Marble Bathtub

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Marble Bathtub

How to clean a marble bathtub?

Marble bathtub surface should be cleaned regularly. If you decide to clean it after every use, a clean soft cotton cloths with neutral cleaner would be enough.

Life is busy , one might clean her marble bathtub once a month, that will also do! It's a marble tub, don't worry about stain. A mild liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with water would do!

If you are not using this marble tub often, one marble bathtub is installed in the backyard, so the marble bath might be left unused for a whole winter outside with snow or wind. In this case, stone cleaners would help the marble surface to shine quickly! Any commercial brand like Debra Johnson, Merry Maid's Home Cleaning Export would do great work on the tub surface.

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How to remove stains from marble bathtub?

Marble bathtub could also have stain. The stain might be come from a candle, oil-based cosmetics or food etc.

A oil-based stain could be flushed or rinsed away right after you spot it. However, If you didn't spot it on time, let it stay for longer period, you might need household detergent or ammonia etc.

What other types of stain does household detergent clean on marble bathtub?

When Organic food like coffee, tea, fruit, tabcoo stay on mable tub surface for longer period, you can't clean it by a soft cotton clot, household detergent can do the job well! If it stay too long, you still can spot the stain after applying the detergent, a few drops of ammonia will do.

If your stain come from metal like Iron, rust, copper, bronze. It must be removed with a poultice. It's possible that the marble surface might be permanently stained If you leave it on surface for too long. so Spread over the stained area with poultice, left to work for two days. The liquid chemical within a poultice will absorb the stain.

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