High Ceiling Marble fireplace double Mantel

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High Ceiling Marble fireplace double Mantel


High Ceiling Marble fireplace 

Decorate a house with a high ceiling marble fireplace is so common in modern decoration industry. 

A vintage style fireplace double mantel is the new tend in 2021!


Greco-Roman Marble fireplace overmantel

East meets west in this strikingly unusual design marble fireplace overmantel that combines the classical Greco-Roman qualities we’ve been seeing in most of these marble fireplaces (contrapposto statues draped with delicate silk robes, twirling leaf and floral relief patterns, and of course the ever-famous cherub, with the body of a young child and the powers of the divine) with the dazzling, one-of-a-kind architectural mainstays of Chinese pagodas. A unique design for a western marble fireplace surround!

Featuring three tapered levels that condenses the grand visuals of a tower into a much more modest and manageable space, this “double” marble mantle leaves itself with plenty of room for embellishment, flourishes, and additions of any kind: if the few sculptures shown here don’t suit your tastes or purposes, remember that all of our natural stone products and fully customizable and hand-carved to order!

This style of stone sculpture is particularly suited to mythological imagery, with the upper tiers of the design giving the embellishments an otherworldly feeling.

The stone cherubs of this stone fireplace surround at the tip of the pagoda obviously harken to strong religious symbolism: they can be attributed to any of various beliefs across the Western canon, as they have been common artistic themes for long enough that many different faiths seem to have picked them up as popular subjects for painting and sculpture.

But look also at the surreal face of this marble fireplace overmantel in between them: the nature of this feature is fairly ambiguous compared to other, more common facets, such as the two statues flanking the portal down below.

Who is this face of this marble fireplace overmantel, and what does he represent? Depending on your perspective and your outlook, the answer could really be anything. It is possible that such designs lend an increased emphasis to mythic, fantastical, or religious connotations in the art.

The tapered, triangular shape of the mantle’s crown has an additional effect: it makes it resemble a house! The portal would be the house’s building, with a traditionally sloped roof that you could find in any suburb across America.

In the midst of all the genre-blending mysticism and faith-based imagery, it’s nice to know that things can be kept grounded, and that even as it warms and enlivens your home, the fireplace as a whole looks like a home of its own.


Some of these designs are bustling with characters. Human (or human-like) statues populate the stone mantles and tell stories of whimsy, magic, and legend. But even a fireplace without such personified characters can feel lively and energetic!

You don’t need to depend on depictions of the human form in sculpture to create a sense of personality and emotion: here, the rolling curves and spinning patterns inject the design with motion and a sense of animation, and the outward stretching shapes, expanding towards you as you look at it from the front, make the mantle look like it’s greeting you.

 These patterns and reliefs are very dense. The stonework is packed into the frame, making the portal look full and active, while the symmetry and tasteful placement of the carvings prevent it from looking overly busy.

Additionally, the classic naturalism of visual themes such as leaves and flowers are combined with occasional straight edges. An abundance of round, spinning shapes resemble cogs or gears, but they are interlaced with the floral patterns and placed fairly sparsely, creating a clean, mild industrial aesthetic that does nothing to clash with the naturalism.

This all combines to create a very wide, robust shape that appears very bright and cheerful without any obviously personified qualities. Perhaps it is its thickness and proportions that make it seem sturdy and stable enough to project a sense of trustworthiness, as if this fireplace mantle will keep standing through any bad day or rough patch after it has found its place in your home.

A sense of grandeur and strength can be important. While the sight of a splendidly carved white marble fireplace portal with a hearth roaring with a warm, soothing flame can feel very protective and comfortable indeed, there is still something missing that prevents these mantles from carrying feelings of true power and dignity, and that is scope.

Two-story marble fireplaces/ High ceiling fireplaces

Most of these marble fireplaces are fairly small: a hearth that is as tall as a person—or even almost as tall—is considered to be unusually huge, something you’d find in antiquity, such as a Viking mead hall 1800 years ago, or a medieval castle not much later.

Such giant fireplace portals may be imposing and fun to behold and consider, but as a practicality, safety and cleanup would be a nightmare, and the heat generated by such a fire would far exceed almost any room you would want to install such a piece into, regardless of its size.

With modern building materials and insulation, such overwhelming hearths are more of a hazard and a nuisance than a luxury. But then how do you go big with your modern marble marble fireplace? The answer is to add a new layer on top!

The defining feature of two-story marble fireplaces/high ceiling marble fireplaces is the upper level, which is obviously placed above the fire, but which can also exhibit some other piece of art or eye-catching curiosity. If you wish to keep this upper space fully customizable to your liking, then leaving it open, with a built-in gap, might be your best bet.

Visual treats such as paintings or mirrors could be installed above the marble fireplace, and one can only imagine the majesty that a well-chosen piece could bring when underlit by a crackling orange glow from the hearth. As the centerpiece of any room it is installed in, it would make sense to unite your marble fireplace with an additional, equally substantial work of art.


A two-story stone fireplace can be the best of two kinds of art forms. Here we see an empty gap above the hearth that is the perfect spot for a significant painting or photograph.

Really, either level of the two-level design could make its own single-level marble fireplace mantle: it’s crucial that neither half of the sculpture lags behind the other, and that both portal designs are balanced, equally well-wrought as well as visually complimentary.

In this two-story stone fireplace/marble fireplace overmantel, the upper level is somewhat simplified compared to the lower, in order to draw more emphasis on whatever piece the user decides to put in the gap above.

The floor level boasts a beautiful lion relief flanked on either side by rolling flowers and smooth, curving rolls of hand-carved marble. On the pillars of this high ceiling fireplace on either side of this two story stone fireplace, we see beautifully spiraling bannister shapes accentuating the roundness of the middle portion of the portal.

However, the upper half of this marble fireplace overmantel is more subdued, with more flat surfaces and straight edges. There is also no lion face, or any face on this high ceiling fireplace because it is very likely that the user would want a portrait or a similar painting or photograph inside the upper portal, and a carved face or facial relief would detract from such an auxiliary piece.

The relief carvings of this white marble fireplace mantel that are present are sparse, and carefully considered by the artist as supporting shapes that can present the center image without getting in its way, much like a good picture frame would.

A relatively busy flower bouquet carving graces the top center of the portal, appearing like a wreath that could draw viewer’s attention, but only to subsequently allow their gazes to drift down into the picture being exhibited. An elegant combination of form and content.


Vintage Style high ceiling fireplace

Sometimes, rather than letting the framing of your art be subdued to emphasize the art itself, you may want the reverse. Setting a painting or photograph in a more elaborate sculpture can imbue it with a sense of importance or grandeur;

Additionally, a visual art piece that is not a portrait—say, a landscape piece or something similarly without a person as its subject—may actually benefit from an exhibition environment that does not necessarily let the art stand alone. It may create a sense of the art “extending” out into its frame, at least in an emotional sense.

The main attraction of this white marble high ceiling fireplace is its texture. A huge amount of carefully considered relief carvings gives the natural marble stone an organic, lifelike feeling, accentuated by the presence of floral and leaf patterns all around.

On the lower level of this two story stone fireplace, the pattern density is significantly less, further suggesting that the purpose of the relief carvings is to frame another piece of artwork in the second level above the hearth.

As well as the concept may work in many circumstances, the second level of a two-story marble fireplace design doesn’t need to be an empty frame for the exhibition of an additional work.

In just as many instances, you might not have a picture to display above the hearth, or you may simply not want to do so. If, in these cases, you still want a two-story marble mantle to give an increased sense of scale and opulence to your natural marble fireplace, the sky is the limit even if you choose to only stay within the medium of stone sculpture.

Here we will explore three possible alternatives to empty frames in the second level of a two-story marble fireplace mantel: blank stone faces, relief carvings, and full stone sculptures.

The goal of a blank stone face of a marble fireplace overmantel is simply to provide a structural balance to the piece. If you don’t want things to get too fancy, or if an extensive sculpture would clash with other pieces in the room or take unwanted attention from somewhere else you would rather be emphasized instead, this would be your ideal design.

Meanwhile, relief carvings of this marble fireplace provide artistic expression within the same structural parameters as the blank face: etched directly into the marble surface, they take up no additional space and do not disrupt the overall design of the larger mantle structure.

Relief carvings of this marble high ceiling fireplace are a time-honored artistic medium that is still very common in marble and other stone sculptures into the present day.

Finally, there can always be room for full additional marble statues for a two story marble fireplaces, if the project is right. Thanks to the skill of our hand-carving stone sculptors, your two-level stone fireplace can boast marble figures of a variety of sizes and natures, depending on what the design calls for.

Marble fireplaces of this level of extensive beauty and craftsmanship can be compared to the dazzling work often found in large, ornate fountains. There is a perfect poetry to be seen in these common themes across structures that accommodate both of the natural opposites: fire and water.

Grace sculptures of a marble fireplace overmantel

This “blank stone face” two-level marble fireplace’s name is misleading: it is far from unoccupied! Graced with a variety of gorgeous marble sculptures bordering the hearth portal, it is only the upper level of the high ceiling fireplace which has an empty wall to maintain the visual balance of the piece’s extended height while avoiding the empty gap present in other varieties.

Everywhere else, beautiful designs and stunning craftsmanship is abundant. Two human figures grace the left and right sides of the hearth, draped in cloth robes and holding up the mantle above like the mythic figure of Atlas.

On top lounge of this marble fireplace overmantel two great lions, facing each other, unequaled in power except by each other, even as they sit on their haunches without an apparent care in the world.

All around them are relief designs that grace the surface of the stone fireplaces in carefully considered patterns, most of them simple enough to act as flourishes while the focus is kept on the people at the bottom and the lions above them.

The smaller carvings on either side of the blank stone face of the two story marble fireplaces, resembling vines, act as a kind of frame in and of themselves, maintaining the aesthetic acuity of previous pieces without the need for an additional painting or photograph in the center.

Stone fireplace double mantel 

Towering over other previous designs is this ceiling-height masterpiece stone fireplace double mantel that uses its relatively thin breadth to appear truly lofty. To a viewer entering the room, beholding this stone double mantle for the first time, they might feel as if they have suddenly wandered outside, and are seeing the tall side of a building such as a cathedral, rather than an indoor fireplace.

The actual height of the stone fireplace double mantel doesn’t much matter: it is the proportions and long, imposing shapes in the design that give off the appearance of scale, regardless of how large the sculpture actually is: remember, all of these products can be customized and built to order for any sized room!

In the same vein of its sheer height being a defining quality, you will see that most of the upper level of the two-story stone fireplace is blank, again resembling the wall of a resplendent castle or church.

However, a little more than halfway up the side is a relief carving of what appears to be a simple coat of arms. Featuring a single resplendent letter, probably referencing a family name, which has been mounted onto a shield in between two symmetrical floral patterns, this coat of arms can be customized into any symbol or image you desire. Imagine your own family’s crest carved into this stone over mantel!

On both levels of the sculpture are two centered, circular emblems, in the center top of each half. With all of the negative space included in this piece, it’s important to anchor the structure with a more concrete element that contrasts with the blank wall space, regardless of the effect that space might create.

Tall Stone fireplace 

In terms of extravagance, the tall stone fireplace we are presenting to you here is the crème de la crème of lavish magnificence. In this piece, two identical human beings, appearing as servants or minions, hold up an extensive display of power as the centerpiece woman poses luxuriously in the face of danger.

On either side of this marble fireplace mantelpiece,  her obediently sits a giant jungle cat, looking up to her as their owner and master, ready to spring up and pounce on her enemies at a moment’s notice.

And above hovers a great bird, a hawk or eagle, framing her head like a crown, surrounding her in the strengths of nature. Kneeling relaxed on her pedestal, she holds a head of grapes, long depicted as a symbol of wealth and even arguably hedonism in the ancient world where such fruits were difficult to grow and even more difficult to transport to customers, and she is outlined by what appears to be even more fruit, and the classical floral designs to boot. This is more than a marble fireplace mantel: this is a throne.

A crucial element to consider in this marble fireplace mantelpiece is its color. There is an array of almost half a dozen different colors being used in conjunction in this sculpture, and as it flows into the story being told of the woman on her marble throne, so also it causes the various pillars, reliefs, statues, and patterns to truly jump forward and come alive as they stand out in contrast to one another.

The beige, burgundy, and auburn of this tall marble fireplaces are all distinct colors coming from different primary roots (white, red, and orange), but together they create a sense of depth, their differences helping each element stand out on its own even as they all combine into one grand design.

In addition, these colors, distinct as they may be, all do have an earthy, stony feel, which maintains the aesthetic more than, say a yellow color, or a blue color would.

Finally, it is important to consider the proportions on display, not only of the sculptures, but of the actual fireplace itself, the mantle’s portal.

It may be easy to forget that this amazing work of art marble fireplace overmantel is actually a marble fireplace: the hearth of the tall marble fireplace mantel  is somewhat overwhelmed by the magnitude of the craftsmanship up above.

But in a way, this is not only intentional, but, possibly, the very point of the design’s overall structure. The  marble fireplace portal is dwarfed by the scene on top with the woman on her feral throne, but the fire can still be roaring beneath her, regardless of where the eye is drawn.

The practical utilities of a tall natural stone fireplace allow an artist full reign on their marble mantle design, because regardless of the effect their art has on the piece, fire is still fire, and the warmth and pleasure of the glowing embers will still wash over the people enjoying the piece, just as much as it would if the mantle was a simple stone square.

The world of stone sculpture is vast. Within this world, one could spend a lifetime exploring the continent of marble fireplace sculpture alone.

The foundations of the stone fireplace double mantel are practical: stemming from the primordial fires that helped early humans cook their food and keep themselves warm, our instincts to see the beauty and safety in a hearth has expanded into our growing sophistication for artistic expression.

Imagine if those early humans could see us now: them, huddled around a campfire out in the wilderness, suddenly beholding a grand hand-carved marble design, harboring a carefully maintained fire in its center, surrounded by a story told in stone that has been passed down, cultivated, and developed year by year through generations past, until it finally reaches its climax in the comfort of your own home with an immaculate mantle adorned with statues, reliefs, and carvings, customized and built to order according to your own personal specifications.

This, really, is the true beauty of modern sculpture: the retention of ancient and essentially human qualities, unchanging as they exist deep within our cores. With modern techniques and technology, we can only tap into that inner feeling more closely and precisely, realize the images of our mind’s eye even more exactly.

The images themselves, however, we have in common with our ancestors enjoying their own early fires as they seek to build civilization from the hearth up.

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