is meant to be a piece of visual art, to be marveled at from a few steps back, and not at upon…

but if you’re feeling tired while exploring your garden and want to take a short pit stop on this beautiful stone bench, we won’t tell anyone. Just be sure not to block the view for others passing by!

So far, we have considered these marble garden benches as outdoor fixtures, considering their abilities to blend in with or contrast against the elements outside, as well as how they fare against various kinds of weather.

But not only are all gardens not outdoors, these natural stone benches also need not be confined beyond four walls and a roof!


Sandstone garden bench seats with built-in statues

Take, for example, this hand-carved sandstone garden bench with built-in statues. Picture it sitting indoors, perhaps along a wide, high-ceilinged hallway or corridor, its immaculate stonework reflected in the shiny floor it has been carefully set down upon.

An expansive and rugged brick wall rises behind it, at direct and aesthetically intentional odds with the smooth sheen of the floor, and on either side sit large, lush potted plants, their pots perhaps as ornate as the bench itself.

As you look around the hall, you may see even more indoor greenery, fed by sunlight allowed in through massive windows on the opposite wall of the corridor. You are surrounded by an interior garden, adorned with man-made structures such as the marble bench and the similarly hand-carved natural stone vases and flowerpots.

The concept of an indoor garden is far from unfamiliar, but it does affect the notion of a “garden bench” and what they should be used for, as well as where they should be placed.

But they also need not be outdoor fixtures set into the ground, resting under the shade of a tree or next to natural creeks. These benches can be placed in spots as varying and unique as the designs of the benches themselves.

But even thought all of our hand-carved natural stone benches will look splendid both indoors and out, you may find that some designs are more particularly suited to one place than another. 

Outdoor Stone table and benches

In general, you want any stone sculptures on display to match or accentuate its surroundings in terms of size, color, and, of course, the emotions it evokes.

If you meet a ideal sandstone outdoor bench, and curious where to find a matched stone table, don't hesitate to contact Marblebee Service team. Everything here is customized! For ! you!

Typically, an indoor setting will be aesthetically related to any outdoor architecture or landscaping, just because there is no reason to form much of a sharp contrast between places separated only by a wall or window, and a sense of unity throughout a property gives the entire location the appearance of being one large orchestrated design.

However, there is room within this for some variation, both intended and naturally occurring.


About marble garden bench color

The inconsistent coloration of this marble garden bench gives it an intentionally antiquated appearance, even though it was hand-carved to order like all of our products.

The natural color of the stone block of this bench is what gives the piece its weathered coloration regardless of age, which makes this bench perfect for a setting deep into a lush, natural garden.

If gardens are an oasis of the world as it used to be, what better manmade structure than one that looks like it was harvested straight from the ruins of an ancient city?

 Much of our knowledge of this style of architecture and sculpture comes from ancient tradition. Therefore, it is no surprise that we as a broad audience have developed a kind of retroactive fondness for old, aged sculptures that clearly show their years.

As a matter of fact, this kind of “golden age” thinking extends to other art mediums as well, such as the ongoing debate in music and film over analogue versus modern digital recording techniques. Surely there is a time and place for all variations of these art forms, and all preferences have their place in the larger dialogue.


But how do you know when a piece may be more suited for inside use? We saw before a bench that may be best suited for an ornate hallway surrounded by indoor flora: it was its fairly even coloring and delicate carving work that made it look better under a roof than under the clouds. Here we have another piece with similar qualities, but it’s the differences that make it even more suited for indoor use.


Curved white marble bench top

From one look, you might come to the instant conclusion that this curved white marble bench is definitely better inside. (Although of course, we are always excited to be proven wrong with new innovations and unique visions!) For one thing, the natural stone has significantly less striation in its coloring.

This is something that it had in common with the bench that we envisioned in the large, elaborate hallway: the consistent coloring makes it appear “clean” and will also leave it more vulnerable to dirt and the elements if left outside. Additionally, the unique shape of this bench seems ideal for custom sizing: try measuring a cozy nook inside your house where this bookended bench can snugly fit!

Garden benches are at a uniquely potent crossroads between wildlife and architecture, arguably even beyond other marble sculptures like vases or statues.

The versatility of their use, the wide range of styles encompassing the spectrum from practical to ornamental, and of course the natural beauty of hand-carved marble stone all come together for a piece that is uniquely suited to placement all over your property, both inside and out, and both among flora and among brick and mortar!

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