How to install stone bathtub

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How to install stone bathtub

Do you know that a natural stone tub is super heavy? Yes, It is awesome, hand-carved from a natural stone block. So It's understandable very heavy. I am talking about 1000 kg or more.


Choose where do you want to install.

If you want to install on your second floor, you need to talk to your architect, contractor or structural engineer for a suggestion. Like you need to know with water in the tank, what is the maximum weight your floor can support. Even your contractor told you the floor on the second floor can't take too heavy, you still can install a natural stone bathtub. Because we can customize the weight for you.



Install a stone bathtub on a flat level surface.

If you want to put the stone bathtub in your backyard to create a spa, then it may need shimming, make sure to support the tub bottom to avoid uneven weight distribution.

Stone bathtub installation

Drain size of the marble tub

In each country or province, drain size are different. No worry, we customize it for you. For most of the place in the U.S. Canada, Australia, and Europe, we had the experience to guide you. If you need a non-standard drain size, we will custom it free.

stone bathtub drain hole

What if you have a pre-built floor already?

A pre-built floor doesn't affect you install a natural stone tub! Because we have plenty of on-site installation experience. No matter what situation it is, As long as you want a marble bathtub in your bathroom, we can make it for you. All you need to worry is choose a natural pattern and color of the bathtub to make your bathroom became your friends' topics.

bathtub installation

drain hole of bathtub

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