Stone statues of ancient myth in Garden

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marble statue

A garden infused with classical architecture is one thing… but populate it with an array of famous characters and figures from ancient myth and legend, and your garden will become even more. These stone sculptures and stone statues

tell a story and have eternal personalities all of their own. Look for example at this gorgeous mythical beast.

egyption statues of flying lion of natural stone

Egyptian Lion with wings stone statue

A majestic and imposing figure, this Egyptian lion with wings stone statue carved from natural stone combines the strength of a jungle cat and the elegance of a bird or angel. This natural stone statue will bring a sense of wonder and mysticism to any garden it watches over.

Marble sculpture of lovers

This blissful natural stone statue brightens any garden you put it in. With its whimsical depiction of a magical couple in love, the stone can blend right into the greenery and foliage of your garden, and the statue’s artistry will dazzle up close or at a distance.

lover statue

Marble statue of lovers for backyard

A sweeping romance is contained within an instant with this marble statue of lovers for your garden. Precise marble craftsmanship captures a courtship between a pursuer and the subject of their affections, standing aloof but not distant. This vivid marble statue of playing lovers is a perfect decoration for backyard and any size of garden. You could also order a life sized marble statue of this lover!


Statue of Greek god Hercules fighting Hydra

Some of these statues are recognizable to almost everyone. The story of the Greek god Hercules fighting Hydra, the terrifying monster with multiplying heads, is iconic. It is replicated here in this timeless stone statue, where marble gods and monsters battle in a scene that is both epic and quaintly encapsulated. This is a perfect copy of statue of Hercules, Can you image how the garden will be lighten if there is a life-size marble statue of Hercules fighting hydra! 

marble angel tombstone

Marble angel tombstone

Other sculptures are less specific and can represent any vast number of emotional human stories. This profound marble tombstone statue of a weeping angel could have come from anywhere. It is a delicate and universal symbol of the preciousness of life. Surrounded by the peaceful greenery of a garden, it truly brings home the sensitive beauty of the world around you.

marble sculpture of roman general

Stone sculpture of Warrior

On another side of the spectrum, this powerful and exciting marble sculpture of a warrior riding into battle conveys a breathless sense of motion and liveliness. Whether this stone sculpture of warrior  stands in startling contrast to a peaceful garden, or whether it matches the frenetic movement of the foliage swaying in the wind, this manly marble sculpture lends its strength and dignity to any location it is placed.

stone lion statues

Elephant stone statues

Elephant stone statues

Elephant is most of people's favourite stone sculpture choice among all animals. Specially white marble elephant stone sculpture, from life size elephant stone statue to small size elephant sculpture.

Elephant stand for elegant, strength,love and peace. Strength can come in many forms, as demonstrated by these dueling elephant and lion stone statues. While both are eye-catching works of marble artistry, you can clearly see that the elephant statue cater to a specific taste. Are you looking for the awe-inspiring elegance of the elephant or the fierce power of the lion?

Lion marble sculpture

Marblebee's best statue work is lion sculpture. Due to our experience, our talented carver carve stone lion statue every day for the past 20 years. Yes, they carve every day. We accept lion statue order from all over the world every week. There are different kinds of lions postures, different kind of color/marble material choice to meet up clients worldwide.

If you are also interested in a life size marble lion statue for backyard or a smaller gentler lion statue, Email us to ask for details about the price, marble material, lion posture and delivery time!


dog statues of white marble

Stone statue of dog

Although he’s not the imposing presence that the lion or elephant was, this good boy still stands tall and dignified and looks like no less of a guardian. Although he’s carved from stone, you can almost imagine the comforting softness of this dog statue’s curly fur coat. It’s incredible the textures that well-crafted marble can bring about!

marble statues

Stone sculpture of a mother with children

Along the same vein of marble statues that convey a sense of peace and security, this stone sculpture of a mother with children is empowering in its own way. She stands tall between her two young ones, but still appears approachable and sympathetic. Maternity is a great artistic theme for many marble statues, and this one joins that tradition.

stone garden flower pots

Stone garden flower statue pot

stone garden flower statue pot- A graceful and elegant stone statue, this marble woman with a flower pot is the quintessential garden statue. Its colors are simple yet striking, understated enough to retain the natural beauty of the stone, and the flower pot suggests water, nourishment, and nature… all perfect for a garden.

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