Best Marble Garden Benches to Bring Royalty and Grace to Your Property

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Best Marble Garden Benches to Bring Royalty and Grace to Your Property

It is hard to discover a material that signifies better art more than marble. Marble brings a rare distinction of royalty to home décor, especially when it comes to decorating an outdoor space. A touch of marble can spruce up any dull area of your home, and there is no lack of options. The elegant stone delivers invigorating and sensational natural beauty that can elevate the aesthetics of any house exterior, in the form of Marble Stone Planters, Marble Stone Porticos, Marble Stone Plinths, Marble Sculptures, Marble Fountains, Marble Gazebos, Marble Balustrades, Marble Stone Piers, Marble Columns, and just as importantly Marble Stone Benches.

Marble stone benchesbeing a part of home decoration never get out of fashion since the 18th century. No offense that marble looks premium however, most folks don’t know that they do not have to burn their hard-earned money to bring royalty of marble home, in the form of big hefty marble sculptures. Just a simple marble bench is enough to glorify their dull-looking garden corner. It doesn’t matter whether you place a marble bench inside of your home or outside in the garden, it will always carry the aura with itself.

If you are hankering for a classy marble bench to bring luxury to your home and that too without losing all of your dollars, have a look at these 15 best marble stone bench designs. These unique marble benches are a great choice for making a great resurgence in any interior and garden setting. And the best part is that all of these benches can be fully customized and reshaped to order from Marbleism.

1. Beige Marble Garden Bench

Beige Marble Garden Bench
Marbleism and their hand-carved stone art pieces are known for their uniqueness and clean work. You’ll not find such neat and precisely carved marble bench in other shops but just in Marbleism. This gorgeous stone garden bench in beige adorned with beautiful and hard-to-shape reliefs and motifs show the amazing fellowship of talent and artwork. Hand-carved by genius artists, this classy bench with a comfortable backrest and two hand rests is entirely made using Egyptian beige marble blocks. Talk about the design engraved on it, everything feels just in right place. Above on the backrest, there are delicate seashell-inspired carvings, exceptionally shaped like a crown for the design. Both the armrests are sculpted with a woman looking to the front with quiet facial aspects. Place this garden marble bench in any corner of your garden to add a welcoming touch.

2. Carrara Marble Bench

Carrara Marble Bench
This Carrara Marble bench is smashing our anticipation of what a marble bench can be. The hand-carved art piece by exceptional artists of Marbleism is graven out of a single silver gray Carrara marble block with two lifelike musicians sitting on either side of the seat, functioning somewhat like armrests. The bare backrest with minimal carving details showcases the natural beauty and swirling color patterns of the Carrara marble. The entire structure sits on two massive pedestals, making the bench a royal deal for a garden and as well as interior décor. The elegant marble garden bench can be customized and built on request.

3. Curved Marble Garden Bench

Curved Marble Garden Bench
You can’t wish for a more classy and elegant seating arrangement for evening garden gossip sessions than this one. Sculpted using grey marble stone, the exquisite carving details imprinted on this beautiful curved garden bench are imponderable, require high-quality carving skills. If placed alongside a marble center table with matching sculpt work, the bench ensures to make your garden much more enjoyable and graceful space. The distinctive marble carving and relief details on it makes it a worthy addition to garden décor. You can pre-order this custom marble bench on request from Marbleism.

4. Custom Marble Bench

Custom Marble Bench
If placed in an ideal location in a garden, this little extraordinary bespoke white marble bench will not only brighten up your dull corner but will also gladden up your mood every day while you will have your morning coffee sitting there. Designed in Rocco manner with exquisite floral patterns, the bench is a fine example of superior quality Italian statuary. Each design is carefully crafted keeping the best sculptural designs of the Italian history in mind. You can modify the design patterns and size requirement according to you by sending Marbleism a quick message. Moreover, you get three color choices - white, grey and beige. 

5. Large Corner Garden Stone Bench With Balustrade Back

Large Corner Garden Stone Bench With Balustrade Back
This masterpiece stone garden bench received hard-to achieve treatment from qualified craftsmen of Marbleism. The unequaled artwork is entirely hand-carved on a solid marble block which is hard-wearing and resistant to tough weather conditions, all of these qualities make it an ideal deal for the outdoors. The C-shaped marble bench for five sits on six pedestals with floral motifs sculpted all over the surface. The Large corner garden bench is also ornamented with traditional roman-styled balustrades from all the sides that also function as a backrest for the structure. In the center of the backrest is an elegant floral relief, perfectly symmetrical to match the symmetry of the curved bench. You can get the same piece or one in custom dimension and design option from Marbleism.

6. Three Seat Marble Bench

Three Seat Marble Bench

Waking up to greenery complimenting beautiful stone mosaics is bliss. You don’t always have to get big stone figures to beautify your garden. Get this portable artful 3 seat marble bench to transform your boring garden into a heavenly space. The beauty is hand-sculpted by the expert craft persons with amazing sphinx head designs as armrests with a plumed motif arching gracefully up into the backrest like the creature’s mythic wings. If we talk about the marble color and quality, the imperishable marble has an attractive rustic dual beige tone, which will remain eternal for generations. Don’t worry about the product’s wear and tear, as it is entirely carved out of premium quality marble block by the experts.

7. Marble Bench with Lion Pedestal

Marble Bench with Lion Pedestals
Want to make your garden look real royal? This marble bench inspired by imperial sculptures from Italian history is a should not miss deal. This marble bench is ideally for big lawns adorned with elegant stone planters and marble gazebos. The tough statuary details on it only can be achieved by the expert stone craft persons. The clean floriated design on its boundaries seems inspired by ancient Roman architecture form. Place this marble bench along with some plants in the spot which you want to highlight and create lavish comfortable seating in. You’ll not regret getting this. The product is also available in different stone materials.

8. Elegant Marble Bench with a Backrest

Elegant Marble Bench With Backrest
Getting a bespoke marble bench according to your garden setting is always an advantage. If you are looking for a bench for three that seamlessly blends with greenery and any kind of house exterior, get this work of art from on request Marbleism. The little curvy bench with a hand-carved multiflorous design is good to set along with some stone planter and stone water features in a garden. It will create a magical aura that every visitor will applause.

9. White Marble Bench with Backrest

White Marble Bench With Backrest
This stone bench in white hue is an awe-inspiring choice to add an antique glamour to a property. Its incisal decorated seat is supported on two intricately carved acanthus leaf bases with two mythical characters sculpted on either end, with a grape motif on the back rest. The bench is available in curved and straight form, and the pattern and engravings on it can be customized according to a user’s preference. You can get this design in different stone materials like marble, cast stone, limestone, and granite. Get this one customized from Marbleism. 

10. Red Marble Bench

Red Marble Bench
If you like to keep colorful accents around your house or in the garden, consider having this beautiful red marble bench. The engravings on it are hand-carved by qualified artists. The structure sits on two pedestals that feature two unreal female characters with half feminine and half-animal physiques. The pedestals are connecting with backrest from the base, creating a comfortable armrest and back support.

11. Rustic Style Marble Bench

Rustic Style Marble Bench
If you’re a fan of demoded art pieces, this plain classic stone bench will match your expectations. It will create a weathered patination quite rapidly in an outdoor location, and which will add more antiquity to its rustic beauty. Since it is hand-chiseled minimally by professional sculptors, it will not overdramatize your space but grace it up plainly. It’s an ideal deal for people who love keeping simple décor items. 

12. Plain Marble Bench

Plain Marble Bench
This plain marble bench with scroll pedestal will bestow style and luxury both to your garden space. Moreover, unlike the other intricately designed benches, this marble bench does not come with a hefty price tag, which means, anyone with a limited garden renovation budget can afford to have it without compromising the look and style. This lovely bench will surely add to the value of your property. Just make sure to decorate with some beautiful plants around it, consider placing stone planters to achieve maximum visual aspect.  

13. Beige Marble Bench

Beige Marble Bench
Looking for a stone bench to compliment your traditional-styled outdoor setting? You can’t get a better deal than this. The intricate ornamental work on this marble bench is unique and quite challenging to achieve even for skilled craftsmen. It is also adorned with foliage motif on the backrest. You can avail this design in various stone materials, including marble, limestone, sandstone, and granite from us plus, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability, as such designs and finishing can only be achieved with excellent quality stone.

14. Slightly Curved Stone Bench

Slightly Curved Stone Bench
Marbleism has assembled a nice selection of stone garden benches for you to choose from. Have a look at this bespoke stone bench which is slightly curved to bestow your garden a voguish appeal that everyone will praise. It comes with two Corinthian plinths as the base that are decorated strikingly with hands by the expert stone artists with leafage motif. If marble does not go well with your exterior design, you can avail for the same design in limestone, cast stone, and sandstone. This simple artistic production can make any boring nook of your garden a central element.

15. Graceful Marble Bench Set

Graceful Marble Bench Set

Every good garden needs a spot for people to sit down and take in the natural calming beauty of their surroundings. This graceful marble bench set is exactly what you need. It comes with two benches and one coffee table to create that perfect seating arrangement for an evening family gathering in the garden. Place it in the best viewpoint of your yard, and enjoy the lush green scenes and chirps of birds with a cup of coffee sitting on it. You can request to change the dimensions of this amazing artistic creation. Moreover, with this design you can choose the stone type that you think will go best with your garden or interior décor. Options are endless. 

If you need any of these marble garden benches or stone benches, feel free to send a message to us. Our professional team crafts stone benches not only to provide a place to rest but also to bestow an outdoor decorative artwork that can add to the value of the property. Our neat and exquisite carving details are hard to find in any other shop in such an affordable price range. Along with marble, we work with sandstone, limestone, granite, natural stone, and cast stone. We also customize the design, size, and style of the product according to the customer’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us for our product catalogs and prices.
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