Marble Pedestal Sinks

What are the best design of marble pedestal sink? From modern marble pedestal sink design to vintage hand carved white marble garden pedestal sink, Marblebee present 2021 best design natural...

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Marble Pedestal Sinks

There are few household fixtures more open-ended and customizable than a marble sink. All in all, a marble sink is simply a bowl with a faucet and a drain: a very simple structure that, in its simplicity, can be fashioned in a multitude of different ways and presented in countless different styles.

Because of their essential nature, they are obviously used very often, and a well-designed marble sink can leave a big impression on visitors since they are not very highly thought of, due to their location in the humble washroom.

If you have a nice marble sink, especially a marble pendestal sink , however, it can elevate the rest of the property, and make the entire place seem nicer in conjunction!

The best part about these special varieties of sinks is that, functionally, they’re not used much differently from your garden variety bathroom sinks at all. You don’t have to change your hygienic behavior to accommodate a better-looking washroom, because the way these natural stone pedestal sinks operate is just like a normal marble sink… only better looking!

 White marble pedestal sinks stand out

The visual appeal of this kind of marble pedestal sink is twofold. When from afar, for example when the room is seen as a whole, traditional porcelain building materials for bathrooms look fairly similar to natural white marble stone, as you can see from the hand-carved marble sink above.

The minute variations in coloring on the natural stone presents a pleasant shading effect when considered side-by-side with other monochrome white porcelain fixtures, which makes it stand out without standing apart. However, from up close, such as during use, the superiority of the marble becomes clear, as improvements in texture, color, and practicality become more obvious.

Modern Marble Pedestal Sink Design

How about something a little bit fancier? A more squared shape, rigid sides, and a unique spiraling geometry about the column… this Italian Calacatta white marble pedestal sink may look quite a bit different from the other appliances in your bathroom. Due to its modern marble pedestal sink design. But between its special shape and its more obvious marble coloration patterns, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think this sink also looks better!

Speaking of those marble colorations, the gray striations you see on the white stone pedestal sink surface should look very familiar, as they are the traditional colors you probably have seen on countless marble products before. The effect this has on your stone pedestal sink is that it helps blend the differences between marble and other materials, so that nothing seems jarring or out of place. It's so easy to fit in any kinds of bathroom design style. The marble appearance of this stone pedestal sink is so familiar and beloved that it won’t feel intrusive, even if the stone pedestal sink is the only marble product in the bathroom.

Furthermore, the stone pedestal sink’s shape is sophisticated, with a gently swirling pedestal that draws the eye without distracting. It’s a handsome shape, but it’s also subtle, and can fit in with other, more simply shaped fixtures and appliances.

Elaborate Stone Pedestal Sink Designs

With elaborate stone sink designs such as this marble pedestal sink in the photo above in a series of dazzling stalactite patterns, the sculpting becomes a much more active exercise of creating art that stands out and is expressive, rather than just adding fun flairs onto an otherwise traditional washroom sink template. A convenient feature for these particular kinds of stone sinks is that, despite their meticulous craftsmanship and their beauty far above the norm, they’re still based off of the same framework as any other natural stone pedestal sink. Imagine if the first sink mentioned here was the block, and these more intricate sinks were carved from it.

 Along those lines, these more modern pedestal sink designs obviously would require much more dedicated and technical handiwork, but it’s clearly very worth the extra effort to create! But no matter how elaborate the exterior designs or superficial stonework patterns are, the function of a pedestal sink will always remain consistent, thanks to their simple mechanisms and straightforward usage.


Bowl and Column Stone Pedestal Sink

Another entire branch of stone pedestal sink designs exist with a two-piece construction featuring a separate bowl and column. This standard stone pedestal basin sink emphasizes its own obvious multipart elements, with the bowl and column of intentionally different colors and textures.

The marble column is grainy and rough, a gritty type of stone carving that represents the earthy, uncompromised strength inherent in a good support stone pillar. Users won’t typically be coming into physical contact with this part of the sink, so its texture is for purely visual purposes.

The bowl, however, is the polar opposite. A smooth, carefully polished marble sink that leaves a sleek sheen when drained represents the cleansing flow of water and suggests the appearance of river stones and ancient natural waterways, paved glass-smooth by the passage of time and water. A far cry from its column below, but also, in a classic paradox, the perfect conjunction of opposites.

 As for the color, its brown-toned hues diverge from common porcelain off-white; however, you can see that these kinds of earthy tones are still fairly common in bathrooms across the world, especially in upper-class homes or estates, or in a outdoor garden

Modern Triangular Black Marble Pedestal Basin 

Further pushing the aesthetic separation of column and bowl is this triangular black marble basin pedestal sink. It makes a point to actually show the exposed corners of the prism upon which the basin is set, resulting in a very modernistic art style worthy of museum exhibition.

Despite this off-kilter setup, however, it looks much sturdier and more stable compared to the previous version stone pedestal sink with the rounder bowl. This black marble triangular pedestal sink is due to the more angular design offering more rigid surface-to-surface contact between bowl and column.

 With the sharp geometry, modern exposure of surfaces and corners, and its relatively uncommon black-grey color scheme, this natural marble pedestal sink brings a very contemporary aesthetic despite being fully hand-carved from all-natural stone. You may have seen similar designs in places such as businesses and office buildings.

The Most Impressive White Marble Garden Sink

The most impressive sink for last: feast your eyes on this mesmerizing white marble garden sink, with a wide, low shape for both sumptuous presentation and practical hand-washing! In actuality, it’s a trough, with its broad rectangular marble basin designed for communal washing, commonly seen in businesses requiring manual labor such as warehouses.

But those sinks, made of metal and attached directly to a plaster wall, hardly look anything like this! Its nuanced silver-blue color brings out the best in marble hues and patterns, resembling fine china while being constructed of solid natural rock-Marble sink/granite sink/travertine sink etc, although, like all of our products, it is ever-customizable: imagine this same design coming in a black-and-white marble pedestal sink?!

Of course, the delicate beauty of this stone sink suggests that it is largely ornamental: while fully functional and naturally resistant to wear and tear, it is not meant for rigorous or constant use such as other trough sinks in more heavy-traffic public locations. For this reason, like many of these marble sinks, it is absolutely ideal for high-end home garden or private business settings, for use by clients onto whom you would like to influence or make a lasting impression.

 All in all, there are two reasons to have a great hand-carved marble pedestal sink: the first reason is to catch people off guard! When you got into a restroom, you’re not usually expecting an awful lot of artistry. Seeing a beautiful natural stone pedestal sink can set a new impression of beauty onto the entire building.

The second reason is that, despite this obvious low standard for bathrooms, everyone still visits them! Marble Pedestal Sinks are that kind of oft-overlooked appliance that is deserved its fair due in the medium of sculpture, and here is your chance to appreciate them!

All the pedestal sinks displayed in this collection can be found here

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