Marble Balustrades

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Marble Balustrades

One of the best things about architecture is finding beauty and human expression in the most mundane aspects of a house or building.

Marble Balusters are the columns that hold up a stone railing or stone banister, usually along the edge of a balcony or stairwell, and as you can imagine, nature stone sculptors have gotten fantastically creative with these structures.

The Marblebee catalogue offers both traditional stone pillars and stone ornate hand-carved scenes as marble balustrades, with the stone railings acting as a kind of frame within which the sculptor’s story can unfold itself.

Limestone Balustrade

A limestone balustrade ( A.K.A Marble Balustrade ) such as this one can be both straightforward and elaborate, and it all depends on the placement and the effect.

A traditional limestone railing is a ubiquitous design that can fit in basically anywhere you may need it. You may have seen this classic style of architecture in countless homes, but typically, modern homemakers use mockups of painted wood or even artificial materials to create the desired effect.

But when you get a natural stone balustrade from Marblebee, it will be hand-crafted to order from real marble. This not only means your order will look better and prove to be more durable than if you got your pieces from typical home improvement vendors, but it will also be perfectly customizable to order, as are all Marblebee products.

The best you could image is a set of hand-carved natural marble balustrade setting in front of your backyard or balcony. Proportions, angles, colors, materials, and adornments can all be determined by you during your order. The sky is the limit!

While customization is a valuable and liberating feature for any interior designer to have when ordering their parts, it is also, in the case of structures such as these, completely necessary.

Stone Balustrades, marble bannisters, and stone railings are designed specifically to accompany and adorn other parts of a house or structure: it must match exactly, and if the marble balustrade is to be purchased separately from the staircase or balcony it is being set into, then the precise dimensions must be taken into account.

Generic, mass-produced “ten foot railings” will never fit the bill. Hand-carved stone products built to order are not a luxury, but a requirement!

Further more, If you want to add a set of stone balustrade, stone baluster railing in front of your pre-built staircase, then contact Marblebee to design a right size for your balustrade is the easiest way and best choice!

marble balustrade

It is not just the size and length of these stone bannisters and marble railings that require case-by-case customization, but also its structure and layout.

For example, consider this natural marble bannister with its ending newel support column. In truth, it is identical to another product we offer, which is simply the marble bannister without the newel.

However, rather than thinking of them as two different products, instead see that it is simply an example of how every product we offer can be transfigured into another.

It would be truly frustrating to find the perfect marble baluster design after a long, scrutinizing search, only to realize that installation of the stone baluster would be complicated by a mere difference in angles between the product and your staircase.

Or, similarly, imagine having to buy two separate items for the stone bannister and the ending support stone column, if you wish for your stone railing to end at a specific point.

If you see a marble baluster you love, but without a support marble column like the one above, simply ask for a support column to be added, and choose which stone baluster design you would like it to be! Marblebee will help you to figure this out! 

marble baluster design

It’s not only similar marble baluster design patterns imbued with different structures that we offer, but the reverse, too: for example, if you aren’t too fond of the way the stone railing looks in the previous few examples, see this supple marble baluster design, as always carved from pure natural marble stone, that swoops low like a gown billowing in a windy field.

And with the support marble columns and their knobs, the stone banister has the regality and deceptive simplicity of a classic chess set, all hand-carved and customized to order!

marble railing

One of the best things about natural marble is its stunning colorization. And with our fully customizable stone products, such as marble banister, made to order, you can choose whichever color and pattern you want!

This black marble balustrade looks like it came straight out of a palace, but it didn’t: it was made specifically for your home, straight from the natural stone ore out of which it is hand-carved.

The only element of the marble railing not specifically designed for your project is the marble pattern itself: those swirls and swathes of color are wholly naturally occurring, directly out of the earth.

Compared to  the more traditional and common beige coloration of the first balustrade shown, this darker marble balustrade  not only has a different appearance, but also a different feel.

Compared to cast stone balustrade, the real stone balustrade is more durable and almost same price range.This marble feels more organic, perhaps even a bit tougher and grittier, even though the stone materials are essentially the same, and both marbles are smooth in texture, and carefully cultivated from whole stone blocks.

But the emotions that natural stone banister can invoke are often tactile and deep-rooted, and the color of your marble balustrade or marble bannister can affect the mood of an entire room.

It is this combination of careful craftsmanship and naturally-occurring colorations that make these designs so difficult to look away from, and it is also what makes it so important in completing the aesthetic of a house or property.

But what is it about these ornate carved marble bannisters that makes them so appealing? It might be the inherent beauty of repeating geometry: a perfect row of identical stone columns or pillars, all with a pleasant, slender shape like expertly crafted chess pieces, lined up in a row as far as the eye can see as they wrap down a staircase or follow the edge of a walkway.

Expertly hand-carved stone bannister columns may look great, but they also come from a very practical foundation: they are needed to hold up the stone railing, and to keep things even and steady.

Their construction may have a visually pleasing repetitive geometry, but nevertheless, it comes from a basis of structural need.

Sometimes, however, it is possible to fulfill the same architectural requirements while still having a little bit more fun. For example, if your marble bannister needs to be supported by something, why limit yourself to repeating columns?

If you’re carving your design out of a natural stone block, then it will retain its strength and integrity with almost any shape, and you can get creative with the various components of your stone balustrade or stone railing.

marble banister design

This large hand-carved white marble banister features an elegant floral plumage design and perfect symmetry. The carvings are a smooth monochrome, while the bars on the top and bottom have a small amount of natural marble striation and colors from the natural stone.

This white marble balustrade is perfect as a centerpiece with other, less conspicuous stone railing and banister designs flanking it: it is ideal for balconies and interior overlooks, or any place you may have guests looking up in awe to see its beautifully carved designs.

The marble banister can be customized to match any size necessary for your project, and adds a classical flourish to wherever it is installed.

Stone Baluster Railing

Immaculately adorned with cherubic angels, with a deceptively straightforward layout that is filled to the brim with fantastical whirls and loops, this stone baluster railing is a condensed work of the highest caliber classical themes in Western art.

Two cherubs are perched atop each knob of the banister, sitting in poses simultaneously lively and casual, and as you can see, they are each unique and personally sculpted.

The one on the right seems to be in deep thought—a humorous pose for a child, but the wings lend the sight a spiritual gravitas. The one on the left examines a butterfly which has landed on its arm; in contrast with the other cherub, this is a decidedly childlike moment, but again, the angelic nature of the figure gives its relationship with the graceful insect a whole new layer. Meanwhile, the third cherub nestled in the abstract garden of figures below (Is it two horses?

A bushel of flowers? It could be anything!) looks directly at you, bringing the viewer into the personal inner world of the angels that the first two figures only hinted at.

There is much flexibility to be enjoyed with marble balustrades and stone bannisters, because each of the products, with their own individual styles and designs, are not wholly distinct from each other.

Just as different distinct interior decorating projects may have many differences as well as many similarities, so do most natural stone sculptures of all kinds. For this reason, it is not only useful for these marble sculptures to be customizable to order, but also necessary for a finished, professional design and aesthetic.

If you want Marble Banister-stone carved balustradeMarble RailingStone Baluster RailingMarble Banister DesignMarble BalustersMarble BalusterStone BalustradeLimestone BalustradeLimestone Balustrade-stone banisterMarble Balustrade, or Stone Balustrade for your home, get in touch with us. Our expert craftsmen will custom design a piece according to your requirements and size specifications. Feel free to drop us a message. We deliver the best quality marble home décor products all over the globe on pre-order. 

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