Sandstone bathtubs-Reviews of Top design tub

Top 10 stone tubs hand-carved by sandstone

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Sandstone bathtubs-Reviews of Top design tub


The texture of a sandstone bathtub

Imagine all of the warmth and beauty of wood, coupled with the purity and durability of stone. That’s what a sandstone bathtub can give you: a sublime soak with the water perfectly balanced by the gentle grain of natural stone, absorbing the sunlight through a high window: not too hot, not too cool. All the while, gentle waves of natural color swirl about. That is the beauty of a stone bathtub


Our natural sandstone bathtubs are the epitome of relaxation: in this special in-depth look, you will get to see the detailing that goes into our stone tubs and have a feel of the texture and appeal that makes this classic kind of stonework so universally appealing and timeless. The only thing of stone bathtub that could enhance the beauty of this sandstone even further is to see them shimmering and wavering through the veil of a clean bounty of hot, relaxing water, harkening the sun-kissed mountains from which the stone was mined. 

Papillon stone bathtub



Visual beautify and inherent quality of a stone tub

Here we have multiple designs for these natural stone tubs: do you want to feel secure and sheltered, or open and free? In these two bathtub designs, you can choose to either nest yourself deep in the hot water of your bath, or spread out and recline luxuriously across a longer, more shallow shape. Who would have thought that the age-old political question of safety versus liberty could be answered by a stone bathtub, and that the answer is both? I don’t think that anybody familiar with the sheer versatility of these tubs would be surprised that they can cater to such a wide array of tastes and needs.


But even though the shapes and designs may differ, the classic sandstone material remains irreplaceable. We have carefully crafted and manufactured this natural stone base to retain its inherent qualities and visual beauty, while smoothing it of any roughness and irregularity, like a natural hot spring basin perfectly polished by its own waters. Take an up-close look at the craftsmanship involved in fashioning these stunning stone bathtubs.

Modern square washroom sinks



The matched square stone sink

The fine grain and stunning striation patterns are hardwired into the sandstone regardless of the shape and function that have been carved into it.

square stone sink:

square stone sink

It is critically important that the fundamental appeal of the stone never fades during manufacture: otherwise, there would be no point in using the sandstone material at all.

Ideally, the natural properties of the stone are infused with little pockets of human engineering, such as drains, and that these pockets are kept to a relative minimum.

Rather than being “hidden,” it’s simply that these added innovations are minimal by design. And just as importantly, the innovations are precise. See the sleek, polished outlets we have carved into the natural stone for the water in your bath: the perfect shapes make them seem natural among the swirling and otherwise unpredictable rock patterns that give the sandstone its distinctive appearance.


Bespoke bathtub with customized drain size



Details are the craftsmanship of a stone tub

Our goal is that you take these things for granted: the better our craftsmanship, the smoother your stone bath, and the more organic it will feel.

As the saying goes, when something is done right, you won’t notice it’s been done at all. The ultimate purpose of any marble tubs or stone bathtub is to bring nature into the comfort of your home, and after you’ve experienced such a sandstone tub as this one, it will be difficult to imagine your home ever being without it.

Stone bath


Our mission, above all, is to deliver a superior product that can be scrutinized at any angle and from any distance, only to yield consistent perfection. We hope this cross-examination of our singular sandstone stone tubs has given you a glimpse of the rigorous standards to which we hold all of our natural stone and marble products. After all, shouldn’t an opulent sandstone bathtub look as good as it feels?

stone bathtub


Stone Bath in another natural planet

When looking down into a stone bathtub, it’s easy to see another world. A sandstone bathtub is like a tiny planet, and the person who bathes in it is like a giant awash in the storms of Jupiter.

The only thing more stunning would be to hike through the canyons from which the stone was mined, and to see those patterns stretching all across a natural rockface. This is the best way to bring that sense of awe into your home. Step in and immerse yourself!

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